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Shinobi and Sonnets

Chapter 1:The Return

Temari was finally home after a successful, yet long S-rank mission. The wind mistress walked through the streets of Suna heading for the Kazekage tower with purpose. The blonde was tired and hungry for real food. If Temari saw another one of the rations she had lived off of for so long, she seriously thought she might injure someone with it. The Suna nin's body ached all over. The kunoichi knew she was nursing a few injuries she probably needed to go to the hospital for.

"Yo," she heard as she felt Kankuro's chakra suddenly materialize behind her.

"Hey," she greeted as the black clad shinobi walked up next her. The puppet master was looking her up and down as if checking to make sure she hadn't lost any limbs. "I'm in one piece, don't look so worried," the blonde chuckled.

Kankuro snorted in response. "I was just worried I was going to get stuck working on the chunin exams if you didn't get back soon," he mumbled. "Gaara has some letters from your boyfriend by the way," Kankuro jeered as he leaped clear of his sister.

"He is not my boyfriend!" yelled Temari as she pulled her fan from her back. She barely winced at the pain from the motion, but it was obvious to her middle brother. Kankuro was already well out of range for her to pummel him with her fan, wearing a grin on his face. The puppeteer knew that she couldn't use any of her jutsu within the confines of Suna. The wind mistress had been deemed to destructive by their little brother, the Kazekage. Kankuro's smile did fall noticing how slow her draw had been, which gave him an idea of the extent of her injuries.

"You need to go to the hospital when you are done reporting to Gaara," he said somberly as he disappeared into the distance.

"How troublesome," the quad pigtailed woman grumbled as she pulled out a scroll and sealed her fan. She was dealing with an inordinate amount of pain, even for her. The rest of her walk to the Kazekage tower would be easier without the additional weight of a huge iron fan. The blonde couldn't help but smile at her brother's concern as she resumed her walk. Temari sighed as she realized that she had used that lazy ninja's phrase though. He had been growing on her and she had very mixed feelings about that.

Temari's mind was working in a thousand different directions all at once. She had to tell Gaara everything she learned on her mission. The kunoichi had the added responsibility of organizing the chunin exams which were coming up soon, which meant she wouldn't be here in Suna for very long. The blonde needed updates on what had happened during her absence, were there any problems with the council? Then of course she wanted specific updates on Gaara and Kankuro, what have they been doing? She knew they were capable of taking care of themselves now, but it just felt so weird for them not to be doing missions together anymore. She felt kind of lonely, which she hated to admit.

"Temari-san! I'm so glad to see you are back safely!" chimed Matsuri's voice bringing Temari back from her thoughts.

"Thank you, Matsuri," replied the blonde realizing she was outside Gaara's office now. "Is he available?"

"Of course," replied the energetic young woman as she opened the door to Gaara's office. Temari bowed in thanks as she walked past. The fan wielding kunoichi found Gaara sitting at his desk diligently working on paperwork. The red head waved for her to take a seat on the couch until he finished up what he was doing, which Temari was more than happy to do. The couch was so soft and comfortable; Temari couldn't help but stretch out and lay down. She closed her eyes as she waited.

"Tell me everything as I finish these documents, I'm listening," murmured Gaara.

Temari went over her detailed report, her theories on events, and the probable outcomes. She outlined the best courses of action, tactical analysis, recommended which shinobi should carry out the additional tasks, and gave some suggestions on additional defense measures for the city. Temari yawned as she finished her long debriefing. She finally opened her eyes up to realize that Gaara had been watching her intently and probably had stopped doing his paperwork a while ago.

"Please go to the hospital to be healed and take this next week off on authorized medical leave. I will update you on everything that has occurred while you were gone tomorrow," the young Kazekage said with concern in his eyes.

"Gaara," Temari started to object as he raised his hand to silence her.

"If you insist on being updated now then I will accompany you to the hospital and do it there as you receive treatment," he sighed. Temari couldn't help but smile at her little brother, he knew her so well. It was a double edged sword though since she wouldn't be able to bribe the medical staff to keep the extent of her injuries from him this time. The blonde had a tendency to push herself too far, and had quite the long medical history because of it. The Kazekage had his sand lift her off of the couch before she could object and carried the pair to the hospital. The somber looking young man updated her on all the day to day standard operations first. Gaara moved on to the common gossip while three doctors mended his sister's torn muscles and broken bones. Once Temari was in a recovery room and they were alone again, she gave him the look demanding the rest on the intel. The Kazekage sighed as he finally went over the classified and confidential matters that Suna was dealing with.

"That covers everything you should know, but you are ordered to remain here in the hospital for 24 hours. I also order you to take one week off. That means NO training," Gaara said emphasizing the key words he knew his sister would have to hear. Temari flinched a little knowing that he was serious, he very rarely ordered her to do anything. It was only when he was worried about her that he would.

"Yes, Lord Kazekage," she whispered as she hung her head and balled her hands into fists.

"Oh, but to keep you busy," he added with an upward turn at the corners of his mouth, "Shikamaru has left you another book."

"Oh sweet Kami, noooo," Temari groaned as she flopped down to laying flat on the bed. "What did he send me now?"

Gaara tossed a black leather bound book onto her bed. "Kankuro and I took the liberty to look of course. We were just making sure there wasn't some love letter stashed in the book for you somewhere," he stated matter of factly even though his sister was giving him a death glare at this point. "It's more of that Shakespeare," he stated as he wrinkled his nose. "It's very difficult to read and confusing."

"It's not bad really once you get used to it," the blonde stated more to herself than to Gaara as she stared up at the ceiling. "The plays are really interesting," she added as she looked towards the red head. "It's not something I would have read if he hadn't challenged my level of intelligence since I had not heard of the author," the blonde shrugged. "He said only a genius would appreciate Shakespeare," she hissed under her breath.

"Temari, you are a genius," Gaara said flatly looking at his sister as if it were obvious. "He is just trying to get a reaction out of you, which he obviously has," the younger brother stated with a slight gleam in his eyes. The Kazekage took out four letters placing them down on the bed.

"What are those?" asked the kunoichi with a perplexed look on her face.

"The letters he sent while you were gone. You were gone for 7 months," the red head replied as he began to walk out of the room. "He was just here a week ago on a mission, which is when he left the book. He seemed worried about you," Gaara added in a softer voice as he turned into the hallway.

"That crybaby? He was probably just worried he would have to do all the work for the chunin exams by himself or with Kankuro," Temari snorted.

Gaara shrugged his shoulders as he wore an expression of indifference. "Good night, sister. Please get some rest," he sighed as he closed the door to her room.

Temari's eyelids were heavy but she was curious as to what this book would be. She picked up the book and flipped the first few pages in to read the contents. 'The Taming of the Shrew & Shakespeare's Sonnets,' she inwardly groaned as she tucked the letters into the book deciding that she would look over them after she slept.