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1 'Thoughts'


~Diary entry~




It's been five years since everything happened. Since he went back to China. Five years of change. Of acceptance.

It has now been six months since we've been here. The happiest six months of my life really. I can still remember it as if it was yesterday.


"Touya, Sakura. I need to speak to the both of you." My father said to us. It was late spring and we were all seated at the table.

"What's wrong Otou-chan?" I asked. My eyes held concern. My father just smiled at me

"Well, I've been offered a wonderful position at the Hong Kong university. It's a very well paid job but it would mean moving there." He said. Touya didn't look too happy. I on the other hand had a dreamy expression on my face.

Hong Kong. The place my one true love resided. I missed him so much. It had been almost four years now since I had to say goodbye to him at the airport. At least we were free from the pain of not knowing how we truly felt.

Now I would move there. I could have a chance to be with him. We'd been allowed letters. Phone calls once a week and nothing more. It was so hard but I understood. He had responsibilities and I wasn't going to keep him from them.

"When are we leaving?" Touya asked. I'd missed half of the conversation due to my daydreaming.

"In two weeks. It will give us time to sell the house and find a place in Hong Kong." After that we continued to eat in silence. My brother had a very annoyed look on his face. Something I knew too well.

^End of flashback^

I didn't tell Syaoran about us moving too Hong Kong. I only told him that we were moving. I also told him I'd call him when we had the new house.

It's true that I miss my friends back home but what I have here is just as special. The day we got here I got my father to drop me off at the Li mansion. I might not have told Syaoran about the move but I did tell his mother. I was expected there for afternoon tea.

The look on his face was priceless when he came down. He'd changed so much over the years. So had I. He was taller now. Almost as tall as my Onii- chan. His hair had been cut a bit and was spiked. It made him look so mature. His amber eyes were still piercing and made my knees weak every time they stared into mine.

He'd run up to me and hugged me in front of all his family. His sisters had teased him about it for an hour after. He didn't seem to care. He told me later that he only cared that I was there.

Ever since then everything has felt so right.


*Normal point of view*

A seventeen year old girl with long auburn hair walked into the classroom with a smile that could brighten the rainiest of days. Her sparkling emerald eyes shone with child like innocence. She was a goddess.

Well that's what the male population of the class thought. Especially the future leader of the Li clan. Also boyfriend of this green eyes goddess. Sakura Kinomoto.

Li Syaoran looked around the room. Giving death glares to any male in the room who even dared take a glace at HIS Sakura. He'd established that on her first day of school when he'd kissed her in front of everyone at lunch time.

It wasn't that he was possessive. He was just protecting her. She was his reason to live. Surely it wasn't a crime to protect your soul purpose of existing? Besides. He knew the boys in his school. He recognized those leers they gave her when they thought he wasn't looking. Sakura was too innocent to realize what they wanted from her, but he wasn't

(I don't know Chinese so I'm going to use English.)

"Good morning Syaoran." Sakura said brightly. She walked over to her boyfriend and planted a kiss on his lips before he could respond. This of course received envious looks from everyone in the class.

"Morning Sakura." He mumbled with a blush. It didn't matter how old they were. It didn't matter how many times she showed her affection for him in public, he still blushed.

She was bright and cheery as always. She sat on her seat and started to talk to him quietly. She'd finally learned how to get to school on time and she made sure to spend a lot of quality time with her boyfriend. She even trained with him sometimes.

"Good morning class." The teacher walked in forcing the students to turn their attention to the front of class.

"Good morning sensei." They chorused. The students all noticed a pile of folders laying on their teachers desk. Sakura peaked towards the front to see if she could catch a glimpse of what it was. It was first period. Home economics.

"Today class we start a new assignment. We were meant to do this at the beginning of the year but we rescheduled it for now." She started to hand out the folders to each student. Pink one to the girls and blue ones to the boys.

A few gasps were heard in the front rows along with a few groans of disproval. Sakura looked around with a puzzled look. What could be so bad that it would make everyone upset?

Her teacher walked passed her and gave her a pink folder. She opened it up and understood all the groaning and complaining. It was a family assignment. They had to play families for the whole term

"As you can see your marriage assignments are in. You'll be paired off with a person in the class and you will have to play a married couple. Every class has or will do this at some point in the year and it's our class's turn."

Sakura looked through her folder. It had information about her statistics of her health and finances. It was set into three sections. Before the marriage, after the wedding. Then came the family section. It had pages set for her children's statistics and any expenses her family may need. Each section had spare plastic sleeves to add any information she required.

"Do we get to choose our partner?" A girl in the second row asked. She had dark purple hair with blue eyes. The teacher took out a bowl that had a lot of slips of papers.

"No. I want all the boys to come up to the front and choose a piece of paper. It will have your partners Then I want the girls to come to the front to receive you and your partners occupation and health records. They will also be drawn at random."

The boys slowly got up. Non too eager to 'get married.' Li was especially unhappy. It just reminded him of arranged marriages. Like the one he'd been placed in with Meilin. He shuddered at the thought. He loved his cousin but he wouldn't marry her.

Sakura smiled at him brightly and it eased his nerves. He wouldn't mind being married to Sakura. That's what he started to pray the whole way to the front. Which started to look further and further away.

Most of the girls gave him dreamy looks. He was known as one of the most popular boys in school. He would make a terrific partner.

Finally reaching the front Syaoran picked out the very last slip of paper. Then walked back to his seat without even glancing at it. He would wait until the last minute to look at his appending doom.

"Girls come and get your occupations." Sakura got up with a bright smile. Nothing could ever ruin her day. She had a feeling she'd like this assignment. Reaching the front she grabbed a file that was in the middle of the pile. It had ying yang designs on it. It appealed to her.

Skipping back to her seat and winked at Syaoran. He immediately blushed.

'Why do you keep blushing you baka? You've been dating her for the last six months. You should be used to her flirting with you by now!'

'I can't help it. She's just so beautiful and when she flirts it makes her look that much more appealing.'

"Alright class. Would the boys please go to their partners, I'll have a new seating arrangement done after I see who is with who."

'You're not afraid to open an insignificant piece of paper are you? You the great Li Syaoran. Future leader of the Li clan?' Syaoran was really getting annoyed with his own head. He was tormenting himself.

With a determined look he opened the piece of paper. His face had turned a bright pink when he looked at his partner. Then he sighed in relief. Thanking whatever god he knew of.

'Kinomoto Sakura.'

Looking up he saw her emerald eyes staring straight at him. They were full of curiosity and the slightest bit of jealousy.

"Who did you get?" Her voice a little envious. She wasn't exactly pleased to have to share her boyfriend. She was allowed to get a little jealous.

He smirked at her. He knew she was jealous. She wasn't good at hiding that kind of thing from him. Plus her aura was dripping with it.

"You." He said with a glint in his eyes. He was glad he got her but he intended to tease her about her jealousy. "So my dear. You don't have to share me with anyone."

Sakura blushed a bright red. She really hated it when he read her like that. It wasn't fair. He chuckled as she averted her eyes. He couldn't help but think she looked adorable when she pouted.

"Mou, stop it. I hate it when you embarrass me like that." Her pout grew and she had her hands in fists.

"Gomen. I can't help it. You look so cute when you're mad." He gave her a rare smile. The girls in the near by chairs sighed at the sight. A little envious. Sakura Kinomoto was always graced with his tenderness.

"Well here are our occupations. I own a small clothes shop. I create my own designs. Tomoyo would be screaming kawaii by now. You work as a lawyer who has just started out in a firm."

"Great, a lawyer." Syaoran didn't think he'd like to be a lawyer. Sure they got a good pay but they didn't have the best reputation.

"It won't be so bad. At least we're both healthy." Her bright smile made him lighten up.

"Alright class. You can start working on your assignments in class. I'll come around and write down who you're partnered with. Also I will be seating you with your partner for the rest of the term."

Both looking at their folders they worked out some of the costs for the wedding. Apparently each couple would get a wedding. It would be held three weeks from that day. That meant it would be held on parents day.

Parents day was the most dreaded day of the year for the students. It was the one day your family could go with you to school. It could be your parents and your siblings. Each year Syaoran's family attended.



"Hey Kaijuu what's all the folders for?" Touya had come to Hong Kong with them but was constantly traveling back to Japan for business.

Sakura was a little hesitant about telling him. Touya wasn't happy about his sister dating Syaoran. This assignment wasn't going to help that situation. It meant Sakura HAD to spend time with Syaoran.

"It's my marriage assignment and I am not a kaijuu." She said walking into the kitchen where her father was cooking dinner.

"What sucker got you for his wife?" Touya had a smirk plastered onto his face. He loved teasing his sister.

"Syaoran." She said calmly. That smirk was quickly wiped off. Replaced with his death glare. The one reserved especially for Syaoran.

"That gaki is your partner?" Touya's face was turning a shade of fiery red. Sakura nodded her head proudly. She really didn't understand why her brother hated her boyfriend so much. Syaoran didn't bother to glare at him anymore. Probably because every time he'd go to have his glaring contest, Sakura would come in and flirt with him. Just to keep him from fighting her brother.

"Syaoran isn't a gaki and yes he's my partner so when he comes over you better be nice to him." She used her 'I'm telling you nicely but I'll use the cards on you if you even try to hurt him' tone.

"Poor sucker. I don't know why he even dates you." Touya said returning to his teasing. That of course earned him a sore foot.

"So what's in your assignment?" Her dad asked. He preferred to keep out of the sibling rivalry.

"Well, it's three parts. First we have to figure out the things for the wedding. Next we have the marriage part. Then we have the family part. I have three weeks to prepare for the wedding."

"Isn't that the week of parents day?" He asked his daughter. He could have sworn she had a blush on her face when he said that.

"Yeah. Well actually the wedding is on that day." Her face was a bright pink. Her father would probably go. So would Touya.

"Well it's as close as she's going to get to a real wedding." Touya said with a chuckle. Sakura threw a book at his face. Perfect aim. "Ouch. You're never going to get married if you're violent like that."

"Shut up Touya. Or you're not invited to my wedding." She said with a pout. Her brother could be so mean.

Touya rolled his eyes and started to cut vegetables for dinner. Sakura opened her folder and started to go through the list with her dad.

"We have to pretend to be making a real wedding. That means guests, dresses, the temple, catering, and decorations. The honeymoon. That's why they let us have three weeks. Our teacher said we have to actually dress up for the day."

"Well I think it's very exciting." Fujitaka said to his daughter. She was growing up so fast. "When are you going to start on it?"

"Well, Syaoran said I could go over tomorrow afternoon. So I'll get started then." She was now writing her draft for her occupation. She'd need to find some information on how to run a business and Syaoran was going to call the family lawyer for some help.

This assignment was very important. If they failed they'd be behind in the class. Luckily she'd been hooked up with her boyfriend. It would make the relationship more interesting.

Touya glared at his sister. He didn't like the gaki spending so much time with her. What kind of assignment did this school give? Had to have mock weddings. 'Might as well sign the legal documents and make it legal. Stupid schools.'

He watched as his sister babbled on about how she would call Tomoyo about a dress and about all the decorations they needed to take to school.


"Little brother has a fiancée." Fei Mei yelled out. Everyone turned to stare at the teenager in question with a shocked expression.

"Xiao Lang. What's this about you being engaged?" His mother exclaimed. Syaoran stood in the doorway of the dining room and watched his family stare at him.

His mother was accompanied by three of the elders and his three sisters. Meilin was there but she knew about the assignment so she wasn't shocked.

"It's an assignment for school." He explained. "For home economics. We have married couples and well that's what Fei Mei means."

"He's marrying Sakura." Meilin said with a smirk. He shot her a death glare. She just smiled sweetly and went back to drinking her tea. The elders glanced at him for a moment then shook their heads.

He sighed and took his place at the table. His folders spread out in front of him. Tomorrow Sakura would come by after school. Part of the assignment was to interact with the actual family. He would invite her for dinner at his place and she would do the same.

That was something he wasn't looking forward to. He had a lot of respect for Sakura's father but Touya hated him. He'd admitted it on numerous occasions when he'd gone to pick up Sakura for a date.

"So when is Sakura coming over?" Meilin asked. Ever since Sakura had moved to Hong Kong they'd grown closer. They shared secrets and would always hang out. It was nice to have someone who understood you.

"Tomorrow." He mumbled. This wasn't exactly what he wanted. His sisters wouldn't give them any peace. The elders would be there to watch both card captors. They'd interrupt every minute to ask questions about her magical abilities. His only escape might be Meilin.

"Oh how kawaii. We haven't seen Ying Fa in so long and now she'll be our little sister." The four Li sisters squealed. Syaoran turned a light shade of red from annoyance.

"It's just an assignment. I'm not going to marry her for real." He said. The four girls continued to squeal and babble about how cute Sakura was.

"True Xiao Lang but I suspect in the near future you intend on marrying the card mistress." One of the elders said. That caused Syaoran to blush a neon red.

"Well, I haven't thought about that." He said averting his eyes. This wasn't the kind of conversation he was looking for.

"Well start thinking of it. The card mistress's power grows. She would be a valuable asset to our family. Besides the offspring you produce would also be very powerful." Another of the elders said in a very serious tone of voice.

That really made Syaoran blush. He'd only been dating her for six months and they already wanted him to marry her. They weren't even out of high school. That was bad enough. Now they wanted them to have children. That wasn't a bad thing but it bought on less than pure thoughts.

He nodded in acknowledgment and continued to eat the food in front of him. He knew he would have to think about it. He was expected to have a fiancée by his eighteenth birthday and be married before he turned twenty one. He knew he wanted to marry Sakura but he didn't want to force her into it. He didn't even know if she was willing to marry him for real.

'A couple of years ago they wanted me to banish her from my thoughts. Now they want me to create a child with her.'

He kept eating and working on his folder. They had to fill out their occupations. He needed to call his lawyer.

"When's the wedding Xiao Lang?" Fuutie asked her little brother. He looked so concentrated in his work.

"Three weeks from today." He regretted the words the minute they left his mouth. Parents day. It meant they would be there at the mock weddings. The whole class would participate.

He had a double period of home economics that day. Two hours of weddings plus lunch. There were twenty students in his class. Ten couples to get married. They were going to make it a traditional Chinese wedding. So the girls would wear red and so would the boys. They wouldn't pray for the amount of time one needed to and some of the components that made the marriage legal would be changed.

The last thing any of them needed was to actually get married.

"Oh, that means we can go." The four girls squealed in delight. Syaoran put his head in his hands and muttering something incomprehensible. Yelen gave a small smile of sympathy to her son. He had changed over the years. The cold hearted warrior who had left their side to go to Japan had come back with a new point of view on how things needed to be done. Now he was a complete balance. The card mistress had done that.

"What will you need for this task?" She was interested in this. It was something she hadn't done in her day. Modern studies were far different from what they were before.

"I'm still not sure. I have to look up some budgets and so on. I know we actually have to contribute to the decorations and our clothes for the actual day." He said absentmindedly. He was more concentrated on the notes Sakura had written down for him. She had a very distinct way of writing.

"Well you can use the ceremonial robes for that. Decorations shouldn't be that difficult." Xie Fa said. She was the calmest of the four. "So you just have to work on the other details."

'Everyone's sure getting into this.' Meilin thought as Syaoran's sisters and even his mother looked through the assignment sheets. She'd done her assignment on the first term. She'd gotten paired up with a boy named Shen. They hadn't done too badly.

"Must be a sign." She said quietly. Only Syaoran heard her. He frowned. A sign? A sign of what?



Today was the first day I was engaged to Kinomoto Sakura. I have to ask her to dinner this Friday to properly 'introduce' her to my family. I'm not too worried since everyone knows her. I'm just worried that everyone will make a big fuss over this.

I've already been damned with all these questions about the future. I don't know how to answer any of it. I just glare.

I know tomorrow will be hell on us. My family won't leave us alone. I should take her somewhere secluded where only I can go. This assignment has got me so worked up. I love Sakura and I know she returns the feeling. I'm just worked up over the fact that this just might be practice for the real thing. What if things don't work out now? Does that mean our real marriage will be a disaster too?

I want to tell someone about this but I know I can't. I'm not supposed to show any of these fears. I don't want to show them to anyone but Sakura. Though if I do tell her then she'll think I'm obsessive or worse.

I'm glad I have her as a partner. I don't think I could handle being with anyone else. Even for an assignment like this one. I know Sakura feels the same but we're only seventeen. It's too much pressure for one guy.

I can handle my family and school separately. I just can't handle them together. I'm only one person. I can't have the world on my shoulders all the time. I once had that responsibility with Sakura. Though we did it together. This isn't something I can share with her just yet. My family accepts her now, they even help her with her training but I don't want to pressure her with all this. She has her own problems.

She trains with me sometimes. She's getting better. Her magic is getting stronger. We're equally good. I've gotten better at magic. My fighting skills have improved as well.

I can't help but admire her determination to learn. The frown of concentration she gets when I'm teaching her a new move. I teach her everything I know. She's not weak but before, she couldn't even defend herself. Now I think she could strike fear into the hearts of any of her opponents.

Tomorrow is going to be a very long day.


"Kero? Have you seen my jacket?" Sakura said walking up to the guardian beast.

"The one with your name in Chinese on the side and the little cherry blossoms on the border?" Kero asked as he played on his portable game set.

"Yeah that one." She said while she put her shoes on. She had just gotten out of school and was preparing herself for Syaoran to pick her up.

She wore a white t-shirt that had a picture of two hearts on the front. Her skirt was a red wrap around that went down to her knees.

"I thought you took it downstairs to iron it." He said absently, putting all his concentration on his game.

"Thanks Kero. Do you want to come with me?" She asked as she looked herself over in the mirror. "You know that they love to see you there. I think they keep a case of pudding just for you."

"SURE." He completely forgot about his game and floated downstairs with Sakura. He loved the cakes and pudding they made at the Li mansion. They had really good cooks there.

"Ok, but you have promise to be on your good behavior." She warned. He had a tendency to still fight with Syaoran.

"Yeah, yeah. I won't fight with the kid." He mumbled. He actually enjoyed having his little quarrels with the Li warrior. It was just the way they communicated with each other.

Sakura found her jacket. It was made of fake leather but it looked real. She'd been at the mall with Syaoran and she'd seen it and had fallen in love with the piece of clothing. Unfortunately it was very expensive.


"You really liked it didn't you?" Syaoran asked her, they walked away from the stores. She nodded her head and leaned on his shoulder.

"Yeah I really did but I can't afford it." She sighed. "It's ok. I might be able to save up some money to buy it."

He gazed down at her. She had a little pout on her face and her shoulders were slumped. She had really liked that jacket and now she was unhappy because she couldn't afford it. He couldn't have her unhappy.

"Hey Sakura. Would you go stand in line for the movie? I have to go get something." He said looking over towards the candy bar.

"Going to get some chocolate?" She teased him. She gave him a poke.

"Um, yeah." He said while holding back a snort.

He ran to the candy bar and bought popcorn, drinks and his chocolate. He then asked the girl at the counter to hold it all for him because he needed to do something.

"I'll be back Sakura I just need to get money." He called out. He ran back to the store and grabbed the jacket. He paid for it and ran back to the candy bar. Luckily Sakura wasn't facing the counter anymore because she was buying the tickets.

He raced over to the door and waited for Sakura to come back. He wasn't going to show her what was in the bag till after the movie.

Sakura didn't even notice the bag he concealed because he kept kissing her neck ever so lightly to distract her attention. It worked exceedingly well.

The movie finished and both walked out of the mall. It was getting really cold outside and Sakura had forgotten to bring a coat.

"Here wear this." He said putting a jacket through her arms. She wasn't facing him so she didn't see what he'd put on her.

"Thanks Syaoran but won't you get cold?" She said turning around expecting him to be without his jacket. She was shocked to see that he was wearing it.

Looking down at herself she saw the long jacket that she had adored. She gasped in surprise and looked up to see her boyfriend smiling

"Syaoran it's too expensive. You shouldn't have." She protested as she hugged him. He chuckled a little and kissed her forehead.

"Are you happy?" He asked her. She nodded slowly. "Then it was worth every cent I paid."

^End of flashback^

She smiled as she remembered him buying it for her. He didn't stop there though. He'd had the pet name he used for her printed on the jacket so only she could use it.

The door bell ringing bought her out of her thoughts.

"That's Syaoran. Kero get in my back pack." She commanded as she went to open the door.


"So where do you want to go for our honeymoon?" Sakura asked as she pulled out one of the books from the small pile.

They'd been there for at least an hour. After letting Kero go to the kitchen both Sakura and Syaoran had gone to one of the training rooms to study. Grabbing a few books from the library on the way.

So far they hadn't been disturbed. Syaoran was eternally grateful for that favor. He'd picked her up from her house and they'd both gone back to his place. His sisters had surrounded her with endless babble until his mother had come in the room and calmed them down.

"I don't know." He said looking over the book she was reading. It was one of the atlas's. "Nowhere too cold."

Sakura giggled and flipped through the book. It had to be somewhere not too cold for Syaoran's sake. She never forgot that he was very sensitive to the cold.

"Ok. So we'll scratch Antarctica then." (I would love to go on one of those trips but I don't think I could handle the cold for too long. I'm a desert girl.) He glared at her for a moment. He hated it when she teased him like that. It made him blush.

"Definitely not." He said taking the atlas from her. He flipped through the pages till he came across some warmer climates.

"You really should get used to the cold. I mean you've been through the freeze card and two winters in Japan." She said while looking at apartments and houses in the newspapers.

"Maybe." He muttered still looking through the book. He wanted somewhere warm. Not tropical. Just warm.

"You know. We could go to the snows. I mean wouldn't it be better to be romantic?" Her eyes held a little glint that made Syaoran raise his eye brow. She was definitely insinuating something.

"Like a romantic cabin that's secluded from everywhere." Her voice was dripping with fake innocence. Sometimes he had to remember that his innocent cherry blossom wasn't always so innocent.

"Um, yeah Sakura. Whatever you say." He managed to squeak out. She was purposely making him nervous. If he didn't know any better he could have sworn she was trying to seduce him.

'You baka. Sweet innocent Sakura wouldn't do that.'

'You never know.'

"Anyway what kind of wedding do you want?" She suddenly snapped out of her sensual spell and looked at her folder. The teacher had changed the rule about having a traditional Chinese wedding. They could now decide whatever they liked.

"What can we afford?"

"Well if we have a western wedding we have to pay for the brides maids dresses, our clothes, catering, chapel, decorations." She said while writing down the list. "If we have a traditional wedding. You have your family robes. Tomoyo said she'd make my Kinomoto. We could use the temple and we would only have to pay for the catering and the decorations."

"Well having a traditional wedding would be easier on our budget but it would be interesting to have a western wedding."

"Having a traditional wedding would be fun though. Plus it would be good practice." She added in an innocent tone of voice. Syaoran looked into her eyes to see that glint he'd been seeing for the last hour. She kept making these comments and he had to wonder if she was just teasing or actually implying.

"Why do you say good practice?" He was treading on new waters. He didn't know where this conversation could lead them.

She just shrugged and kept writing down the different costs for different weddings. She spoke as if it was something casual.

"Well, I just thought a traditional wedding would be good practice for when we actually do get married."

That did it. He'd been able to control his blushing for most of the hour but that last comment was the last straw. His face turned the color of a ripe tomato and he started to fidget. He knew she was purposely doing this. It was working very well.

"When we get married." He repeated slowly. She gave him one of her bright smiles and touched his cheek slowly.

"Yeah, I mean eventually everyone gets married right?" He nodded very slowly. "Plus I know I'd like to have children one day and I would want to be married before we started to do that."

His blush intensified. She had just admitted that she wanted to have children with him. If his family had been there they would have taken it as a sign that she wanted to marry him soon and would have prepared for a marriage arrangement with her father.

"Syaoran, are you ok?" Her eyes full of concern. "You look a little red."

That was the biggest understatement of a life time. Even for her. He was brighter than a tomato. His eyes were three seconds away from popping out and his heart rate had just tripled. He was lucky to not have a heart attack.

"I'm fine." He managed to blurt out, looking back down at the atlas as if he was seeing it for the first time.

She smiled at him sweetly. She knew she was making him blush. She knew she made him nervous with all her 'hinting'. She wasn't as innocent as everyone thought she was. He should know that by now. She wanted to make her intentions clear to him. Yes, she wanted to marry him in the near future. She wanted children with him too. This assignment was just a little push in the right direction in her eyes.

"Syaoran? How many children do you want?" She asked out of blue looking through her folder.

He coughed on the glass of water he'd started to drink and was banging his hand against his chest to calm himself.

"NANI?" He yelled out in complete shock. She was certainly being bold with her questions.

"The assignment asks us to write down how many children we want. It doesn't mean we're going to get that amount but it will show how well planned we are financially."

He didn't' answer for a minute. He'd just made a complete idiot of himself in front of his girlfriend. He had to expect the unexpected from her. She was certainly different from the girl he'd met back in Japan.

"Well?" She had leaned her head against the table and was hitting a pencil against the side of it.

"Well I don't know. I guess two. A girl and a boy." He said quietly. He actually wanted more than that but he wasn't going to push his luck.

She smiled at his answer. She knew he'd want more. She knew him too well. He just said two so she wouldn't think he was overdoing it.

"Well I want at least four." That made Syaoran's jaw drop. "I mean your family will probably want a boy heir. I would love to have a little girl too and I wouldn't want them to be lonely so I'd want four. Two girls and two boys."

Syaoran nodded at her comment. He would have thought she'd want no more than two. He was wrong.

This assignment was starting to get a lot more interesting.


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