Like Father like Son

Alright this is my first fanfic, oh and I am pretty aware that I do not own Daffy Duck and Tina they are property of warner bros. I do own Dylan Duck and other fan made characters which people can used if I'm notified and aware of his use

It was a cold winter's day in Acme Arsenal everyone was busy getting ready for Christmas. Towns were filled with visitors, shoppers and well more visitors. The town was really in the Christmas spirit, houses were decorated with Christmas lights and the smell of Christmas cookies was in everyone's household.

At the local park 2 adolescent pre-teens were having fun throwing snowballs at each other…

Dylan duck a 12 year old, dark feathered duck with a white collar, spiky hair and an overconfident attitude along with Chick a Dee an 11 year old young rooster with a Elvis styled hairstyle and country accent were enjoying the beginning of their Christmas break.

This is soooo cool; we have two weeks of Christmas break! Shouted Dylan I know this is best, replied Chick a Dee

Chick a Dee grabbed some snow in his hand and slammed it on the ground. So uh what are you doing over the break? Me and my pa are going camping, exclaimed Chick a Dee. Dylan stared into space, he couldn't even remember the last time he saw his father, in reality it was 6 years but to him it felt like forever. He remembered the last thing he and his father Daffy Duck "The under acknowledged Looney tune" did and his mind phased back 6 years ago to exactly what happened his memory of it was fresh, and vivid yet at the same time every moment of it was sad and hard to endure.

Daffy was putting the Christmas lights like he did every year before he left and even though it was only Christmas to Dylan it felt like the last one they would ever spend with each other.

And that's when his memory started to get even more serious it was late and Dylan and Daffy was up watching old Looney tune Christmas specials Dylan only laughed and smiled up at the parts his father was in which made Daffy smile. Dad will you ever leave me and mom to do more shorts with uncle bugs and the others? Dylan yawned sleepily, Daffy looked at his son with a surprise look on his face, no kiddo I'm finish with show biz replied Daffy he kissed his son and went into the kitchen

Daffy walked into the kitchen and absorbed the aroma of cookies and let out a loud sigh, Tina was in the kitchen with an agitated look on her face. Daffy looked at his wife, honey what's wrong he lisped worriedly. Tina looked at Daffy Bugs called and he says he needs you for a second leading role in a movie Daffy looked at Tina even harder well I'll tell him I can't do it maybe he can get Tweety or Sylvester to do it. Tina stood up avoiding eye contact, I told him you would come you have to catch the plane at 5:30 am. Daffy stood in shock, why would you do that Tina I made you and Dylan a promise, Tina started to cry but Bugs needs you and you never let Bugs down. Although she was telling the truth he Daffy didn't want to break his promise to his son.

Ok, I'll go but after this movie I'm finish I want to be a real father to my son and a real husband to my wife, Daffy exclaimed. Tina smiled and kissed Daffy passionately I love you cried Tina, Daffy hugged her I love you too he whispered. You better get going you have a long ride urged Tina, Daffy dragged into the living room and sat down next to a sleeping Dylan, well squirt I don't wanna wake you and its probley better you are but I have to go now I promise I'll be back and when I do I will be completely done with show biz and then I can be the best father in the world to you. A tear escaped Daffy's eye well I guess I'll be seeing you two later Daffy whispered trying not to wake Dylan Tina smiled.

Dylan snapped back into reality and looked a Chick a Dee. Chick a Dee had a confused look on his face, so what are you gonna do during the break Dylan. Dylan shook the memory out of his head, oh umm I'm probley just gonna watch old Looney tune specials. Chick a Dee laughed lame dude you can't be serious, Dylan smiled well I gotta go it's getting dark, Dylan started to walk off. Oh uh Dylan, yeah Chick a Dee, Merry Christmas Dylan smiled weakly yeah you too Chick.

First chapter please review it's my first fic so please give me feedback and suggestion I would also like to put in some of your own OC's in this fic and to clear things abit Chick a Dee is Foghorn Leghorn's son and Dylan's beat friend and the movie Daffy is about to film is either Space Jam or Looney tunes back in action and around that time he and tina was with each other even before the Looney tune show .