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Chapter Fifteen

"Hate to twist your mind, but God ain't on your side" – Avenged Sevenfold 'Nightmare'

I watched it all from the corn. It was shocking. It was somewhat terrifying. It was wonderful.

Before that moment, Malachai was known as Isaac's guard dog. He did basically whatever he was told with no hesitation. But that day? That one day. . . Everything changed, some for better, some for worse.

"They're tired of your talk, Isaac. I've shown them what I can do," Malachai said. He was like a shepherd fighting for control over his flock, and he was fighting against Isaac.

I wonder what would have happened if Malachai had seen me hiding there, watching. Would he have done things differently? Would he have killed Isaac? Would he have killed me? I guess it doesn't really matter considering that it didn't happen and there's no way I could go back and change things, and believe me: I would. But I'm rambling and I don't want to ramble, I want to tell you this story.

Isaac was put on a cross and the Outlander known as Vicki was taken down and Malachai took her to town. He was trying to lure out the other Outlander, known as Burt. At the moment, I didn't care if it worked or not. I was busy.

I was busy smirking at Isaac. He didn't see me at first. He didn't see my expression of pure joy. He didn't see that I was about to erupt with laughter.

Because he was on the cross, he was elevated. Therefore, he could see me. He was the only one. Even if he had said something like "Look, my children! There in the corn! Kara's there! Kill her! Kill her instead of me!" no one would have believed him. They didn't want to listen to him anymore.


How had this happened? I did good! I was the best; I spread the word of He Who Walks Behind the Rows, is this how he decides to repay me?! I am Isaac and I am a prophet!

Malachai is supposed to be by my side at all times! He was supposed to be the fighter! I am Isaac the prophet. No one out there is brave enough to face me for the wrath of He Who Walks Behind the Rows will punish them! So why hasn't he done anything?!

The children, they have been deceived. I had convinced them, I had loved them, I had taught them, and I had done so much for them. Not all of it was his orders for, contrary to some beliefs, In do have a heart. That is why being up here is the ultimate betrayal. That is why I object. I am Isaac, a prophet. I should not be up here.

As I look down to them, wishing desperately for someone to listen, I see her. Kara Boardman. What is she doing here?! She's never here. Maybe he sent her? Maybe it's a sign?! Maybe she is meant to help me? No, no, that can't be. Something, something's off. The way she looks. She's not smiling. She's smirking? I am Isaac, a prophet. They have deceived me.

She's smirking. She enjoys my pain? She is a hypocrite and she doesn't even know it. She is so idiotic. She thinks that we are murderous? She thinks that we go out for justice? Then what is this? What is this look on her face? She loves this. She'll pay. I am Isaac, a prophet. They'll all pay.

They'll all burn. Kara, Malachai, the Outlanders, everyone who has deceived me. They will all burn in the deepest, darkest pit of Hell! He Who Walks Behind he Rows will torture them for going against his will! I am Isaac, I am a prophet. I bring the word. They shall suffer; he will make sure of it.

"And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever" – Revelations 20:10