Chapter Three

"I knew since we first met that you'd be the one I'd never forget" - ?

I was just a kid. No matter how I acted or how I said I felt, I was just a fifteen year old kid. At fifteen, you shouldn't really have to fear death, but enjoy life. You shouldn't be preparing for a wedding to some man you probably didn't know. You shouldn't be stuck out in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of crazed, murderous children. But all of those were exactly where I was.

I was wearing a pure white dress, something that one of my friends dug out. It fit me well, but I didn't feel right in it. I knew I looked fine, and it wasn't uncomfortable, but I shouldn't have been wearing it. I shouldn't have been getting married. I didn't even know who it was to! I always thought I would marry for love, not just in order to preserve my life. I knew that since it was forced, I could never be truly happy.

The ceremony was about to take place and I looked down at my feet and sighed. Jennifer was the only one in the room with me, and she knew that something was wrong. "Kara? Don't worry. You look great. I'm sure it will all be fine."

I had so many possible scenarios running through my head at the time. Who knew what could have gone wrong? I could have gotten hit by a bus, or struck by lightning, or have massive internal bleeding! "But what if I –"

She cut me off "No 'what ifs'! Some lucky man is out there waiting for you! No one else, you! Imagine how he feels?"

I'll admit that I hadn't thought of that. What was the groom thinking? Did he feel the same way I did? I was sure we were both as nervous as heck, and how could I have only been focused around myself?

Soon it was time for me to walk in. I took a deep breath, smiled at Jennifer and walked right down the aisle. For me, it was hard to believe that three years ago, it was as regular as any Church. The children really changed it. I looked up to see if I could see the groom, but Amos, who was pretty much taller than everybody was directly behind him, so I couldn't see who was to be my husband. I knew that one person had planned that. Isaac.

It was then when I actually looked around the pews. There were a lot of people there, and I knew that not all of them were there for me. Whoever the groom was, he had to have a lot of friends in order for so many people to have been there.

I kept my eyes on the altar, and totally avoided the stares of the crowd. I finally got up there and kept my eyes on Isaac, who was acting as the priest. I was facing him but I managed to steal a glance at the man who was to be my husband. I went pale and began to study the floor. I can remember exactly what was going through my head at the time. "Why me? Why him? Out of all of the people in Gatlin, He Who Walks Behind The freaking Rows "picked" him for me? Why?" I saw him take a quick look at me and I knew that he was expecting the reaction which I had. At least I didn't scream at them and run out of the church.

I admit I was kind of zoning out during the ceremony. It was childish, I know but as mentioned earlier, I was just a kid. I took another look at my husband. People used to say that we looked alike, but I could never see it. He and I both had the same shade of red hair, except mine was longer, way longer. His eyes were a normal shade of blue and mine were green. He had some freckles whereas I was pale. Malachai Boardman and I didn't have that much in common, not at that time at least. In the time before that we did though.

I was mad at him and I made that fact noticeable. At least I was honest. I made it perfectly clear that I wanted nothing to do with him. Not after what had happened in the café. That cold, evil smile never left my memory.

I snapped back to my senses when Isaac said, "Kara, He Who Walks Behind The Rows has chosen you for Malachai. Do you accept his wishes to become Malachai Boardman's wife for the rest of time? In life and in the afterlife? For all eternity?" Isaac sounded rather ominous, as he always did.

I turned towards Malachai and looked in his eyes. I saw something in them and I wasn't really sure what it was. It was something that made me feel safe. Something which possessed me to say . . . . .

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