Chapter 7: T.E.M.P.L.E

Daffy jumped out the tree landing bill first on the soft sand, " yuck" coughed Daffy as sand spilled out of his mouth. Dylan rushed up to his father with Sarah far behind "Dad! Look, look I got the phone" yelled Dylan as he pulled out the cell phone. Daffy smiled proudly at his son, "great job" Dylan smiled weakly," yeah those banana eating brats were no match for Dylan Jacob Duck" Sarah finally caught up to Dylan out of breath, " I think you mean no match for Sarah Bunny buzzard brain" laughed Sarah. Daffy looked at Sarah," uh Dylan who is this" Dylan looked a Daffy, "this is my girl uh I mean uh friend Sarah she got stranded here too, dad you will never believe who her father is…..Guess" Daffy looked at Sarah who replied back to his look with a shy hello. Daffy seen her before but couldn't remember where however she was much younger he thought for a while before it finally clicked, "you're bugs and Lola's daughter right" Sarah smiled, "yes". "so what are you doing here?" lisped Daffy, Dylan ran his fingers through his hair, "ya know its kinda a long story pops so I suggest we focus on getting out of here". Sarah looked at Dylan "your right lets head back to the beach and try to create smoke signals or something" Sarah took a step and the ground beneath her gave out a deep hole was beneath Sarah but instead of falling to the bottom and possibly dying someone was holding her up, Sarah looked up and was greeted by the Dylan's struggling face trying his hardest to keep her up. Dylan pulled Sarah up to safety and dropped to his knees, "well I guess were even now" laughed Dylan Sarah gave him a tight hug which was enough to make a Duck melt but instead he stood there hoping it wouldn't end. Sarah stopped the hug and looked around," uh Dylan where is your dad?" Dylan's face turned blue, then red and last white "he fell in the hole Sarah!" Dylan panicked "what am i gonna do". Sarah looked at Dylan "calm down we'll get him"

Daffy hit the rock hard ground, "can this day get any worst?" lisped Daffy. At that very moment a group of vicious, hungry Tasmanian devils with spears surrounded Daffy. "and it just did, hi fellas" gulped Daffy. The Tasmanian devils lick the lips, "Duck stew yummy, yummy" they all chanted. Daffy gulped in fear.

The Tasmanian devils filled a cauldron with boiling hot water, carrots and salt. "maybe I under estimated you guys your cooking dinner for me"laughed Daffy, the Tasmanians tossed Daffy in the cauldron, "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" screamed Daffy as the boiling water burned his feathers Dylan and Sarah made it to the bottom and seen Daffy struggling to get out the cauldron and the Tasmanians pouring salt and pepper on his head. Dylan ran towards the cauldron and kicked it over, Daffy scrambled out the heated pot and ran towards Sarah, "they tried to eat me!" screamed Daffy. Dylan ran towards Daffy and Sarah, "let get out of here!" yelled Dylan. the trio took a couple steps until they were entangled in a makeshift net made by the Tasmanian devils. A large Tasmanian devil with a bone necklace walked over to the net, "going somewhere?" Dylan shot a cold glare at the Tasmanian devil, "let us out of here you bozo" the Large Tasmanian devil looked at Dylan, "why should I?" Dylan thought for a moment until he finally got it, "uh you cant eat us that would be bad plus you have to give us a chance to defend ourselves" the large Tasmanian devil looked at Dylan, " oh yeah who says" Dylan pulled out a notebook titled "Cartoons for dummies" and a pen and wrote on one of the pages, "read it and weep" the large Tasmanian grew angry when he seen that Dylan was right (he really wasn't) "Fine how do you wish to resist" growled the Tasmanian devil. Dylan looked at him, "we challenge you to a 3 on 3 basketball game" Daffy slapped his forehead, "not this again"