Hayato was quickly spun around and a pair of lips pushed against his own. An arm wound around his waist, pulling him close, as the other one found itself traveling lower. His own arms wrapped instantaneously around the neck of his lover as he deepened the kiss, tongues battling for dominance.

"Takeshi." he breathed out, face flushed, before realizing their location.

"Stupid Baseball Idiot! Someone could've seen us!" Hayato hissed before pulling said idiot into his room.

"Hah hah, but Hayato looked so cute, I couldn't resist." Takeshi said sheepishly, examining Hayato who was wearing a thin white shirt and a pair of tight jeans, his hair was pulled into a ponytail and glasses still perched on his nose to show he just came from the library.

"Che, idiot." Hayato blushed, he grabbed a handful of Takeshi's shirt and smashed his lips against his own.

The two guardians stumbled their way into the bed where Takeshi made quick work of his storm's shirt, revealing the pale skin underneath. His kisses started trailing down as he sucked on the sensitive skin at Hayato's collar earning him a muffled moan. Takeshi smirked as he rid himself of his shirt, enjoying how the feisty, short tempered Hayato was reduced to a blushing, moaning mess under his touch. His smirk widened as he trapped Hayato's hands above his head as he swooped down to capture the lips of his lover once more.

"Hayato, we have something to discuss."

The two teens flew apart and stared at the intruder wide eyed and mouth open.
G, who has just walked in seeing his son being pinned down on a bed by his friend's son was wide eyed and sputtering none sense.

"You... Takeshi... When... How... ASARI!" G settled for screaming for his fellow guardian.

When said guardian showed up, G grabbed him by the collar.

"Look at what your son's going to my son! How did this happen? And you!" G shifted his attention to his still gaping son. "How could you let him top you?"

Hayato's face turned redder then it already was. "He's bigger than me." he mumbled.

"Oh?" G asked his eyes trailing down.

"Not there you old man!" Hayato shouted at his father throwing a pillow in his direction.

"Mah, Hayato, violence isn't going to solve anything." Takeshi flashed him a smile as he captured the bomber's lips once more.

"Sa, I think we should leave these two alone." Asari said, pulling the fuming storm guardian out of the room.


"Yes, Hayato?"

"Lock the door."

A still fuming G stormed into Giotto's room.

"Here." he said, slamming a few bills onto his boss's desk.

"I told you Hayato would bottom." Giotto smiled, pocketing the money.

"Shut up."