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Wishing list prompt: Keth/Yali

Keth wanders the avenues of Khapik. He loves it there. The people, the sights, the food. Best of all is the shelter it offers, which protects him from the storms, and the energy it exudes, which replenishes him after a hard day's work in the forge.

But even more than that, he loves to watch the yaskedasi. The way their bodies move and their voices soar, whilst their yellow scarves flutter tantalisingly over the crowds.

It was in the streets of Khapik he first saw her; when he was still new to the city and looking for a place to stay. She wasn't as glamorous as the other yaskedasi or as flashy, but she took his breath away. Moving into the same lodging house kept him breathless for almost a week, until her sweet personality drew him out of his shell and gave air to his lungs again.


Keth wanders the avenues of Khapik. He nods to the people he knows and stops to buy food from his favourite vendors. He makes sure he buys some of Yali's favourite food. He knows she'll be hungry before she goes out to perform. He knows, too, that she'll scold him for buying her things, for spoiling her, but the smile on her face will negate her seemingly harsh words. Lastly, he knows they'll share a happy meal together, maybe joined by some of the other residents at Ferouze's.

Keth knows all this and it warms his heart.


Keth wanders the avenues of Khapik. He is aimless, drifting along like a shadow. Everywhere, he thinks he sees a glimpse of her; she's in every yaskedasi's face, every yellow scarf. He pauses by the food stands, not hungry and not wanting to look at the foods they shared every night, but feeling like he should find some semblance of normalcy.

Finally, after staring at one particular dish too long, he shakes his head. Longing won't bring her back. Starving himself won't help anyone. He needs to keep us his strength. He needs to make more globes.

He needs to find the one who took her from him before anyone else loses a loved one.