Sugar Rush Chapter 1

'Finally the last one' Gaara thought as he finished the signing the last piece of paperwork before he stood up and stretched, muscles aching a bit after sitting in a chair for so long. Gaara went out to the balcony and looked over Suna, the sun high in the sky forcing everybody to find shelter in their homes making the village look deserted. Gaara let out a sigh as he looked around for something to do since all his paperwork was done.

"I guess I could get ready for my trip to Konoha" Gaara muttered as he walked back into his office just as somebody knocked on the door. "Enter" Gaara said calmly as he made it back to his desk just as Matsuri walked into the room, chewing on something in her mouth.

"Um, Gaara-sama...can I go with you on your trip to Konoha, please?" Matsuri asked after she swallowed what she was eating, blushing throughout the whole thing. Gaara mentally smiled and nodded, which made Matsuri cheer in happiness while Gaara chuckled. As Matsuri was about to leave to pack, Gaara's curiosity peaked as he saw her bite into something else in her hand.

"Matsuri, what are eating?"

"Hm, *swallow*, chocolate chip cookie" she responded and frowned when Gaara blinked as if confused. "You have had a cookie before right?" Matsuri said, knowing about Gaara's past and wondering how she would react if Gaara had said no. Gaara stood there and thought before he nodded and said he had when he was little.

"I think I had one once but they soon took them away from me, saying it was bad for my health or something?"

Matsuri was sad that Gaara hadn't had a cookie since he was little, seeing as they was here favorite snack she decided to be nice and handed the redheaded Kazekage 10 of the chocolate chip coated cookie. Gaara blinked in surprise as he said thanks before he bit into one of the gooey cookies just as Matsuri closed the door to his office.

'Good deed done for the day' Matsuri thought as she finished the cookie in her hand and looked inside the package to see they was all gone. 'Aw, oh well, I'll just get some more' she thought as she made her way done the hall, almost skipping as she was excited to go to Konoha. As she was going to pack, she passed Temari and Kankuro who was on their way to Gaara's office to see if he was almost ready to go to Konoha. When they passed Matsuri they could see how happy she was and asked what had her in a good mood.

"Gaara-sama said I could go to Konoha with you" she said loudly as they smiled, saying good as they knew how much she wanted to visit the hidden leaf village. As Matsuri had a fist in the air in celebration, Temari and Kankuro noticed the empty cookie package that gave them a weird feeling of dread as they asked Matsuri about it. "Huh, oh I gave Gaara-sama some cookies. I never knew he wasn't allowed to have cookies when he was little" Matsuri said until she stared at Temari and Kankuro who went eerily quiet. Matsuri took a step back when she noticed the looks of horror on the two Sand sibling's faces.

"WHAT!" they screamed before they bolted passed Matsuri who, now wearing a confused look, followed them and asked what was wrong but wasn't answer. As they neared the door, they sensed a high level of chakra that could have only meant one thing.

"No Gaara, don't eat the-" they screamed as they opened the door to see their worst nightmare. Matsuri looked in with a shock look on her face.



"NARUTO, I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" Sakura screamed as she, Sasuke, Sai, Yamato, and Kakashi was chasing the hyper-active blonde who was laughing loudly at his latest prank.

"Aw come on, all I said was that you looked a little hot and needed to cool down" Naruto yelled, looking back before he dodged a kunai thrown by Sakura who was growling.

"You ruined my hair with your stupid water balloons!" she yelled back as she pulled out more kunai and tossed them left and right, Naruto dodging all of them and still gaining ground.

"I heard ice water wall good for the scalp" Naruto said jokingly before he created several clones that went into separate directions, confusing the team. They stopped, breathing hard after chasing Naruto for a couple of hours, and gave up on the chase.

"How does he have so much energy?" Yamato breathed heavily as they headed home to change out of their wet clothes thanks to Naruto. The clones watched as the team left before dispersing while the original was hiding in a tree at the top in the leaves, snickering at how he outran is team again.

"Heh, only a select few can catch me" Naruto said as he sat back on the tree limp he was resting on only to nearly fall off when an Anbu appeared out of nowhere on the other end.

"You're wanted at the office immediately" the panther-masked Anbu said before she disappeared with a 'swoosh'. Naruto, still hanging on the branch, muttered under his breathe about Anbu not helping him as he sighed and let go. He jumped from branch to branch down to the ground before he took off toward the office, not wanting to give the Hokage a reason to send him flying.

'I wonder what baachan wants' Naruto thought not paying attention to his surroundings as a dark blur was crossing his path. The blur collided with Naruto, knocking them both to the ground. 'Ow, what the heck was that?' Naruto thought before he looked up and saw that he had collided with a person but what shocked him was who it was.

"Gaara, is that you?" Naruto said as he stood up and helped the redhead up before looking at him with a frown. "Are you alright?" Naruto asked as he noticed some changes in Gaara's behavior. The redhead had slight bounce as he stood in place as if he couldn't hold still and his eyes were wide and glowed a bit as if high on something. A confused Naruto tried to stop him from bouncing by placing his hands on his shoulders but that didn't help.

"When did you get here Gaara and where are-"

"GAARA!" some screamed.

Said redhead and Naruto looked up to see Kankuro, Temari, and Matsuri rushed toward them before they stopped, breathing hard as if they've been running a long time. "Hey Kankuro, Temari, Matsuri what's going on?" Naruto asked as he saw something like a leash in Kankuro's hands. With a growl, the puppeteer grabbed Gaara's shirt and clicked the leash on to what Naruto now saw was a body harness.

"What the hell are you doing to Gaara? Why does he have that thing on?" Naruto said angrily while Temari told him to calm down before they started to walk away with Naruto in tow.

"We'll explain in a minute" Matsuri said quickly when she saw the blonde was about to protest some more because of some of the looks they got as they headed to Tsunade's office. There things was only getting interesting as the truth of Gaara's behavior came out.

"NANI" Tsunade yelled as she looked at the two older Sand siblings who nodded while Naruto asked them if they was joking in which Matsuri shook her head no.

"That's why Gaara never had another cookie since he was young. The first cookie we gave him, nobody could catch him, not even our fastest shinobi and all because he's hyped up on sugar. 1 cookies equals up to a day of nonstop energized sugar rush. He had 10 cookies so it would normally be 10 days of hyped up brother" Temari shuddered at this while Kankuro sighed and said that the count was lower know.

"Since he was running nonstop, and nearly dragged me through the desert, 2 days has passed and now we have a little more than a week before he returns to normal or find some kind of way to burn off this sugar faster" Kankuro sighed while Matsuri and Naruto turned to look for the redhead and sweat dropped at the sight. Gaara was literally darting around the room, looking at everything in sight which Tsunade found comical, serious, and a little scary at the same time.

"I see what your problem is but how can I help?" Tsunade asked as turned to look at the Sand siblings who were suddenly very close as they asked her if there was anything she could do. Leaning back a bit due to their closeness, Tsunade closed her eyes to think before she said she could examine but it would only proof what they already know.

"The only conclusion I can come up with is that he has to burn the sugar rush off."

These words made Temari, Kankuro, and Matsuri hang their heads in defeat while a nagging and bad feeling started to bother Naruto. Tsunade could see just how tired the trio was from their slumped posture and start of bags under their eyes.

"This is just great, nobody we know has nearly as much energy as Gaara does right now. I mean you had to be a hyperactive knucklehead who isn't afraid to hang around him when he's like this and…"

Everybody in the room grew quiet before an equally looking evil smile appeared on their faces as they turned to look at Naruto who sweat dropped at the strange looks.

"Why are staring at me like that?" Naruto asked uneasy, slowly backing away as Temari and Kankuro quickly approached him, begging him to help.

"I'll treat this as a mission if so be it" Tsunade responded, seeing just how desperate Kankuro and Temari were as they were nearly on bended knees in asking the blonde.

"What do you need me to do?" Naruto asked as Temari and Kankuro jumped up in happiness.

"All you got to do is keep Gaara busy and out of trouble until the sugar rush is over" they explained as Naruto sighed and agreed.

"Fine but wait…where's Gaara?" the blonde asked as they looked and noticed that his body harness had been undone. That's when they realized that the hyper redhead had left the room.

"…KUSO!" everybody in Konoha heard screamed from the Hokage's office to the point it drew the Anbu who was nearly ran down as the Sand nin ran out the door while Tsunade and Naruto jumped out the window, not wanting to waste time. They met at the bottom, looking around frantically for the out of character redhead.

"Where is he? Where in the world would Gaara-sama go?" Matsuri cried as they looked around, hoping to spot the Kazekage while Naruto grew quiet as he thought of something.

"I know where he is" Naruto said suddenly before he took off in one direction with the others quickly on his tail. The followed the blonde to the park where what they saw nearly made their hearts stop. There was Gaara, standing there and talking with Gai and Lee, which would have been okay if it was for the bad feeling that they felt before they saw the green jumpsuit in Gai's hands.

"You better save him" Naruto said calmly as the sand nin's eyes widen in horror before they jumped into action, almost literally.

"NO!" they screamed as they quickly made their way to the park at a breakneck pace while Tsunade, Naruto, and Matsuri watched in silent humor as Temari ripped the green jumpsuit from Gaara's hands while Kankuro grabbed the back of Gaara's collar and literally dragged him away. "OVER OUR DEAD BODIES!" they screamed as they dragged Gaara away while Naruto, Matsuri, and Tsunade followed them, silently laughing while Lee and Gai sweat dropped at the weird scene. The older Sand siblings dragged the youngest brother to the nearest training grounds, dropping him on the ground as they sighed, leaning against a tree. "We're getting too old for this" they grumbled as the others joined them.

"I'm bored" Gaara stated dryly as he looked around for something to do.

"Well what do you want to do Gaara-sama?" Matsuri asked, hoping they could find something to keep him occupied.

"Everything" he stated simply.

With this they all turned to Naruto, near tears, as they asked him if he had a way to get rid of the sugar rush in which he answered that he did. They nearly suffocated him in a hug before they let him go and told them to get a move on.

"Come on Gaara, let's go have some fun" Naruto sighed as he and the redhead went into the woods, Matsuri deciding to tag along while the older siblings sighed in relief.

"I'll be happy when this whole thing is over" they grumbled as they watched the trio leave before they headed back to the office, relieved that Gaara was being taken care of but they couldn't shake the feeling that something big was about to go down.

*in the forest*

"So, what do you got plan to help with Gaara-sama's sugar rush?" Matsuri asked after they had walked several feet into the forest. Matsuri grew uneasy when she noticed the smirk on Naruto's face.

"I finally got me a pranking buddy" Naruto said which drew Gaara's attention as he heard the happiness and excitement in the blonde's voice.

"What do you mean?"

"Well Gaara gets bored easily right? So what we need to do is keep him busy with something different yet exciting at all times. Pranking is the answer to your question?"

"I don't know about this, I'm supposed to be keeping watch over him and making sure he's safe and what you're planning I can't do by myself" Matsuri said worried that something would happen to Gaara while Naruto tried to think of something to get Matsuri on his side.

"Hey, how about I get somebody to join us that way you won't have to watch him by yourself?" Naruto suggested in which Matsuri thought about it before she nodded and said okay. "To Hinata's house" Naruto shouted as he picked up Matsuri and took off through the trees, Gaara right beside him, as they made their way to the Hyuuga Manor. Along the way he spotted Hinata coming from the Dango Shop in which he hopped over rooftops to land right in front of her with Gaara.

"Oh hello Naruto-kun" Hinata said smiling before she looked at that his guest and greeted them before she asked what Naruto needed. Naruto explained his predicament and asked her to join in which she said yes, happy to join him on his "mission". "So what are you planning to do for pranks first?" Hinata said with a grin, having grown out of her stuttering stage, as she looked at the blonde she knew always had a trick up his sleeve. Naruto just smirked in answer as they headed to Naruto's apartment. There, Naruto informed them of his plan which had them giggling, Matsuri even asking if he always did this which they responded with a yep, before they left to go pull their latest prank.

"Let's leave Gaara's gourd here just in case something goes wrong. Don't want him hurting anybody out of a misunderstanding" Naruto said as he placed the sand gourd to the side of his bed before the four shinobi and kunoichi went to find their first victim.

"Kakashi-sensei" a voice cried out that attracted the copy nin's attention as he looked up from his book to see who needed him. "Super sexy no jutsu" he heard Naruto cry before Naruto showed off his new form that had many of the perverts around fly back in a nosebleed. Kakashi's eye widen at the new form before he shook his head and gave Naruto a smile.

"You've really improved on your sexy no jutsu Naruto" Kakashi said as he watched his student change back to his normal self, scratching his head.

"Thanks Kakashi-sensei" Naruto said with a grin before he took off toward the town, a silent snicker coming from him. Kakashi raised a brow at the odd behavior before he looked back down at his book and twitched. They had switched his book with a decoy that had a picture of a tanuki and kitsune sticking their tongues out at him. Kakashi was upset, which many guessed when he let out an angry roar and ran after the blonde.

"Naruto, give me back my book" the copy nin said as he chased after the blonde who was laughing his head off before he created several hundred clones that concealed Gaara who had joined him after he swapped the books. The duo dodged when a shot of fireballs destroyed several of Naruto's clones.

"Whoa, he's serious this time" Naruto said surprised while Gaara smiled and said it made it more fun which Naruto nodded and he created more clones that soon started to taunt Kakashi as they made him think he had burnt his favorite book. The real Naruto and Gaara were in the front and managed to avoid being caught, enjoying every last second of Kakashi's torture. After about an hour, they finally dropped the book before heading off through the alleys, staying hidden. They watched as a tired, angry, and extremely irritated Kakashi picked up his book, breathing heavy, as he looked around before he sighed and went back to his book, grumbling about getting even later.

"That was fun" Gaara said, eyes glowing brightly as Naruto nodded before they snuck out of the alley and through the town to the forest where the girls were waiting, laughing at the prank while the boys mocked bowed as if ending a show.

"When Gaara-sama is like this, you two make a deadly combo" Matsuri said, wiping away a tear as Hinata nodded her head in agreement.

"So, who's next Naruto" Gaara said, bouncing slightly again as the blonde thought as he looked around and noticed Konohamaru nearby. Naruto just grinned as he turned back to the others.

"The deadly duo is about to become the troublesome trio" Naruto whispered before he ran over to Konohamaru while Hinata explained to Matsuri and Gaara about Konohamaru being as much of a prankster as Naruto which made Matsuri mutter 'uh oh' but a smile etched on her face. Naruto soon came back with the scarf wearing shinobi who had a large grin on his face as he said he was more than happy to help as Naruto explained his latest idea.

"If we're going to do all that then we need a disguise or something so they won't recognize the Kazekage" Matsuri muttered as they agreed and asked what.

"We're kind of short on money so what you have in mind?" Naruto was asking before Hinata cleared her throat and pulled out a large cat wallet stuffed to the brim.

"I just got my allowance so I can pay for whatever we need" Hinata said with a smile as she started to walk toward the nearest store with everybody following, thinking the same thing.

'That's an allowance?'

As they got over their surprise they followed Hinata and bought new outfits that would help them blend in and two fake Anbu mask in the form of a weasel, badger, and a monkey for Konohamaru. Matsuri left and bought 6 tomatoes, which she handed out to Naruto, Gaara, and Konohamaru before they headed to the training grounds.

"Ready" Naruto stated as he unsealed a slingshot and put his two tomatoes in it before stretching it back, aiming at his target.

"Ready" Konohamaru stated as he aimed, a large grin on his face as he closed one eye.

"Ready" Gaara said as he smiled behind his mask, before he tightened the slingshot before he yelled fire and let the tomatoes go along with the others before they bolted as not to get caught.

"Jackpot" the trio said as they heard the tale signs of their tomatoes hitting targets as Sakura, Sasuke, and Kakashi cried out in anger as the sounds of leaves rustling signified that the chase was on.

"Time for operation get away" Naruto said as he quickly made a clone that hosted Konohamaru onto his back while Naruto and Gaara did the same to Hinata and Matsuri then with their own natural energy and speed they propelled themselves through the forest and back through town. Naruto when jumping over roofs, created several clones to go grab their things and meet at the designated spot as they group taunted their chasers and dodged attacks shot at them.

"I never had so much fun in my life" Gaara said happily as he and the group whooped in the air as the world around them blurred at the speed they were going. They was going so fast they had barely recognized Kankuro and Temari, who was just stepping out of the administrative building, as they let out animal like cries just for fun as they tried and ditched the pursuing team long enough to make their grand escape.

"…was that Gaara and Naruto?" Temari asked as she looked at her brother who shook his head, saying that Gaara would never move that fast, then watched as the teams yelled at the three runners talking about getting them for their prank.

"See, Gaara would never pull pranks, not even with Naruto and he did promise us he would keep him busy so no harm done" Kankuro waved away, really wanting to go to the hotel to get some sleep but Temari dragged him along as she said they were going to go search for Gaara.

"Finally" Naruto sighed as they managed to ditch the group with a smoke bomb, some shadow clones, henging, and more burst of speed.

"Seems like you're having an interesting day" Kyuubi said from his cage as he watched all the events unfold, a grin on his face as he sensed something different about the situation.

'Yea' Naruto thought, breathing heavily, as they made their way to a medium-sized pond where they found his clones already waiting for them. They went in separate directions to change into their swimming clothes before Naruto, Hinata, and Konohamaru jumped into the pond, washing away their adventure and to help with their cover story if anyone asked.

"You really thought of everything" Matsuri said as she and Gaara stood on the banks, an uneasy look on her face.

"You too don't know how to swim?" Konohamaru asked as he dived underwater while Hinata floated around, enjoying the warmth of the late day. When the duo shook their heads, they said they would teach them and eased them into the water. Naruto decided to teach Gaara as Hinata thought Matsuri while Konohamaru played around.

"I got to admit, that brat looks good for someone who doesn't do much taijutsu…I wonder who would be the uke, you or him?"


"Oh come on brat, I know you noticed how well shaped that sand brat is and you've had your eye on him for some time now. I stuck inside you so I can see your thoughts, even the ones you didn't want anybody to see."

'You perverted kitsune, stay out of my thoughts'

"Get laid for once and I might"

'Horny baka kitsune' Naruto grumbled in his mind as he refocused and continued to teach Gaara to swim. Naruto had to admit though that Gaara did look good, his pale skin seeming to glow in the setting sun, an aura of innocence and mischief around him. His blood-red hair was sticking to the sides of his boyish face that was shaping nicely as his teal eyes shined with so many emotions it was hard to decipher them all.

"Naruto, Gaara, Matsuri, where are you?" they all looked up when they heard yelling and smirked to each other before their faces went blank and they told them their position. Kankuro, Temari, Tsunade, and Jiraiya suddenly appeared and stopped when they noticed where they were.

"What are you doing to Gaara and Matsuri?" they asked as they watched Matsuri floated around on her back while Gaara had a splashing contest with Konohamaru.

"We were teaching them how to swim. We've been here all day, why is something wrong" Hinata asked as Kankuro shot a look at Temari while Tsunade and Jiraiya had skeptical looks but sighed and said it was getting late before they left. As soon as they were out of sight the group let out low laughs before they got out of the water to towel dry as Naruto looked over Gaara once more.

'I wonder if Gaara likes me too, hm, who would be uke in our relationship-' Naruto thought, having realized he was gay a long time ago, before he shook his head at his thoughts. 'What am I thinking? Gah, I blame you Kyuubi' Naruto thought angrily while the kitsune let out a bark-like laugh as he muttered to just give in to temptation. While Naruto was talking/arguing with Kyuubi, Hinata and Matsuri noticed the looks he was shooting at Gaara before equal grins appeared on their faces.

'Time to get planning' they both thought as they walked back to Konoha, the boys looking forward to an exciting week full of action, and the girls looking for some action in the exciting week. Night had fallen when they returned and the group separated, saying they would meet up again in the morning.

"Well good night Gaara" Naruto said as he walked back to his apartment but watched as Gaara followed him. "What's wrong?" Naruto asked as he sawed the sadness in Gaara's eyes.

"I don't want to be left alone" Gaara said sadly that nearly broke Naruto's heart as he came up with a plan. Naruto created a clone that was to stay with Gaara during the night.

"He can stay with you through the night" Naruto said, trying hard not to yawn before he told Gaara to stay out of trouble and maybe pull a prank during the night if he got bored. The redhead smiled and hugged the real Naruto before he ran off with Naruto's clone.

'Wow, when Gaara's on sugar rush he seems so unlike his usual calm self. He's almost like me' Naruto thought as he made his way home.

"Yea you're right, like this, you're both too much alike…I see switchers in your future" Kurama stated as he closed his eyes, ignoring Naruto's protest of them just being friends.

'Yea right, if you're just friends then I'm a coyote' Kurama thought snidely before he went to sleep, Naruto soon after once he had reached his apartment.

night fallen; Naruto getting tired; Gaara sad; plan; prank during night