Tommy is going on a secret mission with the black ops to save the world. Only a selective few civilians were chosen to become heroes.

Dr. Oliver thought about himself being chosen to help save the world. When he had been asked to help save the world, he laughed thinking now how many times have I done that and with a special group that changed from time to time. So when he had been asked he kept a straight smile and said I would be honored to help my country.

Now here he was heading to the mess hall to eat and see his best friend Jason who was supposed to meet him in the mess hall. Tommy walked in and got the biggest surprise in his life. Kimberly Ann Hart the girl who had broken his heart, although she was not a girl anymore but a woman. He grasps Kim in barely an audio whisper.

Kim was walking to the soda fountain to refill her soda when she felt a pair of eyes on her and turned around in shock to find Tommy Oliver standing nothing but three feet from her. She did not know what to do so she continued to get a soda.

Tommy was taken aback that Kim did not even give him a nod and was just standing there until Jason called him over to join him and the other people at their table.

Kim had no choice but to walk back to the table where Jason had just called Tommy over. The two walked over together but did not say a word or glace at the other. Although both were feeling an unfamiliar emotion deep within their bodies. Ironically the only seat that was left happen to be right next to Kim, so Tommy slide into the seat next to Kim as she was sliding into her seat. When they bumped into each other, they both felt goose bumps and a feeling that both had not experienced since high school.

Kim was about to get up and leave when Jason slapped Tommy on the back and said dang didn't I just see a few months ago, man you need to stop trying to see me. I know I am cool and hot but come on, let other folks get in on the awesomeness which is me.

Everyone was laughing and that seemed to break the ice for now. Jason continues on and tells everyone yeah I also told the newbies how I was the best red leader because Tommy spent all his time with the lovely Kim at the Juice Bar. All Kimberly could do was blush as Tommy and everyone glanced at her. Trini, Zack, Billy, Jason, Tommy, and Kim where finally back together again after years of being apart. The group was joking around and being their normal funny selves without all the drama that had happened between everyone. Billy was talking about an incident at a Juice Bar that occurred a day before the infamous letter and Tommy looked angry and upset. Kim looked like she wanted to faint. Trini knew her friend was going to need to talk to her later and made a mental note to prepare herself for a long night and possibly the morning.

Zack decided to change the subject by saying who wants to see me dance and everyone turned back to him and laughed. He says what we all now I am the best dancer out of the bunch and it has been awhile since I showed off my skills.

The conversation for the rest of the day was light and fun. The group discussed how they all were chosen to be a part of the mission to save the world. Tommy said I was just the Black Dino Ranger and now I am in the black ops. Kim looked at him and was thinking about their time as power rangers together.

She was thinking damn I was young and in love. What went wrong, oh yea I wrote that blasted letter and now I am alone. Kim had gone to Florida to train for the games. During that time she went through a mini depression of being away from her friends and family. So when she met a man named Matt, she thought finally I have found someone to help me through my difficult time and that is where the letter comes into play. She wrote it thinking that she had made the right decision to break up with her then boyfriend Tommy. But as it turned out Matt was no picnic and soon turned possessive and mean.

Kim had to file a restraining order against him for him to see that she did not want to be with him anymore. So now she was alone and a little bitter but hey she had broken up with the one person who understood her completely and who was the love of her life. She continued to steal glances at the one person she loved with all heart and the one person she hurt the most.