Drastic Changes

By Pand-tasicninja

Anime: Gravitation

Disclaimer: I don't own Gravitation, just this uber cuteness. Enjoyyyy~!

Chapter 1

Eiri POV

I stared blankly at the open document on my computer screen. Damn writers block, damn it to hell! I couldn't think about anything that didn't involve my pink-haired genki. I think I was even hearing him.

"Yukiiiiiiiiii~! I'm Hommmmme!" I could imagine him shouting that, running up the hall to my study. His sock-covered feet thumping on the hard wood floor. His obnoxious knocking at my door. I could hear and see it all so clearly. But what irritated me the most was I heard the front door creak open softly. Soft sock-covered foot steps on the hard wood floor. And quiet knocking at my door. Maybe it was Mika... I hope not though.

I sighed getting up to open the door. I swung it open to glare at him and ask why he was so quiet all of a sudden. But when I actually saw the little brat I stopped myself. My jaw nearly dropped to the floor.

"Hewwo Wuki!" Shuichi cheered. His tinier body wasn't more then two feet tall. How did this happen? And who did it? I got down to his level and placed my hands on his shoulders. Which practically disappeared under my giant hands. I thought normal Shuichi was small.

"Shuichi. What happened? Why are you the size of a two year old?" I asked as calmly as I could muster at this moment.

"What do yew mean?" He asked cutely, holding his chubby little hand to his chin in thought. Well at least one thing hasn't changed, his stupidity.

"What happened to you to make you this small?" I edited my question so he could understand more.

"Ohhhhhh! I was wiff Hiwo and he said that thish faiwy thingy showed up and tuwned me like thish. But that'sh what Hiwo said. He got rweawwy BIG!" Shuichi giggled holding his tiny arms apart to show the size. I tried to hide my smile. He was mother-licking adorable.

"So if you didn't remember what happened, how do you remember me?" I asked, almost wanting to pull him closer and cuddle his stuffing out. But I restrained myself.

"Hiwo told me abouwt yew. He shaid I was in wuv wiff yew. Like a daddy maybe? Or a frwiend?" He asked, holding his arms up. Did he want me to pick him up? He pouted so cutely I couldn't resist. I picked him up and placed him on my hip.

"So Chibi-Shuichi. How old are you?" I whispered holding him close. Made me feel like a dad, and I didn't even like kids.

"I'm two!" He nearly shouted, holding up two small finger's. I smiled, then frowned. He was two. Does that mean He has to grow up again or does something break this "spell" that the fairy put on him. His big eyes got wide with worry.

"What'sh wong Wuki?" He asked in his cute little voice. He gripped my shirt tighter. I couldn't help but smile at him. I leaned in and kissed the top of his head.

"Nothing Shu-Chibi. Just wondering for a way to break the spell that was put on you." I muttered against his hair, he giggled.

"Wuki, that tickwes!" I smiled. He wasn't nearly as bratty in this form than the other Shuichi was. Wait what am I saying? I love Shuichi. Either one. Both even. Maybe I should call Hiro and have him explain what happened today a little clearer. I set Chibi-Shuichi down and went for the phone. He pouted up at me and raised his arms again. I shook my head.

"I have to make a call Shuichi. Then I'll hold you." I said picking up my wireless. I hit speed-dial #1, because when Shuichi had a compliant about our love life that's who he counted on. I waited for him to answer.


Come on!



"Hello? Shuichi if this is you I told you. Yuki is the one you love. I swear it." Hiro said quickly. I snorted. Of course he'd tell Shuichi that he loved me. Steer him back this way, nice move.

"No this is Eiri. I was wondering...What. The. Hell? Happened?" I almost shouted. I could hear Shuichi whimper in the background and Hiro wince.

"Sorry. Okay, what happened today was Shuichi and I were at lunch. We decided to go to that new cafe. You know...what was the name? Um something like Cafe Du Animea.. Anyway we went there, got some lunch and sat outside. Well this fat, ugly fairy popped up outta nowhere. And she said something like "My dear boy you're probably the cutest boy I've ever seen. There's no way with a face like that, you don't have someone at home to return to. So. To prove his or her love. I'll cast a spell."

"She cast her spell and was gone! When the smoke and pixie dust cleared Shuichi was a kid and too small for his clothes. Do you know how awkward it is to walk out with a bag of clothes and a naked child on your arm?" Hiro went on. I toned out the rest going to pick Shuichi up again.

"If he was naked then why is he dressed now?" I asked, balancing the phone on my shoulder and Shuichi on my hip.

" I went to my parents house and got some baby clothes they had kept from when I was little. It's a costume from Halloween. I dressed as Shuichi and he dressed as me. Embarrassing night really." Hiro said quietly.

"Anyway thanks Hiro. That needed to be explained better than what Shuichi said. I'll talk to you later?" I said rethinking what I said. I sounded like either a gay man with his adopted son. Or a over-baring mother.

"Suuuurree." Hiro said, sounding doubtful himself. I clicked end and set the phone back on the cradle. I held Shuichi a little tighter. "Test his or her love for you" Well how could I show that I loved him in order to get the original Shuichi back? The Chibi-Shuichi in my arms was sucking his thumb and dozing off. He could barely keep his giant lilac eyes open. I smiled at my little companion.

"Tired Chibi-Shuichi? I asked, holding him a bit tighter. He nodded feebly, his magenta hair splayed across the expanse of my shoulder. I smiled again. He was so cute. I walked to my room, changed him into a overly big button up shirt. He yawned broadly, holding a small hand to his mouth. I chuckled lightly.

"Come on Shuichi, lemme tuck you in." I said, holding the blankets back. He climbed in and settled against my pillows, his thumb in his mouth. I gently laid the sheets back over the already sleeping two year old.

I went back to my study to at least finish a couple lines before I got in bed to snuggle with the overly cute Chibi-Shuichi. And all I knew was I would need to go to Toys R. Us tomorrow and get him some toys and clothes.

A/N: Yeah. This idea popped into my head when me and my brother were talking about "text talk" like "U" or "R" instead of You or Are. Yeah Chappie one finished! ~^_^~