Prologue (Kind of)

Sammy is really popular in school. She's really pretty (the hottest girl at school, apparently) and everyone either loves her or scared of her. What happens when Casey Acosta comes to the school, in the same grade, and starts to like her but not her popularity status. What will she do for love? Be with Casey and lose her popularity, or ditch him and remain popular?

Like the summary? Yeah, I thought so. Here's a make up story, until I find my notebook. Review.

Sammy's POV

"Oh my gosh! Sammy look at those cankles." My best friend, Marissa, snickered as a girl with fat ankles walked past. When she was close enough, my other friend, Holly, tripped her.

We all laughed. We being Marissa, Heather, Dot, Holly, and I. We were like queen bees. You messed with us, and it isn't pretty.

The girl's face turned a bright red, and she grabbed her stuff that had fallen during her fall.

"Watch where your going, Cankles." I snapped at her when she got up. She turned away and darted down the hallway.

"Guys, come on. We are going to be late," I said walking away. I call the shots around the school. My group quickly followed. We strutted to homeroom, in a tight five girl line formation. Everyone moved out of the way when they saw us creating a giant path like a parting sea.

Being Queen Bee sure had it's perks.

We went into our homeroom, which we all shared. I scoped out the room. Everyone had their seats and the teacher wasn't in yet. Time to have some fun. Fourth week of freshman year and everyone was scared of us.

I cleared my throat, and everyone immediately sat up. Me, being in the middle, in a pose, waved my hand. Everyone went to the back of the room. We grabbed our seats, exactly in the middle of the classroom, me being in the middle again. Heather and Marissa on my left, while Dot and Holly were on my right.

I waved my hand again, and everyone found seats. Trust me this was not an every day thing. I was usually nicer, but I was moody today. I felt like shit. Thank you mother nature.

Our homeroom teacher, Mrs. Ambler, walked in just then. "ood morning class." She said brightly.

"Good morning," the five of us chirped. The others quickly followed. I smirked.

"So attendance, pledge and then announcements." She said. I was dying to just leave the classroom but Mrs. Ambler was my favorite teacher, I couldn't do that to her. I sighed heavily. I wanted out.

After she took attendance, sang the pledge, and read announcements, I nodded at Heather and Marissa. Holly and Dot would catch on soon.

"Mrs. Ambler?" I raised my hand politely.

"Yes Sammy?" She smiled kindly at me.

"I have really bad cramps, can I please step out for a minute?"

Mrs. Ambler looked concern, but said alright.

"Can Marissa come with me? I'll feel better if she was with me."

Mrs. Ambler nodded.

"By the way, Heather do you have a pad I can borrow? I forgot mine at home."

"Sure," She said to me. "Mrs. Ambler, can I get a pad out of my locker for Sammy?"

"Mrs. Ambler, if Sammy is upset, I feel very strongly that Holly and I should be allowed to go with her. Her and bad cramps have a very bad history." Dot spoke up.

"Might as well," She agreed. We five stood up and sauntered out of the room.

"Thank God," Marissa let out a relieved sigh and flipped her hair. "What are we going to do?" She asked me.

"Skip." I said simply. "Mrs. Ambler will cover for us."

Did I mention she was my aunt, and the nurse was her cousin? I have very good connections at this school.

"What's the story?" Dot asked.

"Bad cramps caused me to feel lightheaded. And then nurse let us go home."

"Good enough." Everyone agreed.

I felt a grin make it's way on my face. Life was good.

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