Percy Jackson's Little Sister and unknown past


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Terisa's POV

When I was two years old, I was separated from Percy's family. Percy doesn't know that I was his little sister. I didn't know Percy was my older brother. I hate my foster parents because they gave me a lot of assignments. When I was five, I had dyslexia. I hate everything. I didn't know if Greek gods are real. Everyday, I didn't pay any attention to them.

In Goode High School, I thought was a dreaded teenager. No one wants to make friends with me and I felt unwanted in my school. I thought I had no friends, and I was pretty, shy girl. Later Jamica talks to me. Although I have nerves to talk to different people, I tried to overcome my anxiety.

Jamica tries to make me feel comfortable and welcomed to her group. She told me about her past. Jamica was bullied from her original school because she was demigod. I didn't know what a demigod is. Jamica told me about Greek gods and history. After all, it was a long and boring discussion.

Later Jamica's group asked me if I was a demigod.

"I don't know I am a demigod. Also I don't care if I am a demigod." I said.

"Terisa, I know you may not know who demigods are. We are leaving to Camp Half-Blood." Jamica warned me.

"What! I don't want to be left alone in Goode High School." I said.

"Terisa, I am telling you. We will back shortly from our quest. Wait. You are a demigod."

"Why is that?" I anxiously said.

"Well, Terisa. There is a trident symbol on your forehead." Jamica sternly said.

"You are kidding, Jamica." I said.

"Terisa, you have permission to come with us." Jamica said.

"Oh come on. I rather you come back here to visit me." I smiled.

"Terisa, often we don't come back here." Jamica glances at me.

"All right, I hope Camp Half-Blood is a great place." I said.

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