Izzy's Melody Mania 2

Chapter 1

I know I'm in the middle of Total Drama Genesis, but this idea has been nagging at me for a while.

In this "Episode" the Total Drama cast does a tribute to Disney, but not todays Disney full of teen drama crap, no, 90's old school Disney, from my generation, back when it was good and I worshipped it. I hate almost if not all shows on Disney Channel now, as soon as Hannah Montana came on the air it all went down hill from there.

So yes, I wrote this in honor of the old Disney that I wish would come back and get all those stupid shows on new Disney off the air.

5:00 a.m. at the hotel, Izzy was up, ready for the newest episode of her Melody Mania show.

She decided that in this episode they would do a tribute to old school Disney, meaning that everyone had to sing a song from a classic Disney movie.

"Time to wake up the troops!" Izzy laughed

Of course, she woke Harold first, barging into his room, and nearly tearing the door off its hinges.

"Ah!" Harold responded "Izzy! The door wasn't even locked!"

"Sorry Apollo," Izzy said happily "but todays the day, for our new episode of Izzy's Melody Mania!"

"Oh yeah," Harold said "it is; but it's 5:00 a.m., why are we doing this so early?"

"Because," Izzy explained "everyone knows that there's never anything good on in the morning, so I figured we could give people something to start the morning with."

"I guess that's...generous." Harold replied

"What can I say," Izzy said "I'm a giver."

Izzy then woke up Ezekiel, then, the newest addition of their gang, Lindsay.

She got them all assembled in her room.

"What kind of episode are we doing today, Izzy?" Lindsay asked sleepily

"A tribute episode," Izzy revealed "to Classic Disney, back when it was watchable."

"Ooh," Lindsay squealed "I loved Disney, and I still do!"

"Who doesn't?" Izzy replied

"Good call Izzy," Ezekiel said "everyone knows Disney."

"You know what they say," Harold proclaimed "if you don't like Disney, you had no childhood!"

"Well said," Izzy stated "now let's go wake everyone up! We need to get ready!"

The four host proceeded to wake the cast and ready the stage for their episode of their tribute to the good old Disney.

Basically the whole story will involve praising old Disney and bashing new Disney. It's so starnge how in like eight maybe nine years Disney goes from one of the primary channels I watch to the only one I can hardly stand anymore.

Sorry if anyone here actually likes new Disney, this is basically my protest for losing the Disney I grew up with.