Chapter 7

Casey's POV

Okay, no offense to whoever made these forms up but they ask the most stupidest questions. Have I ever kissed a girl? Why would they need to know that?

And here's another one, When was your last F? Can't they wait until my permanent school record came along? I mean, my old school has to send it but that might take another day or so. They can wait.

But still, I answered every single ridiculous question, and at the very last page there was a space where my mom would have to sign the papers verifying that the information was real. I mean, really?

"Hey, you done?" Sammy asked suddenly appearing.

"Yeah, pretty much." I answered and stood up. Sammy took the papers from me and read what I wrote down. After a minute she smiled and said, "Your favorite color is green?"

"Yeah, why?" I gave her a half smile back.

"So is mine." She beamed and then turned to Ms. Mack and handed over the papers.

"Alright, thanks Mr. Acosta. You will start school the day after tomorrow." Ms. Mack said and Sammy and I left the office.

"Why the day after tomorrow?" I groaned.

Sammy laughed, "They have to make your schedule idiot."

"I take that offensive." I said, in mock hurt.

"Pft." She said and we kept walking in silence.

Sammy's POV

I mentally sighed. When Casey comes to school, I don't think I would be able to hang out with him. Sure he's cute and no doubt he'll be popular but.. we can't be like together-together. Maybe secret friends. But nothing in public.

My reputation will be trashed. Already in like less than two hours, he has made me cry, reveal my secret and apologize. He has too much of an effect on me. It's like kiss and ditch.

But without the kiss part.. I mean earlier was basically nothing.

So anyway, the bell rang and I parted ways with Casey after telling him that he should go home. I went to my locker, where I was instantly bombarded.

"So, what happened?" Holly asked immediately.

"Ja, was ist paasiert mit dir und ihm?" Dot said, accidentally speaking german.

"What?" I asked, exasperated. She talked in German whenever she was excited.

"I said, what happened with you and him?" She translated.

"Cuentanos Sammy! Cuentanos. Cuentanos. Cuentanos." Heather said. Okay, she was just speaking spanish to annoy me.

"Care to explain what the heck you just said?" I said loudly.

"I said, tell us Sammy! Tell us. Tell us. Tell us." She said. "Geez, get with the program." She added.

I glared at her. "How am I suupposed to get with the 'program' when I don't know spanish?" I screeched.

"Alright Miss PMS. I was kidding." Heather said, rolling her eyes.

"Look at Tenille." Marissa suddenly said. We turned on instinct and saw her wearing the most ugliest outfit in the world. I mean, all leather? Like, that was so the 50's.

"Yo, Tenille!" I shouted, causing her to look my way and everyone to be quiet. "Did you like raid your great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great.. not-so-great grandma's closet?" I asked her, smirking.

My girls snickered and she glared at us. "No, I brought this at Hot Topic yesterday." She replied putting one hand on her hip.

"Really?" I questioned.

"Pretty positive. I have a receipt and everything." She shot back.

"Looks like Hot Topic is bringing the 50's back in." I commented. I saw Tenille relax and everyone sighed. Whoa, hold the phone, who said that this was the end? I still have a few things to say.

"Return it, cause you look like an oreo. And I'm pretty sure that those jeans squeak when you walk. I'm pretty sure that Hot Topic has a no-return policy.. especially after you wear it. You've just been cheated out of like a hundred bucks." I smirked, and I felt everyone shift in the spots.

"This is vintage." Tenille said through gritted teeth.

"Throw it out. That knockoff sucks." I said before walking to class. Leaving everyone there frozen at my comment. Just a little insider joke. I'd tell you about it but then I'd have to kill you.

-About 4 hours later; Casey's POV-

Once again, I was sent out of the house. After I got back from enrolling, I had taken a very well deserved two and a half hour nap. Then when I woke up, I took a shower and brushed my teeth.

Then, once I had gotten dressed in new non-sweaty clothes, I went downstairs and my mom gave me like 2 hundred dollar bills and told me to buy new school supplies.

So yeah, once again I am roaming the streets of Santa Martina, heading to the nearest store that sell backpacks, notebooks, pencils- Wait. Why am I explaining what a store has? You guys should know. Anyway, yeah I am in search of a store.

Does Santa Martina have like a Wal-mart or a target or something? Wait, we passed by a mall this morning, let me see if I can still find it on my own.

-Ten minutes later-

Ugh, I give up! I checked everywhere. Where the heck is that mall? Whatever, I'll just text Sammy. She gave me her number before I left the school.

I pulled out my phone and put in the number, then I opened up a new message.

Hey, Sammy?

No reply for a few seconds.

No reply for 3 minutes.

No reply for 5 minutes.

No reply for 8 minu-

One new message.

I opened it and read what she texted.

Who's this?

-Sammy so fly-

Really? Is that her signature? Sammy so fly? That's so...ghetto. No offense to anyone.

Casey dipweed. I texted back.

Very funny, Casey dipweed. I was wonderin wat ur last name was. x)

-Sammy so fly-

I raised my eyebrows. I should really watch where I put my commas.

It's Casey ACOSTA! Not dipweed.

Watever. Wat do u want?

-Sammy so fly-

I uh.. can't find the mall. x)

O.o Really? Ur botherin me because u can't find the MALL? Smh.

-Sammy so fly-

Oh, shush it. Meet me at-

I stopped texting and look around. I was near a grocery store, called Maynard's Market.

-Maynard's Market. I texted the rest of the message and sent it.

Alright, be there in two.

-Sammy so fly-

I waited against a telephone thingy and looked around. There was a hotel farther down the street, from what I could see. I mean, there was a huge sign on top of the building that said, HEAVENLY HOTEL!

I bet it wasn't so heavenly.

Next thing you know, I'm being tackled from behind and I hear a giggle as we both land on the sidewalk. I already knew that it was Sammy.

"You weigh a ton." I say, heaving and trying to catch my breath.

"That's rude." She says. "Never tell a girl that. They'd get all emotional." She adds and stands up. I stand up too and dust myself off.

"So, the mall?" She questions. I hold up the two hundered dollar bills.

"My mom wants me to go school shopping." I say.

"Right, well then. Onward my brotheren." She said and then saluted and started marching down the street. I can tell that she's trying hard not to laugh. I smile and follow her.

"Nice signature." I smirk at Sammy, after like a few seconds of awkward silence.

"Yeah, you gotta admit, I am pretty fly." She laughs.

"Yeah, totally." I say sarcastically.

"Oh shush it Acosta." She replies using my earlier text that I sent her.

A/N: Alright, I haven't explained why I hadn't been updating. Well the laptop was being mas estupido, it wouldn't start all the way. And uh.. well that's it pretty much.

My graduation, Semi, Science Fair, Canobie field trip, High School field trip and this stupid ultimatum thing are coming up soon and I guess in a way, I was busy. But eh, not really. So yeah. What have you guys been up to?

Oh and that 'Onward my brotheren' comment was something that I said. I was in school and when I passed by my Social Studies teacher, I saluted and said that. She laughed and my friend called me weird. x)