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The leaved blew by the cars as the morning sun shone down. Two teenagers sat in the black car with solemn expressions.

"How do you think we'll do today?" Sakura asked Syaoran. It was the last day of the assignment since it was the last day of term. They'd have to give Yan Tao back and neither was very happy about it. They'd become fond of the crying doll. Especially Sakura.

"I think we'll do alright. I mean we learned a lot from this. I'll miss the little guy but it's an assignment." He reminded her and himself. She sighed and nodded as they got to the school gates.

"I know it's an assignment and everything but it felt so real to me. It was as if our lives were on one of Tomoyo's video tapes and it was being fast forwarded." She explained as they walked up the steps to their homeroom.

"I know what you mean." He said with his hands in his pockets. "It felt as if we were really married and we really did have a son." He said quietly.

"We'll have that for real though. I understand that. I mean we're engaged. We're going to get married and we've already sort of committed our love for each other." Sakura said with a blush.

They still found it hard to talk about the 'thing'. Not that it was the only time the 'thing' happened but they were new at this.

"Yeah. That." He said with a blush that could outmatch her own. He was still very shy about what their relationship was becoming and his mother was suspecting something because he'd raise an eye brow at them every time they'd even cuddle.

'She knows.' His mind said quietly. 'I hope she doesn't give us a lecture.'

'It's your fault. If you hadn't pushed me into it we wouldn't have to worry.'

'Hey it was worth it.'

His blush intensified when they reached the homeroom. It took a while to get roll call and announcements done but the bell finally run and all the students filed out for first period.

The two card captors entered their first class and everyone had their folders and babies. The teacher had made sure that EVERY couple got at least one child.

Some groups had two. Miki had been one of these. She'd ended up with twin girls and was crying because she had to give them back.

"Hey Sakura." Ah Kum said. She held her little daughter in her arms. "Hey Li."

"Hey." They both said together. It seemed that all the girls were upset about having to give back their babies.

"How you coping with letting go?" Lien asked. Sakura gave a weak smile and sat on her seat with Yan in her arms.

"I'll live." She said. She felt strange though. It wasn't normal to her though. Sure she was a little upset but she just felt depressed.

Li and Sakura's heads snapped up when they felt a bubbly aura come and go. Eriol had told them about it and once they'd gotten themselves out of their private heaven they'd started to feel it too.

It felt close to them. Especially Sakura. Always around her but it only came in small flashes. Like it was controlling itself by accident. It felt so warm and happy that Sakura couldn't help but smile.

"You felt it again?" He asked his fiancée. She nodded and her smile grew wider. Every time she felt it, she felt joy. Contentment.

"Yeah. I don't know what it is but it feels so happy." She said with a sigh. He chuckled at her and was going to say something else when the teacher walked in the room.

"Good morning everyone." She said. It was a Friday so it was home economics first period.

"Morning sensei." They all said. The teacher smiled and began the lesson.

"I hope you all enjoyed this assignment. Today I want you all to come to the front and tell us what you learned. How you did and I'll grade you for your oral report." She said.

The class groaned. They hated having to give oral reports. Teachers made them do at least three minutes of it. (If you've ever stood in front of your class and had to give a three minute report you'll realize how long three minutes can really be. Seconds seem like hours. Believe me.)

The students all slumped in their seats as their teacher took out the family names so that they could hand up their folders and their children.

"I'm going to miss you Li Yan Tao." Sakura whispered to the little baby she had been calling her son for most of the term. Syaoran smiled at her innocence and gave her a quick hug to comfort her. They kept this up as a knock on the door startled everyone.

"Oh come in." The teacher said with a glint in her eyes. "Everyone I will call out your names and you can come to the front. After you do your report I want you to place your folders on this pile and your dolls in one of the boxes provided."

Everyone looked towards the door and saw Eriol and Tomoyo come in with her camera. Everyone grimaced. They should have known that the teacher would have asked them to join the class for this.

"Eriol you bastard. I'll kill you." Syaoran said quietly. Sakura nudged him with her elbow but couldn't stop a giggle. Tomoyo winked at her and sat down at the back of the room with her camera on the front.

"Right lets get started." She called out the first couple. Sakura sighed and leaned against Syaoran's chest. She felt tired today, but not sick.

"You ok?" Syaoran asked her. She nodded and gave him a smile. He returned it. She must have been upset to have to give back the baby. "It's ok."

"Yeah I know." She didn't want to worry him so she didn't tell him that it wasn't giving up Yan that had her this way. It was something else and she didn't know what.

"Li family." The teacher called. So engrossed in her thoughts Sakura had missed half the presentations. She got up quickly and followed by her fiancée she made it to the front of the class.

"Well, first off I think I want to say that I really liked this assignment. It was different than what we usually do." She started. She held Yan in her hands. Some of the girls had actually started to cry when they'd handed their assignments in.

(Before anyone goes, but their only dolls. Remember that you feed your things your energy. They become part of you. You know how you go that's my chair. Even if it's in the living room and everyone can sit on it. It's just that the more time you spend with something the more attached you become. That's why some people can't sleep over other peoples houses because it's not THEIR bed.)

"We learned a lot about family life and about communicating." Syaoran continued. "It was actually kind of frustrating at times because we couldn't always agree on things."

Everyone laughed at this. They'd had a few disagreements and being stubborn as they were they'd quarreled about it in class. Acting like they'd been married for years.

"I enjoyed the breathing classes. The ladies were really nice there and they taught me about having children and how to be a good mom." Sakura said. Syaoran blushed at that and the boys all groaned. At some point of another they'd gone and had to suffer the embarrassment.

They kept talking about how they'd learned to work with each other on a deeper level and how the baby kept crying at night and it kept everyone awake.

Everyone had burst at that moment. It seemed that Yan was the one who cried most of the night and was calm during the day. Everyone else either had their kids crying one time at night and the rest in the day or the other way around.

"I'm going to be honest and say that I will miss having him cry at night." She finished when their report was done. Everyone clapped and Eriol couldn't help but be a nuisance.

"Don't worry Sakura. You'll have your own soon enough." He said. She blushed and everyone giggled. They put their folders in the pile. She then proceeded to place Yan in the box with a pout that made the whole class go awe. She sniffed and Syaoran wrapped his arms around her for comfort. That really got everyone's sense of teasing.

As a tease Eriol started to sing the wedding song. It was now common knowledge that the two were engaged. Everyone joined in and both Sakura and Syaoran blushed furiously. A loud kawaii was heard from the back of the room.

Syaoran sent Eriol a death glare that would frighten the demons themselves but Eriol just smiled his usual smile and watched the rest of the presentations.


"Eriol you are horrible." Sakura said at lunch. Eriol and Tomoyo had gotten visitors passes for the day and everyone was outside for lunch.

"Why thank you Sakura." He said with a smile. Syaoran muttered something under his breath but everyone continued to feel relaxed.

"I miss Yan." Tomoyo said suddenly. She was looking through her video camera at one of the days Sakura was taking care of him.

That triggered Sakura to start crying. For no real reason either. The tears just started to fall down her ivory skin and she sniffed a few times.

"Sakura. Are you ok?" Syaoran asked taking her into his arms. She tried to answer but the urges to cry were too strong and she burst into tears in his arms. He held her close and murmured to her soothingly.

After a few minutes she stopped crying and grabbed her lunch. She took off the lid and picked up her chopsticks. She looked up at everyone and gave them a smile.

"I'm sorry. I don't know what got into me." She said. The drying tears were the only evidence of the ordeal of only a few minutes ago. She now had her normal facial expression on and continued to eat as if nothing had happened.

Everyone stared at her for a moment in total shock. She had just snapped from one emotion to another. It was very strange.

"Sakura I need to go to the bathroom. I don't remember where it is. Could you show me?" Tomoyo asked getting up from the picnic blanket.

"Sure. We can get something from the vending machine after. I still feel kind of hungry." That made everyone's jaw drop. Sakura still hungry. Not possible. Not after the lunch she had just eaten. She was suddenly pulling a Kero or a Yukito.

The girls walked off leaving two very stunned males. Syaoran was very concerned. He'd never seen Sakura act that way. Come to think of it she had been acting strangely for the last few days. She either looked full of energy or drained. She was getting up in the middle of the night and he'd wake up to find her in the kitchen looking for something to eat.

"You look troubled my cute little descendent." Eriol said. He was concerned too. Something was happening to the mistress of the cards. That was never good news.

"Don't call me that and yeah. Sakura's acting strangely and it's worrying me." He said as the fading figure of the woman in question entered his vision.

"I see. She has been acting strangely lately. Though that's not my greatest concern right now." He paused. "Have you felt that aura again?"

"Yeah. We felt it today during class." Syaoran said taking a sip of his drink. "It felt happy then it felt sad the second time I felt it. I don't think Sakura felt it that time though."

"It comes and goes and that's what I don't understand. If feels like it's hiding itself but it doesn't do it intentionally. It does it by accident so it jumps. It gets stronger though."

"Yeah. Though it really doesn't feel bad. If feels soothing. Like when I was a kid." It felt so pure and innocent. Just like Sakura. Though it had a hit of eagerness to challenge it's surrounding.

"Yes I agree. It gives off a playful energy. Very soothing if you ask me but who's is it. I can't think of anyone." He said with a sigh. Child's aura it had to be but who. Why all the time and why here now. He'd just got a faint grasp of it.

'Wait a minute. Child's aura? Where did that come from?' His mind said suddenly.

'Child's aura. It feels like a child but where?'

"Wait a minute. Could it be?" Eriol said in a whisper. Syaoran was too distracted to hear him.

'No it can't be.'


"Sakura are you feeling alright?" Tomoyo said when they reached the bathroom. Luckily it was empty.

"Yes Tomoyo. Why does everyone keep asking me that?" She asked angrily.

"Cool down Sakura. Something is definitely wrong and I think I know what it is but first of all I need to ask you something." She said looking at her friend straight in the eyes. She'd been having this feeling ever since Sakura's change of moods and her strange behavior.

"What?" Sakura asked trying to hold back her anger.

"Did you do something with Syaoran?" She got straight to the point Sakura blushed a bright red and forgot all about being angry. "I'll take that as a yes."


"Long have I known? Probably the first time you acted strangely. You seemed so different that morning. Besides I put two and two together. Yue and Kero's change of charms. Your behavior. Syaoran blushing every time you got close to him. It's obvious if you look at the signs."

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you." She whispered. Her friend giggled and hugged her friend.

"You didn't have to. I know it's an embarrassing kind of thing. Now down to business. Do you have anymore classes today?"

"No. Just free periods. Syaoran has classes though."



"I'm taking you somewhere." She said cryptically.


Tomoyo leaned over and whispered something in her ear.

"HOE. Why?" Sakura said panicking. "I don't need to go there."

"Yes you do. If you don't mind I'd like to take someone else with us."


"You'll see now come on. Lets go back your things I'll ask the person and we can go." Tomoyo ordered and Sakura reluctantly agreed.

'How did I get into this?'

They walked out of the bathroom and Sakura took out her things from her locker. It took them a few more minutes because she needed to empty it out. Luckily she didn't have too many things so it wasn't heavy.

"Go to the office and ask for a slip to leave early and I'll go get who I'm going to get." Tomoyo instructed walking off towards the track field where she was sure she'd find who she was looking for.

"Ok." Sakura said with a sigh.

"Why do I have to go there? Haven't I been there enough times? Maybe we can get some pineapple on the way. Or a beef sandwich."

She walked to the office and asked for a slip to be signed so she could leave early. The secretary gave her one and wished her a good vacation.


"Oh and congratulations on your engagement Miss Kinomoto. You have a fine boy in Li Xiao Lang."

"Um thank you." Sakura said nervously. 'How does everyone know about that?'

'Duh. He is going to be leader of the LI clan in less than a month. Don't YOU think everyone would know what happens in the family you are going to be part of in less than a year?' Her mind said.

'Don't start.' She warned herself.


"Sakura lets go." Tomoyo called out from the hall.

"I have to tell Xiao Lang I'm going." She called back. Tomoyo shook her head.

"I already told him. Come on our ride is waiting for us outside." She said a little impatiently.



Touya sat on the couch of one of the rooms in the Li mansion waiting to take his little sister home. She'd been here most of the term and it was driving him crazy.

Today was the last day of term, that meant last day of that stupid assignment. She didn't have to be here anymore and he could take his kaijuu home and away from the clutches of that gaki.

"Would you like some more tea?" One of the attendants asked him. He shook his head and declined the offer.

"You look a little stressed." Yukito said from the other side of the room. He was being served a nice cup of tea with some cake. Her sat on one of the plush pillows also eating cake.

"Yeah lighten up. I for one like it here." Kero said.

"Then you can stay. I'm taking Sakura home." Touya said icily.

"You can't force her to go you know. Your dad went on another dig. You're busy with work. Yukito hangs out with you. In the end she'll be alone at home."

"I don't care. As long as she's away from that gaki." Touya growled.

"What you got against him. He's not THAT bad." Kero said. "I mean he's got his good points. Don't tell him I said that though."

"He's too close to my sister. He doesn't deserve her and I'll be damned if I let him get his hands on her."

"Touya she loves him. He loves her why can't you let them be?" Yukito asked the angered older brother.

"Because if she marries him he'll take her from me." He cried out.

"Oh please. That's not true and you know it. You all basically live here. When your dad came back from his last few digs he stayed here. He's not young anymore and Yelen enjoys the company. A lot of the people do. You aren't always here. The kid protects her."

"Shut up." He yelled.

"Accept it Touya. She ain't leaving him and you can't change the fact that she'll marry him. She'll do it with or without your consent because she's got her father's approval. She doesn't need yours. Though I think she'd prefer it." Kero said sternly.

"Shut up stuffed animal."

Kero changed into Keroberus and leapt on Touya He held his weight down on the stubborn man and made him listen.

"You think it was easy to accept at first? I hated the kid. I hated the way he treated Sakura just as much as you do but he changed. He protected her. Cared for her. He understood her in a way you may never. He's not a bad kid. He does good and if you tried to talk to him you'd see how worthy he is of her."

Touya stayed silent. His frown didn't' move but he didn't want to get eaten by the guardian.

"He'll hurt her." He muttered.

"No he won't. He hurt her once and Kami knows he regrets it every day of his life. He's never completely forgiven himself for the way he treated her to begin with. Besides do you want your sister to be miserable for the rest of her life?"

"Of course not."

"Well you will be making her miserable if you take her away from him. Forbid her to see him? That will never work. She'll find a way to be with him. She did it once." Kero stepped back. "She could have lost her most treasured emotions if he hadn't taken her place. Doesn't that prove anything to you?"

Again Touya stayed quiet. Yukito helped him up and gave a grateful glance to Kero. Maybe he could get through to him.

"I'm not asking you to like him. I'm just asking you to give him a chance for her sake."

"He's right Touya. You can't stop her from loving him. How would you feel if you were taken from the one you loved?" He emphasized his example with a squeeze of his hand. Touya sighed after along time.

"Fine but if he ever hurts her I'll kill him."

"Hey I'll be right beside you if he does." Kero said. "Oh by the way. Don't tell anyone I stood up for him. I'd never live it down."

"Don't worry Kero. I'll make sure he doesn't." Yukito said with a smile. It was a start.


"Hoe. What's taking so long? I don't know how you talked me into this. Sakura said. Yuki had been the one Tomoyo had invited to come along. They all sat waiting.

"Because you felt it was necessary. Look would you mind if it was true?" Yuki said. They'd been waiting there half an hour.

"Well. Yes and no. I wasn't expecting this but it doesn't bother me. I'm just worried. What will he say? What will Touya say?" She started to panic. "Oh Kami. Touya will have him murdered."

"Don't worry Sakura. It will all be other either way. We'll find out soon enough" Tomoyo said when she saw someone walking down the hall with a folder marked Kinomoto.


"Miss Kinomoto?" The lady with the folder said. "This will either be very good new or bad news. Depending on how you want to take it."


Yuki was sitting on one side of her and Tomoyo on the other. They both held her hand.

"May I call you Sakura?" She asked. Sakura nodded. "Sakura, you are going to have a baby."

Sakura didn't know how to react. Part of her wanted to scream and yell and the other half of her wanted to leap for joy and praise the gods.

"Sakura?" Tomoyo asked her stunned friend. Even she was shocked. She had been expecting that but still to actually hear it.

Yuki looked at Sakura then at the doctor. She was now worried because Sakura kept changing from a bright red to a pale white.

"I-I am going to be a mother?" Sakura asked slowly as she got up. The doctor nodded and Sakura gave a small smile then proceeded to faint.

"SAKURA!" Tomoyo yelled as she went to her friends side. Yuki raced over with the doctor and she checked her.

"Don't worry it's only shock. I would put her in one of the rooms till she recovers. I don't know if she took it well."

"Thank you doctor." Yuki said and helped Tomoyo take Sakura into one of the rooms.

"I can't believe it. I was suspicious but I never thought. Oh my Sakura is going to have the cutest baby."

"Yeah. Sakura of all people. Well at least she won't start showing before school ends for good. I can't believe it though. Lucky she's getting married."

"Yeah. She was right about Touya though. He'll try to murder Xiao Lang." Yuki giggled a little.

"I should hope not. I've seen Sakura mad at him before and well now with her mood changing so rapidly it will be worse on him."

"Yeah. Oh look she's coming around."

"Hmm. What happened?" Sakura asked as she sat up on the examining bed.

"Remember Sakura were in the maternal clinic in the hospital." Tomoyo reminded her.

"Hoe. I'm dead. Touya will kill me. Otou-san will be ashamed of me. Xiao Lang will hate me and the elders will be mad at me" she panicked. Tomoyo hugged her friend and calmed her down.

"You're not dead. Touya won't kill you. Your father could never be ashamed of you. Xiao Lang will definitely not hate you. And the elders won't either. Remember they want you to have a child."

"But they'll know. That I and he. They'll know we didn't wait. That it was my fault. He wanted to stop. I didn't let him. Oh Kami."

"Sakura. It takes two to make a baby. He wouldn't have if he didn't want. Besides it doesn't matter. It's done. You'll get married anyway and you'll have your baby. Be happy. Or…don't you want it?" Yuki asked. Everything went silent for a moment and Tomoyo studied the card mistress for a moment.

"Of course I want it. I could never dream of not wanting a child that was mine and Xiao Lang's. I'm just so frightened of what everyone will think." She said with tears falling down her face.

The two girls embraced her and comforted her as she wept.

"It's ok Sakura. It will all be ok. We're here for you and we won't let anyone hurt you or take your baby away from you."

"Hey I got a great idea. You go wash your face and we'll go out and get some banana splits with extra topping and then we'll call Li and tell him to meet you at the beach where you can tell him the good news." Tomoyo said. Sakura brightened at the prospect.

"Ok." She said a little more enthusiastically and the three girls left the hospital to get some food.

After a few minutes of driving around they found their favorite place. Taking their normal spot they ordered a lot of junk food to celebrate.

"I can't believe it. I'm so happy about this but at the same time I'm not because people are going to be mad."

"Sakura don't worry about it. If you're happy then that's all that matters. Screw everyone else. They'll just be missing out of a great experience." Tomoyo reassured.

"Yeah. I see this kind of thing all the time. Women get worried about their families but it's not worth it. You're not only hurting yourself your hurting someone very special." Yuki said. Sakura thought about it and instinctively placed her hand on her stomach.

'Someone very special. Yeah you are very special to me baby. Wait a minute. That aura feeling again. It's, oh Kami. It's the baby. I should have known.' She scolded herself when she felt the gold aura vibrate without trying to hide.

Now that she knew about her pregnancy Sakura could feel the connection she and her child had. The baby had no reason to hide itself from its mother or anyone else. The moment anyone with magic felt that aura they'd know it was her child

"Having a moment?" Tomoyo teased. Sakura broke into a big grin and kept eating.

"Wow girl leave that for later. Remember what happened for the assignment." Yuki said giggling the atmosphere was much lighter now that Sakura felt her child. She didn't need to worry about anything. Right now all that mattered was her baby.

"I can't help it. I'm hungry. I've been that way for ages now." Sakura said. "I've been craving pineapple too. Could someone go order it for me?"

"Sure Sakura. I'll call Eriol and tell him to get Li to go to the beach." Tomoyo said and got up.

"Hey have you been throwing up in the morning yet?" Yuki asked quietly. The store was pretty empty since most of the students were still at school

"No not yet. I felt like throwing up but I haven't. Is that not normal? Should I be throwing up?" Sakura asked worriedly.

"No, no. It's ok. Not all women get that morning sickness right away. Like some women have it through their whole pregnancy some don't get it at all."

"Oh ok. Well I've been craving food that's for sure." They both laughed.

"It's amazing. No one really noticed anything. Now that I think about it your moods were changing you ate more than any of us. It was right under our noses and we didn't even realize till now."

"Yeah. I'm the one with the condition and you'd think I'd be the first to notice."

"Ok it's all set and I have a feeling Eriol kind of knows. He asked me where we went I didn't tell him but I clued him in and he said something about. His descendent line is about to grow."

"Oh yeah he knows." Sakura said. Yuki looked confused.

"Why does Eriol always say that?" The other two girls looked nervous

"Well see, Eriol is kind of related to Li. His ancestor was exactly like him. He likes to you know. Say that he is the ancestor and tease Li about it." Tomoyo said with a nervous laugh.

"Oh I get it. Inside joke." They nodded violently and finished up their food.

"Sakura I think you've become Yukito." Tomoyo laughed when they left. She made a pout as they made it to the car.

"Mou, Tomoyo that's not nice. You shouldn't say that to me anyway. I have someone else to take care of now."

"I was only kidding. Come on Li's probably waiting for you at the beach."

"Hoe. I hope he'll be happy about this."


Syaoran waited on the beach for Sakura. Eriol said something about an important discussion but nothing else. He was worried.

'What's wrong with her?'

The ocean air soothed his nerves when he felt two very distinct aura's approaching him. He recognized one. It was the aura that drove him crazy every time he felt it.

"Sakura." He gasped out when he felt her energy reach out for his. He willingly let himself be dragged by her aura until she was in his arms.

The other aura was the gold aura. The one that kept coming and going only now it was there permanently. Though there was no one else around.

"Hi." She whispered. He looked down at her with concern and wonder in his eyes. Her own eyes were sparkling with joy and a hint of dread

"What's the matter my Ying Fa?" He said lovingly. She gave him a small smile and held him closer.

"I hope you won't hate me." She whispered. He was shocked. Him hate her? Impossible.

"Never. No matter what." He swore.

"Syaoran. I've got to tell you this and I think there is no other way than to tell you the truth."

"What is it?" He was concerned now. Really concerned.

She took a long deep breath and looked at him straight in the eyes. She was going to tell him this up front without holding back.

"I'm pregnant." She said.

He stared at her for a moment without saying a word. He opened his mouth and then closed it again just as quickly. He didn't know how to respond. His face as a mix of shock and awe and he couldn't explain what he suddenly felt.

She took it the wrong way and moved away from him. She had tears in her eyes.

'He does hate me. He's angry with me. He doesn't want our baby.'

"If you don't want it it's ok. I'll take care of it on my own." She called out. Her sobs made Syaoran's heart break. How could she think that? How could she think he didn't want their baby?

He stood there stunned for a moment. Sakura pregnant. She was going to have his baby. She thought he hated her for it and that he didn't want their child. A thought suddenly hit him. The AURA! He closed his eyes and focused it. Of course he'd felt it around her. It was inside of her. HIS child. His bouncy, bubbly child.

Without thinking he raced up to her and picked her up in his arms and twirled her around. This of course shocked Sakura but when she saw the smile on his face she relaxed and clutched onto him with giggles.

"You're not mad?" She finally asked when he stopped twirling her. Probably because she'd gone a bit green in the face.

"Of course not. How could I be mad about this? It's part of me. Part of you. The woman I love. You mean it though. Our baby?" He said placing her on her feet and started feeling her stomach.

"Our baby." She said placing her hand over his. He was awed at the intensity of the feeling. "Our little one was hiding from us." She whispered.

"Yeah. Very well. Oh Kami I can't believe it." He said smiling. The aura was so strong. The baby was strong and healthy. It was glowing now that it didn't need to hide anymore.

He gently set her down on the sand and sat next to her running his hand over her stomach. He should be worried. Touya, his family, her father and everyone else would judge them but right then he didn't care. It was HIS baby. His responsibility and if they didn't like it then hell with them.

"You'll spoil it." She said when he kissed her gently over her stomach.

"So. I'm allowed to spoil my little one and the mother of my little one." He protested as he gave her a long passionate kiss.

So engrossed in their own little world they didn't heard the kawaii and the cheering their friends gave in the background. Eriol, Tomoyo, Yuki, and Meilin were watching from the rocks. Meilin had gone with Eriol and Syaoran and Tomoyo had filled her in.

"I don't think the elders will be too happy about it happening now but they won't punish them either. They wanted Xiao Lang to have a family then so be it. They got their wish." She said defending her cousin.

"Don't worry Meilin. With us on their side they won't have to worry about the elders. I would be worried about her brother though." Eriol said.

"That's going to be harder to handle. Touya won't want to listen. He'll be wild with rage. He'll kill him." Tomoyo said.

"Not to worry love. I'll take care of Touya. When our two love birds down there finish their little celebration we'll all go to the house and announce the news. Together."

"I wish I could go with you but my dad wants me home. So I better get going. I'm glad that they're happy about this." Yuki said and hugged the girls.

"We'll talk tomorrow."

"Bye Yuki." Everyone said as she went off to get her car.

"I still can't believe no one figured it out." Meilin said when Yuki had gone.

"True but the aura the child gave out was hidden. Maybe it felt that it's parents needed to figure it out before it could show itself. Or maybe it was just playing." Eriol said as he watched the gentle play the card captors were in. Syaoran would hold Sakura tightly and talk down to her stomach.

"He sure is happy." Tomoyo said from behind her camera.

"I believe so. He loves Sakura deeply and now she carries his child. He's happy because I think finally he can say that he's truly made amends for the wrong he did her."

"He still uptight about that?" Meilin said. She and Sakura had made up a long time ago.

"Yes. She forgave him but he couldn't. This child is the finally bond they need in their relationship."

"Why though?"

"A baby is part of two people. When that baby is made from love it is strong. This child is very strong. If you could feel it you'd know. This baby is part of both of them and it's sort of a final joining. A final merge."

"Kawaii." Tomoyo sighed. "I wish I could have that."

"You will. Meilin?" Eriol said. She smiled and took the camera off Tomoyo. She was about to take it back when she saw Eriol get on his knee. She gasped.

"Tomoyo. You wouldn't believe how long I've been fighting with myself about this but I've finally decided to tell you. I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you and I would be honored if you'd be my wife."

Tomoyo was in shock. She'd just been proposed to. On a beautiful beach with the sun just setting with the man she loved.

"HAI!" She cried out and hugged Eriol so tightly that they fell to the ground. He was holding her tightly and laughing with joy. He didn't have that smirk he always had. It was the smile he held for her. Full of his love and devotion.

Meilin watched from the camera and giggled. She focused the camera on the couple in front of her and then on the couple on the beach who had heard the outcry and were now walking towards them.

Things wouldn't be easy. The elders would be upset. Touya would be enraged. Their families had to be able to accept all of this. It would definitely be hard for them.

"It's going to be a long night let me tell you that." She said as Syaoran carried Sakura up to meet their friends.


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