Okay everyone, short Push story. Cassie's PoV, and a view of Nick, and their relationship. Set almost straight after the end of the film.

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She thinks that maybe it's different for him.

She thinks that maybe the damage was done long before he met her, and is almost repairable, but mostly it's not.

She thinks that he trusts her, but he has trust issues and maybe she's wrong in thinking that.

She thinks that maybe she loves him, but then she tells herself that he's too old, and is more like her big brother anyway.

She thinks he needs a doctor, but he says it's fine. He's a bad liar. He falls asleep when they fall into a taxi. She sighs.

She thinks that he's not her's. He's Kira's. Kira stole his heart, shattered it, put it back together again, and what kind of person puts up with that anyway?

She thinks that the damage runs deeper then he's willing to admit, and that maybe he should admit it. She also thinks she should follow her own advice.

She thinks that she doesn't really care, because he's asleep, and he's damaged, and he's here with her right now, and they've won.

She thinks that winning is good, and he does too. But he's the one who's hurt, and he's the one who's been in a fight, lost someone who may or may not come back and she thinks that maybe he just wants to curl up and hide away from everything.

She thinks that's not a good way to live a life. But then ...

She thinks that maybe it's different for him.


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