A/N: I apologize if this first chapter is a bit too "expositiony" but I feel that it is necessary to introduce how this school functions because that'll be necessary knowledge in later chapter.

"I don't need to be sent off to some boarding school," Jim Hawkins complained.

"Yes, you've mentioned that about fifty time in the past hour," Sarah Hawkins replied.

The carriage that Doppler had ordered for Jim and his mother was currently en route to The Walt Disney Institute. Jim had gotten himself into trouble again and Sarah had finally decided that it was necessary to send Jim to a school away from home. The decision was final after Doppler told her of the Walt Disney Institute and offered to pay for Jim's tuition. As you can expect, Jim was less than thrilled by this turn of events.

"Look, Jim," Sarah began, "This is a chance for a better future for you. I want to give you your best chance and, believe me, it's not back in Montressor."

Jim merely rolled his eyes, "Whatever."

Sarah simply sighed and leaned back into her seat. The carriage rode on for another hour or so until it finally came to a halt.

"We have arrived at the Walt Disney Institute," the coachman called out to the passengers.

Jim and his mother hopped out of the carriage and unloaded Jim's luggage. As they got their first glimpse upon the institute, they saw that it was built up from a beautiful castle. As the mother and son began to walk closer to the castle, a flurry of green flames blocked their pathway. From the green flames, an exotic looking woman wearing black and purple robes materialized before them. The woman turned to Sarah.

"Sarah Hawkins, I presume?" the woman asked.

"Yes, I am," Sarah replied, still taken back by the woman's entrance, "Pleased to meet you."

Sarah extended her hand, awaiting a handshake.

"Yes," the woman said, ignoring the hand, "I am Maleficent Faery, deputy headmistress of the Walt Disney Institute."

Jim gave out a cough to indicate his presence to the woman. The deputy headmistress's gaze shot towards Jim.

"And you must be Jim Hawkins," Maleficent stated, "We've been expecting you."

"Great," Jim said sarcastically. Maleficent's gaze returned to Sarah Hawkins.

"I will take Jim from here, Mrs. Hawkins," Maleficent stated, "Have a safe trip home."

Sarah hugged Jim good-bye and boarded the coach as it headed off into the distance. Maleficent produced a thick paper back book from the folds of her robe.

"This is your student hand book," Maleficent explained, "Adhere to the rules detailed within and your stay will be quite comfortable. If not... well then, things get to become a bit unpleasant."

"Look, Malignity," Jim began, "I really..."

"In the future, Mr. Hawkins," Maleficent interrupted, "You shall address me as Ms. Faery or ma'am. Is that clear?"

Jim rolled his eyes.

"Mr. Hawkins?" Maleficent asked again sternly.

"Yes ma'am," Jim responded.

"Good boy," Maleficent replied, "Mr. Hawkins, follow me and I shall show you to your block. Classes won't begin for the semester until Monday so you'll have the next three days to settle into your room and adjust to your roommate. The Headmaster has also requested a personal meeting with you since you are, after all, one of our new students. You shall report to his office at 4:15 sharp."

Ms. Faery went on to explain in detail to Jim who only really listened halfway. He was much too enthralled by the castle's magic architecture and integrate design. It was enough to take your breath away.

"Each student is assigned to a block," Ms. Faery explained, "Your block will determine where your dorm room will be, who your teacher sponsor will be, and what order your schedule will be in. You have been assigned to Block E, meaning that your dorm room shall be in the west tower and your teacher sponsor shall be Ms. Del Ray."

Ms. Faery came to halt and gestured for Jim to do the same. A few minutes of silence later, a woman wearing a lavender tracksuit and a purple wig came running down the stairs to them.

"I swear, it is MURDER on us the week before the start of a semester," the woman called out in an exasperated tone, "I've been running from one end of the castle to another all day long."

"You're late," Ms. Faery replied in a stern unforgiving voice.

The woman laughed awkwardly to try to lighten the mood, "Ah, well, yes. Anyways, is this Jim? Hi, I'm Ms. Del Ray, your teacher sponsor. I'll make sure you feel right at home here."

"Make sure, young Mr. Hawkins, gets settled in," Ms. Faery instructed before disappearing in a flurry of flames.

"Is she always such a hard-ass?" Jim asked Ms. Del Ray.

"Honey," she replied, "You don't know the half of it! She's such a bitch all of time and she absolutely hates all of us, mostly because she never gets invited to any of the faculty parties, but, to be honest, who would want her there?"

Jim let out a slight laugh.

"Anyways," Ms. Del Ray continued, "Let me show you to your dorm. You'll be be sharing room E5 with one of our returning students. I'm sure you boys will get along just fine. I'll get your schedule to you later today so you can find out where all of your classes are."

"So what to you teach?" Jim asked.

"Health and sex-ed," Marina replied with a laugh.

Jim fought back his gag reflex upon hearing this. He figured it must be a required policy for schools to pick the ugliest women to teach sex-ed. Ms. Del Ray escorted Jim to his room and handed him a key.

"Here's your room and here's your key," she told him, "If you need anything, my office is right down the hall in E1."

Jim thanked her and entered his new room to find a red haired boy laying on the top bunk of the bunk bed on one side of room. He was just laying back, staring at the ceiling. Jim shut the door behind him, making sure that it made a sound to get his roommate's attention. The red haired boy looked up to see Jim. The boy hopped down from the top bunk and Jim got his first real look at the boy. He was around sixteen years old and wore all green. The boy had an almost mischievous look on his face and pointed ear as well as bright red hair.

"So, you're my new roommate?" the boy asked.

"Guess so," Jim stated, "I'm Jim Hawkins."

Jim extended his hand for the boy to shake. The boy smiled and took his hand.

"Peter Pan."