Imagine living in a world where you couldn't touch anyone. Even once you reached a certain age you couldn't touch your mom, dad, brothers, or sisters. There is one person you can touch and only one, they will be your partner for the rest of your life.

The year is 3014 and the world we live in is overpopulated. I remember reading stories about the teenagers in high school "coupling" before marriage. I hear the adults say that it's their fault, the teens from before, that the world is over populated. But science made a great break through a couple hundred years past, before my parents were even born. Scientists like my Grandfather have found a way to change the human's genetic code. The great miracle that will help put the world back on track and stop people from starving seems like a curse to me.

I have grown to the point where even my mother's touch is beginning to fade. Soon that means no more head pets or goodnight kisses when she tucks me in bed at night. I'm afraid that I will soon forget what it's like to touch at all. What if I never find my partner? I have heard of it before. My Auntie never found hers and now she's thirty seven years old. I don't want to be alone forever. Being alone is a scary thought for an eight year old.

AN: This is just a prologue for an idea has been in my head for a long time now and I just needed to get it out. I don't care if anyone really likes it or not I just needed it out of my head. If you do like it the go ahead and tell me, a little encouragement never hurt anyone :) Also this has not been edited so if you find mistakes you know why. The first chapter will be up in less than a day.