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Chapter 7: Rainbow Palace - The really final battle!

[Stage BGM: Doom Castle (Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest)]

Never before in our unofficial careers as Diamond City's heroes, have we ever encountered something this bizarre. Before that happened right in front of us, we were able to attack the Black Fortress from the inside while the SWAT team held off the outer defenses. We fought the four Robot Masters again, but they brought along Cerberus, the "High-Tech Harvester" of Altair's base. This time, not only did we destroy the boss, but we finally finished off the Robot Masters for good. Sooner or later, we reached Altair's lair via the Trap Tower, and fought him to the finish! However, just as we were about to celebrate with joy, the very bizarre thing occurred as far as Ami and I eventually recalled: Sirius came in and absorbed the Omni Cube before killing Altair right in front of us. He then revealed his true intentions afterwards: in which he's the real enemy the whole time - not to mention he was the one responsible for stealing our memories and making it look like Altair's robot spy did it! It's likely that he knew we would see through his ruse earlier than expected, so he used what was left of his Omni Cube-less power to rob us of said memories. Unfortunately for him, though, his amnesiac ray's effects weren't permanent. Either way, now that he has his power back, we could say goodbye to Earth along with countless lives (including ours)...unless we can stop him at the one stronghold he dwells in: the Rainbow Palace.

"That alien scumbag, Sirius..." Bill muttered. "I'll bet he hogtied Kat, Ana, and all three of Puffy AmiYumi's pets, before we reunited!"

"Figures..." Lance said. "On top of that, it turned out he was the one who used that amnesiac ray to make most of us forget everything that had happened in Bomberman 64! Aaron and Ami's suspicions were dead-on."

Mona shrugged at the thought of the situation at hand. "Worst of all, we couldn't even return fire on him just as he flew off!"

Wario knew by then the source of Sirius's invincibility. "It's gotta be that Omni Cube. With it, he's immune to everything we can throw at him! We've just gotta hit harder by smashing his precious toy into a million pieces! That'll make him 0% immune to us anymore! On top of that, he only said that he couldn't do anything against Altair and his minions, let alone the bosses we've bashed, because he's a coward who relies on that stupid cube to remain god-like all the time!" He then stopped talking to take a breather, but he was still mad that Sirius double-crossed us.

Despite all that, however, Yumi and Kaz came to us via the Puffy tour bus (which had always been in "jet mode" since the beginning of our campaign). As it turned out, they were indeed busy holding their ground, whilst untying Kat, Ana, Tekirai, Jeng Kang, and Domo. While we explained the situation at hand along the way, we took off for the Rainbow Palace. Upon our arrival, it looked like a castle in the sky, but we couldn't let it fool us; it may be beautiful on the outside, but dangerous on the inside. We traversed the rainbow bridge to the castle, while fending off the Card Knights, which resembled playing cards with arms, legs, and weapons...and yes, they're Sirius's minions. As soon as we got in, we saw a 10-foot tall jester. He took a bow before speaking to us, his voice resembling the Joker's for some reason...

[End BGM]

[Boss BGM: A Spirit of Bushi (Contra: Hard Corps)]

"Welcome! I'm Spellmaker the Sorceror, second-in-command to King Sirius. So, you must be Aaron, Ami, Yumi, Wario, Mona, Bill, Lance, Kat, and Ana, eh?"

Kat demanded, "What do you want from us?"

"I can't allow you to go any further. You must defeat me first!"

Ana gulped, but kept her chin up. "And we'll be glad to oblige. C'mon, Kat!"

Wario, on the other hand, got out a Super Garlic, insisting that he become his "alter-ego," Wario-Man. But Spellmaker was ready for it, shaking his head no. "Ah-ah-ah. No super powers for you, fat man!" With a flip of one of his spell cards, he instantly burned all of Wario's garlic down.

"My garlic!" Wario cried. "NOOO!"

Mona gasped, and got out a spare Super Garlic in a zip-loc bag from her purse. "Don't worry, Wario! I'll help you! Here, catch!" She tossed the spare Super Garlic to Wario; he opened up the bag and ate the garlic.

"Thanks, Mona! Stouter than an iron burrito! Studlier than a snow tire! I am...WAAARRRIO-MAN!"

"Impressive," said Spellmaker, "but let's see how you and your friends match my magic powers!"

The toughest boss fight yet, started as Spellmaker chose one of his cards, for each one had a different attack. Ami and Yumi activated their Bomberman Watches, since the only way to hurt Spellmaker is to attack his shadow like from the actual game (as far as experience goes). There were many attacks we had to dodge, but some were unavoidable. The flying cards came at us for a meteor-sized explosion; a giant foot tried to flatten us; a fire snake followed us around for a while before disappearing; the stars all fell down onto us randomly; and even a large scythe from Spellmaker's shadow almost chopped our heads off. The jester was laughing maniacally while the attacks were going on. Luckily, we were able to dodge all of those attacks - just barely, despite some injuries. We helped lure Spellmaker into Ami and Yumi's bombs, and damaged his shadow. After about 10 minutes of a long and hard fight, it was all over. We defeated Spellmaker, but he began his crazy laugh once more. However, it began to fade into deep silence as he disintegrated to nothing but his mask, which disappeared after hitting the floor.

[End BGM]

"Well," said Bill, scratching his head, "that was...just...weird."

Lance shrugged. "Look on the bright side: at least Spellmaker won't torment us anymore."

With Spellmaker gone, we got deeper inside the Rainbow Palace. This area was known as the "Doom Castle." There was a door which marked the exit, but like in the game, we had to activate a switch in each of the four rooms cornering the center. Not only that, but we had to traverse through numerous puzzles and traps. Wario-Man, instead, had an idea to make things easier: he body-slammed the door so hard, it fell down off its hinges. That's another thing you don't see in Bomberman 64, but hey, where would we be without the lovable crazy guy? Just before we entered Sirius's lair, the Super Garlic wore off.

[Boss BGM: Final Boss (U.N. Squadron (SNES))]

"We've come to put an end to this!" I yelled.

Sirius shook his head no, and glanced over to us. "Hmm...It's a shame you were able to chase me here, despite the uneven odds that Spellmaker's magic stacked against you. You now stand before the mighty King Sirius and the Omni Cube!"

Wario rebuffed the treacherous alien robot. "Pah! If you ever had a king's crown, I'd take it off your head and shove it up your shiny metal ass!"

Sirius chuckled evilly in response. "You poor, unfortunate soul...did you not see the way your attacks didn't even faze me back at the Black Fortress? That's because the Omni Cube's power makes me invincible!"

"Yep, I knew it." Kat nodded.

"Me too," shouted Ana, "you big coward!"

"Ha ha ha HAH!" Sirius cackled. "Who's the coward? The 9 of you stand before me, and yet you couldn't even do diddly-squat with your strongest attacks possible! Soon, your precious Earth will be destroyed, and like I said before, in its place will be planet Sirius! My Rainbow Palace will then take its throne, and I will rule the universe forever! Everyone who has lived to see the new world I intend to build will have learned to worship me, and to never trust your kind again! This world is Sirius, and everything is about Sirius! Those who dare oppose me will meet their untimely demise!"

Sirius stopped his speech to use the Omni Cube, thus changing the throne room into a virtual reality arena. He continued, "First, I want to personally annihilate you, Aaron! Next, Ami! Afterwards...all of you in my throne room!" To emphasize "throne room," he incapacitated us except me with lightning bolts, and even caused Ami and Yumi's Bomberman Watches to expire prematurely. As for Bill and Lance's guns, they were stripped of whatever special weapons they had so far; and back to the default machine guns.

"Here I come, Aaron! Get ready to die!" Sirius's usual blue eyes turned green.

"Okay, King Sirius...if that's what you want, that's what you're gonna get!"

The really final boss fight began as Sirius and I fought each other, hand-to-hand and with our own weapons. Unfortunately, he spoke the truth: nothing can hurt him as long as the Omni Cube is active and in his possession. He also spiced up the fight by throwing bombs at me, and even flying around to shoot me with laser beams. Approximately 5 minutes later, I was getting thrashed about real bad.

"Mwa ha ha ha ha!" Sirius cackled. "Give it up, Aaron! You can't win!"

I could only grunt in response, due to my injuries. "I'll never quit! I won't stop until I save the world from the likes of you!"

"Hah! How can you save the world if you can't save yourself, let alone lead a motley crew you call the Four Contras?" He turned his wings forward to charge up his death beam. "Say sayonara to your friends...and your life!"

Just then, a mysterious yet familiar voice bellowed out, "NO! You may have knocked me out...but I'm not through yet!" By the time the he showed himself, we could tell it was Regulus. He pummeled Sirius with an uppercut, disrupting his attack. Afterwards, Regulus took the Omni Cube, and bashed it around until it exploded to nothingness, changing the room back to normal, as well as halting the incapacitation. In short, my friends were set free upon the Omni Cube's destruction! On the other hand, Sirius's eyes turned back to their normal color.

[End BGM]

[Final battle BGM: The Fight Continues - Final Boss (Double Dragon II: The Revenge (NES))]

Glaring angrily at Regulus, Sirius yelled, "YOUUUUU!"

"Regulus?" I said, weakly. "Wh-what're you doing here?"

But the blue warrior wasn't looking at me. "Huh? What a joke!" Then he glanced over to me. "Hey, Aaron! I'll take care of you and Ami later. But first, I need to get rid of him!"

"You're still intent on killing both of us after this, aren't you?"

Regulus shook his head no. "We'll talk about it later. And since I haven't fully recovered from that headbutt attack earlier at the Black Fortress, I could use some help here. We're not done yet!" As I got up, Ami reactivated her Bomberman Watch, while Yumi got out her trusty guitar.

"At last," said Yumi, "we're gonna make history!"

Ami came to my aid. "Hang on, Aaron! I'm coming to help you save the world! We're both in this together!"

Sirius wasn't fazed one bit, still furious at our perseverance. "I don't need my Omni Cube to kill you inferior peons! You have lost!"

"Not yet, bonehead!" retorted Wario.

Despite having reinforcement on our side, Regulus hasn't fully recovered from being knocked unconscious earlier; we had to keep him alive. Sirius started shooting one death beam after another from his wings at us; yes, that's the same laser he almost killed me with just as he did to Altair. We were still getting thrashed, but not bad. As for me, I couldn't move around very well since Sirius almost killed me - and prior to Regulus's last-second arrival. Luckily, I had enough energy for one uppercut, so I had to make it count. Sooner or later, Sirius was dazed; Regulus, Ami, and I unleashed a tag team uppercut. The final battle was finally over at last.

"YES!" We all cheered in unison, as Sirius's wings broke off of his body.

"This can't be!" Sirius screamed. "NNOOOOOOOOOOO!"

[End BGM]

Lots of colors glowed all over the treacherous alien warrior, and he finally exploded to pieces. Just then, the Rainbow Palace started shaking violently, since the damage on the Omni Cube caused it to go critical. I attempted to lead the way, only to trip and fall to the floor due to my injuries. Ami quickly held onto me for support, so that I could move again.

"Let's get outta here, guys!" Ami shouted. "The whole place's gonna blow at any moment!"

"This way!" Regulus called out, pointing us in the right direction. We followed him back outside the Rainbow Palace, and evacuated via the Puffy bus. We got out safely as the palace went up in smoke. Once we were out of range and back on Earth, we got off the bus to see the Rainbow Palace crash-land onto the Black Fortress. Hundreds of blue lines came out all over Altair's base, and in just 5 seconds, a huge explosion occurred. When the smoke cleared, both the Black Fortress and the Rainbow Palace were gone forever, whereas the 4 small worlds remained intact.

[Victory BGM: Wily defeated (Mega Man 7)]

"Excellent-a!" Wario pumped his fists up in the air.

"We won!" Mona cheered.

Kat and Ana struck a victory pose in unison. "YAY!"

[End BGM]

Regulus stared at what was left intact, above Diamond City. "The four of us were barely able to steal the Omni Cube from Sirius. Yet, you guys were able to defeat him. But that doesn't change the fact that I dislike you. And, Ami, and I will settle this. Make certain the both of you are ready by then. The rest of you, I got nothing against. For now, take care of yourselves!"

[Ending BGM: The Journey Home (Wario Land II)]

The moment Regulus flew off into the horizon across the Earth, we all returned to Diamond City to bring me into a hospital, for I needed medical attention from all the brutish beatings Sirius gave me. Ami and Yumi felt that I'd need to stay in the hospital for about 3 days, so they made a promise to check on me in-between their scheduled concerts. Meanwhile, Yumi decided not to wear her Bomberman Watch anymore, admitting that she personally preferred her trusty guitar.

As for Bill and Lance, they wondered where the Green Garden, Blue Resort, Red Mountain, and White Glacier really came from. Whenever they're not visiting me at the hospital, they were discussing things with Dr. Crygor and Penny, regarding said small worlds. It turned out not a moment too soon; that the worlds were somehow stolen right off of different worlds, possibly from another galaxy. But to return them was another story; thankfully, Orbulon had an idea since he often traveled across outer space in his "Oinker" spaceship. With the help of both the Oinker, along with Dribble and Spitz's sophisticated taxi cab, Bill, Lance, and the WarioWare crew (including 9-Volt, 18-Volt, Kat, Ana, and even Ashley) had managed to carefully haul the small worlds out of our planet, and eventually all the way back to their respective locations...within another galaxy, known as the Bomber Nebula. Much to Wario's chagrin, since he once came across planet Bomber in hopes of getting rich only to be defeated by Cheerful White (aka. White Bomber, Shirobon), the crew even paid a visit on that planet.

To Bill and Lance's surprise, 9-Volt actually had been fast friends with Cheerful White and Cute Pink (aka. Pretty Bomber; one of White's best friends) since they visited Diamond City on occasions; whether it was to help test the WarioWare games yet to be released at the time or to hang out with 9-Volt. In fact, Pink had been his bodyguard since WarioWare Inc.: Mega Microgame$ was released to the public on Game Boy Advance, last year. Bill and Lance were then glad that 9-Volt had someone else to protect him rather than just Mona, the girl they recalled having saved his life during the Alien Wars 5 years ago.

Roughly 3 days had passed. I was released from the hospital, with Ami and Yumi covering the medical bill. I figured it was time I left WarioWare Inc. to go on a world tour with the girls for a least, until we figure out where I really want to live. Before we left, we promised to return someday, whereas Bill and Lance had to return to Neo City, NY. However, even they promised that they would come back and perhaps join us on a summer vacation. Despite Regulus's last words, we weren't too worried about him holding a grudge against us.

And who knows? Perhaps we "Four Contras" might come to a decision, in which we could live together in Diamond City for real...


(Ending Credits)
Aaron (me) - MYSELF
Spellmaker - MARK HAMILL
Dr. Crygor - TOM KANE
Jimmy Thang - JEFF BENNETT
Ken the Reporter - JEFF BENNETT


[End BGM]
[End Credits]