Shinobi and Sonnets

Consider Everything that Grows

Temari had known that the day would come, but the two months of her recovery had gone by too fast. Tomorrow the shadow user would be returning to Konoha. Shikamaru and Temari had been practically inseparable this entire time to the point that the villagers were beginning to accept the Konoha nin like one of their own. The wind mistress thought about how they would be going back to their lives in their respective villages that were three days apart. It left her with an odd feeling in her chest. She was not some fickle girl that would change her mind about their relationship once the genius was gone. Shikamaru was incredibly loyal to his friends and family, so she wasn't worried about that aspect either. What Temari had become painfully aware of was the fact that she was going to actually miss him. Miss banging on his door until he woke up in the morning, dragging him to and from appointments, and spending a relaxing evening with him chatting about the day's events. She would miss the faces he made while playing shogi, how he would hold doors open for her, and how affectionate he could be when no one else was around.

The couple was in a meeting of the Sunan Council that felt like it had been dragging on forever. Temari sat on one side of the large circular table in between her two brothers while Shikamaru was seated directly across from her in between two elders. The blonde felt her eye begin to twitch as it looked like the genius fell asleep. She brought two fingers up to her temple and began to rub in a circle as Kankuro quietly snickered. The blonde kunoichi then felt something touch her foot and begin to slowly creep up the outside of her leg. Temari realized Shikamaru's damn hands were under the table where no one could see them forming the seals for his shadow jutsu. The shadow began to gently stroke up and down her leg which caused the blonde's hand to freeze as she glared across the table. The genius was still pretending to be asleep, but suddenly flinched awake and released the jutsu. Temari saw Gaara smile wickedly at the Konoha shinobi out of her peripheral vision. Kankuro began to cough trying to prevent himself from laughing out loud.

Temari was so relieved when the meeting was finally over, but found herself cornered by an elder much to her dismay. The wind mistress wanted to get out of there and enjoy her last evening with Shikamaru, but with her position in the village she could not be rude to the elder. She listened to what the man had to say graciously but bolted at the first opportunity to leave. The kunoichi found Shikamaru, Kankuro, and Gaara talking in a secluded hallway.

"I'm actually going to miss having you around, Nara. You make these boring council meetings interesting," joked Kankuro.

"I would appreciate you not feeling up my sister while I am right beside her though," Gaara said in his monotone voice with his eyes gleaming. It was actually a joke with no threat behind it which caused the genius to chuckle.

"You're sand hitting me in the shin made that pretty clear, Kazekage-sama," the shadow user said as he smirked.

"I would have kicked you in the shin if I could have reached," growled Temari as she walked up and smacked Shikamaru's arm. "Thank you for doing it for me, Gaara," the kunoichi added as she smiled at her little brother.

"My pleasure, oneesan," the Kazekage said as he bowed his head with his lips ever so slightly curling up into a smile. "Will you be sticking to your original plans for this evening?"

"Hai," the blonde answered matter of factly as the genius shoved his hands into his pockets with a confused look on his face.

"Have a good evening then. We'll see you tomorrow at the gate, Shikamaru," the red head said softly as he turned to leave motioning for Kankuro to follow.

"See ya!" Kankuro chimed as he followed his little brother.

Shikamaru slid up beside Temari so they were just shy of touching after her brothers were out of sight. "I really hope it is dinner at home," he murmured softly as he began to rub the back of his head.

The wind mistress snorted in response, "I thought your home is in Konoha."

"You know what I mean, troublesome woman," the genius drawled.

The blonde nodded her head in understanding. "Yes, we're going 'home'. Gaara and Kankuro are going out so we can have the Kazekage mansion to ourselves this evening." The shadow user smirked at the fact that Temari always seemed to be on the same wavelength he was. "Come on, lazy ass," the blonde laughed.

The couple spent the evening talking about anything and everything except the fact that Shikamaru was leaving the next morning. They enjoyed dinner then moved into the Kazekage's game room where they sat and played shogi realizing it would be the last time for quite a while. As Shikamaru sat in his thinking position the blonde sighed and shifted her weight.

"We can't dance around this anymore, how are we going to do this?" the kunoichi asked quietly.

Shikamaru sat still for a moment as if thinking over how best to explain things, then took a deep breath in. "The next year will be spent with us taking missions, running the Chunin exams, writing one another, and occasional visits," the genius stated looking up into her teal eyes as he shrugged. "Eventually I'll propose, you will accept, and ultimately you will come to live in Konoha. We will visit Suna often, but I think you would be happier living in the Leaf with me. Gaara agrees. We will have homes in both villages though." The shadow user stated everything so calmly that the blonde could only sit there in silent appreciation. The blonde smirked at him as she tilted her head to the side and nodded in approval. Shikamaru smiled back as he pulled a black lacquer box out of his vest and placed it on the shogi table in front of the wind mistress.

"What's this?" the kunoichi asked genuinely surprised. The Nara made a gesture with his hand to indicate she should go ahead and see. Temari gently picked up the simple yet elegant box and opened it. There was a simple white gold chain inside with an onyx disc. The blonde picked it up to examine it closer and found the kanji for wind in silver on one side and the kanji for fire in gold on the other. Shikamaru was from the Land of Fire and she was from the Land of Wind which was what she immediately assumed it symbolized.

"Read the lid of the box," the genius said quietly with a look of eager anticipation. Shikamaru was always so smug and self confident, but there was the ever so slight indication that he was nervous as to how this would be received.

The kunoichi couldn't help but smile slyly back at him as she followed his request. Temari held the necklace in her left hand as she picked the box up in her right. The blonde found beautiful calligraphy in gold on the lid of the box. It was written masterfully, but she could recognize that it was Shikamaru's own handwriting.

Absence is to love as wind is to fire;

It extinguishes the small and kindles the great.

Temari's breath caught in her throat as she looked from the lid, to Shikamaru, then back to the lid. She realized that the look on her face was surely priceless with the way the shadow user was now beaming.

"May I put it on you?" he asked softly stifling a chuckle. The kunoichi simply nodded her head in response as Shikamaru stood and walked over behind where she was kneeling on the floor. The raven haired Nara gently took the necklace from her hand as he knelt behind her. He moved his head to the side as he whispered gently in her ear, "You show the world your loyalty to wind, while you keep fire close to your heart." He slipped the chain around her neck with the fire side against her chest and the wind engraving for everyone to see. The shadow user kissed the back of her neck lightly after fastening the chain. "If I had known this was how to get you to be quiet, I would have done it sooner," he teased breathing on her neck.

Temari quickly turned around and grabbed both sides of his face, practically pouncing on the nin. The wind mistress kissed him until they were both out of breath. "Thank you," she whispered as she wrapped her arms around his neck. "It's perfect."

"I had a little help," shrugged the shadow user.

'When Ino finds out she is never going to let me live this down,' the genius inwardly groaned.


That's it! I apologize for the huge delay on the last two chapters which is why I wanted to get this finished over my short break before I start teaching again.