Author's note: Just so you know, this is based on the idea of: What if Narnia had internet and email? I had to use the word 'at' instead of the little email simbol but it means the same!

Their_Majesties at Cair Paravel .gov

by narniagirl11

From: Peter (magnificentking at cairparavel .gov)

To: Susan (suthegentle at cairparavel. gov); Edmund (edthejust at cairparavel. gov); Lucy (luthevaliant at cairparavel. gov)

Subject: Email

Hello my siblings,

The internet is now up and running throughout Narnia as well as Archenland and several other regions. I have been so kind as to set up email addresses for you as follows:

Susan - suthegentle at cairparavel. gov

Edmund – edthejust at cairparavel. gov

Lucy – luthevaliant at cairparavel. gov

You can reach me, (Peter) at: magnificentking at cairparavel. gov. Have fun emailing each other and our friends in Narnia, Archenland, Calormen (if we have any), Ettinsmoor, etc.

- Peter (the Magnificent)

From: Edmund

To: Peter; Susan; Lucy

Subject: RE: Email

Isn't this swell! :P Now we can communicate without seeing each other. But seriously, why is your email: magnificentking? I wonder what Susan has to say about it…

- Ed

From: Susan

To: Peter; Edmund; Lucy

Subject: RE: Email

A bunch of nonsense, I say! But I am glad to be able to talk with Aravis faster. I wonder why Lucy has not tried her email yet. Anyway, I'm going to write to Prince Cor now.

- Susan the Gentle

From: Lucy

To: Peter

Subject: FW: Tea

Hi Peter! Mt. Tumnus wrote below. Please say we can go, Peter!

- Lucy

Original message from: Tumnus the Faun (sleepytea at lanternwaste .com)

To: Queen Lucy

Subject: Tea

Queen Lucy,

Would you and your family come for tea next Monday?

- Mr. Tumnus

From: Peter

To: Tumnus the Faun

Subject: RE: Tea

Mr. Tumnus,

My siblings and I are looking forward to tea on Monday with you. Thank you so much. Susan says she'll bring a cake.

- King Peter (the Magnificent)

From: Corin (thunderfist at anvard .gov)

To: Cor (don'twanttobeking at anvard .gov)

Subject: :P

Ha! Cor if you tell Father about my email, I'll knock you down!

- Corin

From: Cor

To: Corin

Subject: RE: :P

Too late! Father already found out. Anyway, he said it's alright. Besides, Aravis emails Queen Susan almost every day!

- Cor


Queen Susan has entered chat.

Aravis has entered chat.

Susan: Hey Aravis!

Aravis: Hi Queen Susan! Did you see the new pictures your brother posted from your party?

Susan: What? No! Silly Peter. He kept goofing off.

Aravis: Not Peter; Edmunaoqzdkned;[oehaoghaoighaoginwweekgj

Susan: Are you okay?

Aravis: What? Oh, I'm fine.


Susan: What?

Aravis: Cor was reading over my shoulder! And trying to type! Again!

Susan: At least my brothers don't do that.

King Peter has entered chat.

Peter: Hey Su! What are you talking about?

Susan: I take that back.

Peter: What?


Peter: Fine, if that's the way you feel about it! :(

King Peter has left chat.

Susan: *rolls eyes*

Aravis: I hope I didn't hurt his feelings.

Susan: Nah, he's bluffing. I can hear him laughing in the hall outside my door.

Aravis: I have to get off. It's Corin's turn. If I don't, I'll probably get knocked down.

Susan: :( Bye!

Aravis: Bye!

From: Giantking (evilgiant at foreverfetid .gov)

To: King Peter; King Edmund

Subject: War

Attachment: war-peace-plan-virus

King Peter and King Edmund,

It has come to my attention that our people are enemies. However, in the attachment, I explain my idea for peace. Please take it into consideration.

- Giantking,

Always evil; always ferocious

From: Edmund

To: Peter

Subject: RE: War


Don't open the attachment from the Giantking. It is probably a virus as the title suggests. I am having it checked into.

- Ed the Just

Author's note: The plot bunnies have been busy! I wonder if the computers throughout Narnia are down because of this new unknown virus from the Giants? Stay tuned!