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Chapter 1 - new girl

"That's your que, miss." looking down at her feet, Kagome entered the room, finding her feet very interesting at the moment. She stood next to the teach as he continued with her intro. "We seem to have another phenomenal new student, miss Higurashi Kagome."

"Pleased to meet you." she said with a small bow to the class.

"She, like Mr. Son, made perfect scores on all her entrance exams. Please seat yourself wherever you like." Kagome nodded, and began looking for a new seat. Her head shot to one on and end near a mysterious energy source, and she decided to seat herself there. But once seated, she only found the source to be the boy to her left. Examining him closely, she discovered the boy to have black, spiky hair that seemed to defy gravity, a white blouse, black vest, and red pants. His midnight eyes were focused on the teacher, but Kagome's intent staring must have caught his attention.

Leaning over to whisper to Kagome, he said "My name's Gohan Son. I just moved here yesterday. I'm the kid who got perfect test scores like you. I hope we can be friends, Higurashi-san."

All Kagome did to respond was nod, saying "Good job. I hope we can be friends, too."

Gohan was confused. One minute, he's the 1-day-old new kid in class, still bombed by the questions of Erasa, Videl still giving him a nasty stare, and next, a new student walks in the door, and her power felt higher than that of a normal human. She had long raven hair and midnight blue eyes, and was sporting a crimson shirt with a light pink sweater, and a mid-thigh powder blue skirt.

She introduced herself as Kagome, and takes the empty seat to my right. I tried my best to follow the teacher, but her gaze finally caused conversation.

"My name's Gohan Son." I introduced myself. "I just moved here yesterday. I'm the kid who got perfect test scores like you. I hope we can be friends, Higurashi-san."

Kagome nodded. "Good job. I hope we can be friends, too." was her response. I hope we can be friends? I meant it nicely, but she just sounded cold. I looked desperately over to Erasa, who made a motion to go on.

"So, why did you move to Satan city?" Gohan asked politely. Kagome flinched - she didn't think she would be asked anything like that.

"I needed to get away from there." she answered softly, staring off at no certain point, a look of pain clear in her eyes.

"Where exactly is 'their'?" Videl asked, eyes narrowed. Gohan, Erasa, and Videl were now completely zoned out of the class, while Sharpener looked to be asleep.


"What? Tokyo's, like, halfway across the country! It's even further away than where Gohan lives!" Erasa shouted, slamming her hands on the table as she leaned over towards Kagome.

"Hey! Will you four pay attention?" the teacher shouted, and all but Kagome ducked behind their textbook - she just propped hers up and read random pages.

"How do you get here every day from Tokyo?" Erasa whispered to Kagome through Gohan, who continued to study.

"I moved here. Alone. And to school by bike." she paused. "But it's just not the same."

"Same as what?" Videl asked, or rather, stated

"T-Tokyo." Kagome stuttered. She had meant the Feudal Era, but Satan city wasn't nearly as big as Tokyo. "In Tokyo, you usually had to hop on a bus or train, but here you go wherever by yourself."

"That sounds like a lotta fun!" Erasa stated. "With a city that big, I bet there are a lotta cute boys!" she said with a wink. "Hey, I bet you'll never guess who Videl's dad is!"

Kagome rested her chin on her hand. "Who's that?"

"He's Mr. Satan, the guy who saved the world!" Gohan made a miniscule of a laugh at this. "But Videl has had her fair share of crime fighting - speak of the devil." Videl's watch beeped right as Erasa was talking, and she got up and left. Gohan excused himself to the bathroom, and they were both gone for about 10 minutes before returning.

"Wow, what a relief!" Gohan said, rubbing the back of his neck. Videl just silently sat down. The teacher had never even taken note of their absence.

Kagome leaned over in Gohan's ear, whispering so only herself and he could hear. "You're a bad liar, Gohan." He gave her a surprised stair and she continued on with her work. She wasn't sure what he was hiding, but it was something - nobody has to pee for over ten minutes.

Gym was a complete embarrassment for Kagome that day. They were playing baseball and she had ended up on Sharpeners's team. Gohan had been positioned at outfield, and she was up to bat. She was nervous, and so was Gohan, who seemed to be deep in thought as he was shifting his weight constantly.

Gohan saw Kagome staring at him intently, so he turned around and scratched the back of his neck. The batter looks nervous Gohan took note of, and Kagome's getting suspicious, too… Better not show off again.

Kagome put some of her energy into the bat to give her a little more power. She struck the ball with such force that it began to fly towards a window in the side of the school. "Crap!" she screamed, thought she began to run towards first base. Nobody noticed him, thought, they were all staring at the ball.

I can't let the ball hit the school! Kagome thought. She narrowed her eyes and focused her energy into the speeding ball. It exploded immediately - a trick she had learned from Kikyo, who Kagome had matched in power and skill. Many jaws dropped, including Gohan's slightly.

Did I do that? Gohan thought, and as he focused back on his surroundings, he noticed that Kagome's energy had risen, and was now steadily returning to normal. He was now certain of one thing - whatever Kagome was, she wasn't normal.

Second day, done. Gohan though as he rode nimbus towards Bulma's house. He needed to ask her something. When he arrived, Bulma was out on her balcony, and waved him over. Jumping off nimbus, he flew the rest of the way into the house of the richest woman in the world.

"Hey Bulma, I need to ask you something." Gohan said, sitting down on a leather chair as Bulma prepared some tea.

"Sure, ask away."

"Well, another new student arrived today." he said nervously. "She had an abnormally high power level for a human, and I just felt like she had suppressed energy within her. But it doesn't feel like our energy; it was more… Pure?"

"A girl, hmm?" Bulma set down the tea, pausing to take a sip. "well, around 500 years ago, there were women called priestesses that used tactics similar to energy to purify demons around them. There's even a legend about one that traveled through time to go their. Ever heard of the Legend of the Shikon no Tama?"

"The Shikon no whata?" Gohan asked, casually sipping his tea.

"The jewel of four souls. It's sort of like an ancient dragon ball. The legends says that the priestess travel back in time, carrying the Shikon Jewel inside of her. The jewel broke into pieces, and her and a half-demon, a monk, a kitsune and a demon slayer looked for the pieces as they sought to defeat the evil Naraku. The unnamed priestess made the correct wish on the jewel, and it disappeared forever." somehow, Bulma had gotten a story book onto her lap, and was summarizing it for Gohan.

'That's kind of stupid." a familiar lavender-haired boy said from the doorway.

"Trunks!" Gohan and Bulma shouted. "Just how long have you been here?"

"Just enough to hear about a stupid fairy tale. I though you two brainiacs might be talking about something interesting." he sighed. "Well, I'm bored. Gohan, will you spar with me?" he asked without turning around.

"give me and your mom ten more minutes, Kay?" Gohan told the prince, who sighed and walked away.

"well, priestesses disappeared long ago, so I doubt she could be one." Bulma hovered her lips over the edge of her cup while talking. "Why don't you go spar with Trunks for now, and I'll get back to you." Gohan nodded, and went to find his godmothers son.

(Deep announcer voice) - Later that day…

"Well, the only girl I know like that is my wife," Krillin said while lounging in front of Master Roshi's house "And she, despite her appearance, will not be going to High School any time soon."

Gohan scratched the back of his neck and laugh. He had shown up at Roshi's place to talk to Krillin about what Kagome could be, as Bulma had come up with nothing after he was done sparing. Krillin was leading even further from possible then Bulma was.

Just as he was about to leave, Marron came running out - 18 following silently behind her - and hugged his leg. By this time he was about a few feet in the air, and he wondered how she had gotten a hold of him. He picked her up and flew back down to give her to Krillin, waved, and flew back home to an angry Chi-Chi.

"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN HOME 3 HOURS AGO!" she screamed at a wincing Gohan. She managed to calm herself down to a civil level and sighed. "You did it yesterday, too. Maybe I should use the method of kicking you out of the house like I did to…" she trailed off, and walked back inside to make dinner.

"Hey Gohan!" a voice yelled from below. "Did you see Trunks?"

"Yeah, kid." Gohan ruffled up Goten's hair. "We even sparred a little."

"Ok, well next time tell him I said hi!" Goten said with a goofy grin before doing back handsprings into the house. Gohan sighed, and followed them in for dinner.

"So what's new?" Chi-Chi asked her son.

"Today I got to fly nimbus and I found this really cool lake and I got a fish that was bigger than I was and-" Chi-Chi silenced Goten with a raise of her hand. She had aimed the question at her older son. Her look told Gohan to tell him why he was late home… again.

"I was visiting the Z fighters and Bulma. I sparred with Trunks for about 10 minutes before going over to the Kame house to talk to Krillin…" Gohan stated in-between bowls of food. "There's a new girl at our school, and she's got this really weird energy…" he finished his 20th bowl of rice, and decided he was done. He excused himself and went to his room, where he almost instantly fell onto his bed.

*sigh* "What a day!" Gohan said to himself, and turned over to face the wall. "I wonder about that Kagome girl…" Images of Kagome passed through his mind; her staring out into nothingness, her as she prepared to hit the baseball, her as she gave him a cute death glare…

Did he just call her cute?