Tired Epilogue

Ghirahim could feel Link moving and heard the clanking sound of him lifting his sword. He wished he would already been asleep or atleast unconcious but it seemed he had to witness what was about to happen. The blond paused his motion. He had never felt anything while killing all those monsters and creatures but now he was hesitating to finish his enemy off.

It didn't felt right to him.

He gritted his teeth, let out a scream and brought his sword down, causing an awful crushing sound. Ghirahim's body trembled a second and laid still.

Opening his eyes a little only to recognize that he was still alive. The demon tilted his head to the side. Instead of taking his life with the swords precious power, Link had borrowed his sword into the ground next to them. The sword was glowing and pulsating as Fi tried to speak up but Link loosened his grip and grabbed the demon's shoulder firmly.

„Well I know you always did throw your sword like a Bokoblin but...that's ridiculous." Ghirahim said laughing quietly. The hero couldn't suppress a smile himself but frowned immediately as he saw Ghirahim closing his eyes again and noticed his lack of movement. Curious if the Demon Lord was still breathing he lowered his head, nearly placing his ear onto the pale face.

Inches away he concentrated and listened for any sign of life as he felt something wet and warm touching his cheek. It moved up and down slowly before he pulled away. Staring down at the slighty grinning brown-eyed demon.

„Never underestimate your enemy, even if he's laying on your lap." the sword spirit said his eyes half closed but with quite a victorious smile on his face.

Just about to close his eyes again he noticed Link leaning down again. Ghirahim caught himself getting lost in the hero's blue eyes as he felt a soft and warm touch on his lips.

Those ocean eyes were gone for a second, closed and reappeared a moment later as the gentle pressure on his lips was gone again.

His mind went blank, unable to form a proper sentence, only an relieved sigh escaped his mouth, as the boy brought his lips down on his again. The sword spirit closed his eyes as they reunited in that soft touch, replacing the ache and numbness in his body with it. Link closed his eyes. Unmoving a muscle, he wanted to keep that silent moment.

Suddenly he felt the weight from his legs disappear and Link opened his eyes. His eyes widened as he recognized that Ghirahims body was gone and the air was filled with glittering shards and diamond shapped pieces. A soft breeze was tearing them apart and they entered the ground with a last little spark.

It was beautiful.

Link sat still for a few minutes until the last shiny bit that proved Ghirahim's existence was gone. He stood up, grabbing his sword in the process and turned around to leave this irritating place.

In the middle of his walk he stopped and looked back once more, nearly expecting, something to be there again but he was confronted with a sky reflecting surface.

The hero placed his sword back into its scabbard and made his way back.

A silent and lonely tear rolling down his cheek which would be already dried and replaced with a smile before he reunited with his friends but in truth would never be forgotten.