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Definite finale spoilers here, it starts immediately where the show ended off. Because it was ambiguous, this is my take.

Also, yes, you can say part of this is based off of the movie "The Vow" (which I haven't seen yet but looks amazing). Basically Chuck needs to make Sarah fall in love with him again.

Not sure if this will be a oneshot or more, but you guys can decide that I guess.

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Heart vs. Brain - Chapter 1?

Sarah smiles, leaning into the kiss. She feels the soft grains of sand on her feet, a contrast to Chuck's rough hands moving over her cheek. She breathes in, smelling something uniquely him that sends a spark down her body.

She knows she must have felt this way before, felt in love. But for some reason her mind won't keep up with her heart or her body, the latter two are urging Sarah to deepen the kiss and pull the adorable nerd towards her.

The brain wins out though, Sarah slowly shifting herself out of the kiss. She looks down at the sand and smiles up at Chuck through her eyelashes. The glow she receives from his face is breathtaking, almost enough to make Sarah lean in for another kiss.

"Did it work?" He asks, anticipation and hope written all over his face.

She smiles and looks down again, but shakes her head no. When she looks back up, his face has fallen. Her hand moves of its own accord, cradling his cheek. Her fingers curve in as Chuck leans his chin into her hand.

"I don't remember… yet. But, I think I could. Soon."

Again the dazzling smile is back, and Sarah realizes why she had fallen for this man once before. The bright shine in his eyes, that adorable smile, the never-ending hope.

"Did you feel anything?" Again, his face is filled with anticipation.

Sarah averts her eyes, trying to hold back a smile and that is all Chuck needs to get his answer.

They both turn back to face the ocean, staring out into the vast blue waves. The tide wades in and out, and Sarah focuses on just watching it move. Constant, steady, never wondering what to do next. She wishes she could be as strong and confident as that tide. She knows once she was, but for spy things. When it comes to love, she is lost.

"So what now?" Sarah asks, breaking the silence.

"Now, you trust me." Chuck replies, leaning over and bumping his shoulder into hers.

Sarah looks over and bumps back, pushing a little harder and almost knocking Chuck over into the sand.

"Okay, that is not fair. I was not expecting that."

They both smile at each other, Chuck leaning in a bit more. Sarah quickly averts her eyes and turns back to the ocean. Too much, too fast.

"And this… trust. What am I trusting you on?"

"I believe you misunderstand the word trust, Sarah."

Another beat. The tide continues to wade in and out. Sarah's mind and heart continue to battle with each other as well. One desperately wanting to run away, to hide, to have a moment alone to comprehend all she has learnt in the past few hours. The other wanting to lean in and kiss the nerd beside her again and never let go. But how can her heart feel this way when her mind can't remember the whole falling in love bit?

"Chuck, I-" Sarah starts, just as Chuck turns and says, "Sarah, look."

They both stop, blushing. Chuck motions for Sarah to start talking again, miming a zipper on his lips which makes the blond giggle.

"Chuck. Everything you just told me. It sounds… amazing. And I know somewhere inside of me I remember," She looks down again, a hand unknowingly wandering up to her chest to cover her heart. "But in my mind I am still five years ago. It's like-"

"Like your heart and your brain can't communicate properly." Chuck answers for her.

"Yeah. Exactly. How? How did you know that?"

Chuck sighs. "Remember when I told you about Morgan and the Intersect? Well, after we got it out of him, that's how he described what had happened when he broke up with Alex. His brain said break up, but his heart said no. Unfortunately the brain usually wins out."

"Morgan is really smart sometimes."

Chuck nods, not sure how to reply.

"Chuck, I might not be the Sarah you fell in love with anymore…" She stops, turning away from Chuck. "I don't remember falling in love, or our wedding, or most of what you remember. But I remember writing our names in the wall of that house. And I could remember more if you give me time. If I felt that way once, I think…" She pauses, turning to look at Chuck. "I could feel that way again. Someday."

"Someday." Chuck repeats, smiling.

They sit in silence after that, neither wanting to move away from the beach and the safety it provides. No one to judge, no one to try to kill them. Just two people sitting together and talking about trust, and life, and love. They stay that way and watch as the sun sets. Something inside Sarah desperately wants to lean into Chuck's side, to curl up with him and watch nature's beauty. Something else keeps her rigid on the beach, only moving to stretch her legs out onto the sand. She is really understanding Morgan's heart-brain theory right now.

As the sun sets, and the beach gets darker, Chuck wonders aloud, "Sarah, do you know when someday will be?"

Sarah smiles at the question, turning back to look through the dark haze of twilight at Chuck's questioning face.

"Someday is… someday. But we could start working towards there now, can't we?"

Chuck smiles again, letting out a breath of air he didn't realize he was holding in. "We can definitely start now." He pauses for a moment. "Can I kiss you again?"

"I think I can manage that." Sarah answers, her mind intrigued and a little nervous while her heart pounds happily in her chest.

When their lips meet this time, it is Sarah who prompts Chuck to open his mouth, Sarah her lets her tongue explore his. It doesn't feel like any kiss she has felt before, or at least any kiss she remembers feeling. It's different than Bryce, different than when she is on a mission. A hand slowly moves up her back, dipping underneath her shirt and leaving a scorching line of pleasure up Sarah's back. This feels… Sarah stops, pulling back quickly.

"What? What is it? Is something wrong?" Chuck asks, fear on his face. "Did I hurt you?"

"No, no," Sarah replies, trying to catch her breath. "Just, too much. Too fast."

Chuck nods. "Okay, Chuck, keep in mind. Next time you kiss your wife, don't get too handsy."

Sarah lets out a small laugh, unable to control herself. Her mind curses itself for laughing but her heart begs for more.

"It's getting dark, we should go home." Chuck says, standing up in the sand then holding out a hand to help Sarah up as well.

She avoids his hand, placing one of her own on the sandy beach to help herself up. Chuck looks down at his hand then promptly tucks it into his pocket. Sarah can tell he is upset by her actions, but something in her just can't love this man yet. Something in her isn't convinced to let him take care of her.

"Home?" Sarah asks once Chuck seems to have found his bearings again. "Chuck, I don't know if…" She lets her sentence die there, the crestfallen look on Chuck's face hitting that nerve in her heart again. "I mean if…"

"I could sleep on the couch." Chuck suggests. "Or in Morgan's old room."

"I don't know Chuck…" Sarah says, picking her shoes up from their spot on the sand.

"Please? I just… you loved me once. I know you can feel it. Just give me a chance to show you why again."

Sarah turns back to look at the waters, now completely black with the night sky. The starts twinkle in the darkness, each one trying to lead Sarah in a different direction. She heard Chuck's story, their story. And she wants to feel that way again, to have someone to love and trust unconditionally. But can she choose the right star to lead her to the right location?

"Promise you won't come in and try anything before I'm ready?" She asks, turning back to face Chuck.

"Pinky promise, cross my heart, swear on the life of my Star Wars collectibles."

Sarah eyes Chuck weirdly on that last comment, but nods. "I guess I could try living at your place."

"At our place." Chuck corrects.

"Right." She smiles, leading him back towards the road. "But don't expect me to fall in love with you in a day, Chuck."

"Oh, you underestimate the Bartowski charm, my lady." Chuck replies, desperately wanting to grab Sarah and kiss her but knowing he should take his time for her sake.

"Ha!" Sarah answers with a laugh, shaking her head as they walk off towards their new beginning.

"Hey Sarah?" Chuck asks, stopping her from getting into the Nerd Herd vehicle parked on the road.

"Yeah?" She asks, turning to face Chuck.

"What are you doing tomorrow night?"


"I'd like to ask you out on a date."

Sarah smiles wryly at Chuck, a smile slowly beginning to form on his face as well. Oh yes, she is definitely going to enjoy falling in love with this man again.

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