Woow, this is pretty long…

Hey guys this is my first Farytail Fanfic so please go easy on me.

I don't own FairyTail or any of the characters, last time I asked, I got kicked out (jks)

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~Niceniceluucy16~ said: Heey everyone XD

Windygurl222 said: Hey Lucy sup?

~Niceniceluucy16~ said: nm u?

Windygurl222 said: Same here

Flamehead_idiotNatsu said: I'm Boored!

~Niceniceluucy16~ said: Then Do something!

Frozenstripper said: Haha yeah u idiot!

~Niceniceluucy16~ said: Not helping Gray n besides wats with ur name on MSN? Dats something Natsu would call u :/

Frozenstripper said: O_O WTF! Who change my name? Now everyone will start calling me Frozenstripper not Gray X((

Flamehead_idiotNatsu said: HAHA! LOL! Sucks 2 b u: P

~Niceniceluucy16~ said: BAKA! No one will call u dat Gray, it's not like u change ur name for real n u can change it back 2 ur original name.

Flamehead_idiotNatsu said: AWW! But I like dat name, I pick dat out for him =(

Frozenstripper said:m SO UR DA ONE WHO CHANGE MY NAME!

Flamehead_idiotNatsu said: Yupp XDD I hack in ur account

Frosenstripper said: eh?

Windygurl222 said: O_O!

~Niceniceluucy16~ said: WoW Natsu, n I thought ur an idiot but dats a pretty smart thing u did

Flamehead_idiotNatsu said: Hehe tnks Lucy…..HEEY!

Frozenstripper said: Ur so slow n I can't believe u hack on my account -_-"

Flamehead_idiotNatsu said: Whatever Frozenstripper :P at least I don't strip a lot like u n it wasn't dat hard to hack ur account, I just saw u going 2 da washroom while ur laptop is signed in ur Msn so I change ur name into Frozenstripper.

Frozenstripper said: Oh… n I thought u were actually a smart person, I thought u hack my password or something but dats not wat I call "hacking" at all.

~Niceniceluucy16~ said: Tsk, tsk what a shame…

Windygurl222 said: yup too bad…

Flamehead_idiotNatsu said: What da hell ur siding him for?

~Niceniceluucy16~ said: Bcause its da truth!

Frozenstripper said: HAHA! NOW it sucks 2 b u: P

Flamehead_idiotNatsu said: Shut up! N stop copying me Frozenstripper!

Frozenstripper said: Stopp calling me dat u Flamebrain!

Flamehead_idiotNastu said: Fine then umm….wat about Stripperboy!

Frozenstripper said: No!

Flamehead_idiotNatsu said: Oh! Stripman

Frozenstripper said: NOO!

Flamehead_idiotNatsu said: I'm-a-stripper-n-u-know-it XDD

Frozenstripper said: WTF? NO! u just copy dat 2 some song

Flamehead_idiotNatsu said: Stripperprostitute

Frozenstripper said: WHAT DA HELL! Do I look like a prostitute to u?

Flamehead_idiotNatsu said: Yupp stripper =)

Frozenstripper said: Wat about I call u stupid bastard instead?

Flamehead_idiotNatsu said: Wat did u call me Frozenstripper?

Frozenstripper said: U heard me u stupid bastard!

~Niceniceluucy16~ said: LMAOO dis is da first time they start fighting without using their fists .

Windygurl222 said: So truee dats bcause were chatting on MSN

Erza_Scarlet said: R those two fighting?

~Niceniceluucy16~ said: uh oh their dead

Windygurl222 said: AYEE!

~Niceniceluucy16~ said: o_O Happy?

Flamehead_idiotNatsu said: NOO! Were not fighting right Gray

Frozenstripper said: Yaa were friends XD

Erza_Scarlet said: Good, bcause I'll personally slice u guys into half if ur not

Windygurl222 said: *sweatdrop*

~Niceniceluucy16~ said: -_-""" chi…

~Niceniceluucy16~ said: Anyway, where were u Erza? U missed quite a chat here

Erza_Scarlet said: Srry I had something 2 deal with which is by da way, I have to go byee!

Erza_Scarlet is no longer online

~Niceniceluucy16~ said: She ditch us TT_TT

Windygurl222 said: it's ok she's probably too busy

Flamehead_idiotNatsu said: Is she gone?

Frozenstripper said: No shit Sherlock

Flame head_idiotNatsu said: My name is not Sherlock :/

Frozenstripper said: Geez, ur so stupid

Flamehead_idiotNatsu said: At least I'm not a prostitute like u :P

Frozenstripper said: I AM NOT A PROSTITUTE!

~Niceniceluucy16~ said: There they go again…

Windygurl222 said: Gray ur stripping again

Frozenstripper said: AHH! My clothes!

Windygurl222 said: LOOOOOL! It works! Even in MSN .

~Niceniceluucy16~ said: nice thinkin Wendy

Frozenstripper said: Seriously where's my clothes?

Windygurl222 said: -_-"

~Niceniceluucy16~ said: Really Gray…..

Flamehead_idiotNatsu said: PROSTITUTEE! XD

Frozenstripper said: SHUT UP! N stop calling me dat!

~Niceniceluucy16~ said: by the way Natsu, did Gray hack ur account too

Flamehead_idiotNatsu said: Nope wat makes u say dat? I pick dat name since Gray calls me dat a lot n also since I don't know wat other name to choose.

~Niceniceluucy16~ said: o_O!

Frozenstripper said: Such an idiot….

~Niceniceluucy16~ said: YUP

Windygurl222 said: Agreed

Flamehead_idiotNatsu said: HEEY! I'm here u know

Frozenstripper is no longer online

~Niceniceluucy16~ is no longer online

Windygurl222 is no longer online

Flamehead_idiotNatsu said: WTF! Don't ditch me!



Tsk fine, b dat way XP

Flamehead_idiotNatsu is no longer online

LOL I feel sorry for Natsu I think I went a little too hard on him…TT_TT

Oh well, I might make another one so stick around.

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