Okay…so I watched this great TMNT movie this one time. It was hilarious and awesome. It had the old 80s Turtle series, where the cartoons looked like marshmallow men and they were chased around by evil Pizza, made a time-dimensional jumper. But this dimension machine actually brought the 80s turtles to the 2000 turtles tv show. It was hilarious.

Anyways, What I am trying to say is that I using that movie as most of my premise, but with different TV series that the 2000 TV series group will go to.

By the way these TV series are not real. I made them up!

The tunnel flashed by in a blur of grey, only interrupted by patches of black. The sound of the wind whistling past drowned out the sound of the water going through the pipes on the ground as well as the ones overhead.

Leonardo turned right at the next corner with a screech of wood on concrete, and grimaced to himself, his green face scrunching the blue bandana tied around his face.

'Sloppy!' He thought to himself, shifting his weight of green shell over to the left, trying to make sure he didn't swerve off the small ledge that he was using. 'It's that type of noise that would alert an enemy around any corner.'

Leonardo wasn't always like this, being extremely self-critical over small, but today he had been reprimanded for his carelessness from Splinter. The memory was still fresh on his mind.

The old rat leaning calmly on his crooked cane looking down on the four upturned turtles. The rat's robe hadn't even been rustled a bit from the sudden "surprise" attack Master Splinter had only moved twice and yet he defeated the four teenage ninjas with ease.

"You still have much to learn, my sons. It is that impatience from which you act out which will be your downfall."

Leonardo wasn't the one who made the mistake anyways! It was all because Michelangelo was so intent on getting lunch that the four turtles had been forced to act without thinking and planning their attack. Yet during the 5 minute lecture that they had received, Leonardo felt like Splinter was talking to him the entire time.

"You must learn to control yourselves. Acting so rashly will cause disturbance and ultimately lead to your downfall. A true warrior can control all aspects of his life."

Leonardo easily kick-flipped across a pipe that had been emptying into the middle section of the sewer. He twisted his hips so that his two katanas, which were strapped to his back, wouldn't catch on the jagged ceiling.

"Perfect control," Leo murmured, leaning back and halting all movement.

He kicked the board into his hands without flinching, giving himself a small smirk of satisfaction, before entering a green door on his left. He sighed to himself as a crash bombarded his senses the moment he entered the wide area. Everything looked alright. There was the large pool with the red bridge crossing it in the center of the room, the few skateboarding areas were intact, and the sparring equipment to the left looked okay, there was no smoke rising from Donatello's area, so that must mean…

Michelangelo stumbled out from the kitchen area, trying to wave smoke away from his eyes. "Ah, man! The stove almost worked this time!" Michelangelo whined as he stumbled away from the kitchen, his orange mask a striking contrast against his green shell.

Leonardo sighed, 'And Master Splinter thinks I should have more control of myself…'

"What the hell was that?" an irritated voice sounded as Raphael stepped down the steps that led to the bedroom area. The red bandana emphasized his slitted eyes, warning Leonardo that he was not in the best of moods.

"Hey man!" Michelangelo yelled cheerily, completely missing the important social cues. "I was trying to bake some pizza, but for some odd reason the oven caught fire!"

"The ovens on FIRE!" yelled the fourth turtle, who emerged from his area, his purple bandana streaked with machine oil. "What are you doing out here then!" Donatello rushed past Michelangelo and into the kitchen, grabbing a fire extinguisher as he went.

Leonardo shook his head at the situation. "I should have stayed outside," he mumbled under his breath.

Raphael chuckled, apparently hearing the little side comment. "That wouldn't save you. I was just thinkin' of kickin' Mikey out for the day." Raphael covered a yawn as he walked over towards the orange turtle, who was watching the scene inside the kitchen sheepishly.

"Hey Mikey!" Raphael yelled, "How about you go out for the day, dontcha have somethin' you haveta do?"

"Oh, come on! The pizza's still good." Mikey whined.

"Good… Good! Are you kidding me!" Donatello yelled stalking out of the kitchen. "It's totally burnt! I mean look at this!" He held up a metal tray between a mitt-covered hand which had the charred remanants of something that might have been a pizza.

Mikey rubbed the back of his head. "Oops…sorry." Then his eyes lit up with mischief. "Well it doesn't look to bad! Actually it looks kind of like Raph's face! You know, all scrunched up, blackened, and ugly as anything you have ever seen!"

"Why you little-" Raph growled as he lunged at his littler ad nimbler brother.

Mikey ducked away, laughing gaily as he saw his brother turn to chase after him. "You're gonna hafta do better than that, Raph! If you keep going this slow you're gonna get your shell handed to you, dude!"

"Oh, let's see who's shell gets handed to who you nutball!"

Leo sighed again. Only Mikey could get under Raph's skin. An angry Raphael meant a huge ticking time bomb with a miniscule fuse connected to C-5 and gasoline: first was the explosion, followed by a lasting burn. That fire burned anything and everything in its path, even Raphael himself.

'And Splinter thinks I need control… what a laugh.' Leo thought caustically.

"HEY! Don't go near my workplace!" Donatello shouted from the kitchen, taking care of the mess Michelangelo had made. "I just finished a prototype over there and I don't want it disturbed."

Leo walked around the hot-head chasing Mikey, giving the two plenty of space, and made his way to the kitchen. Inside Donatello was scrubbing at the blackened pan with the rough side of a sponge, his eyes locked on his work. The suds were all the way up to his green elbows.

'He seemed so much like a mother,' Leo thought, watching his third brother. 'He cleans up Mickey's mess and tries to keep Raphael in line.'

Leo had respect for Donatello. Don stayed calm, most of the time, and tried his hardest to keep the family together. But more than that, Donatello was the most balanced of the three. He had moments when he was incredibly smart, and moments when he was angry. Don had moments when he could laugh and joke, but also knew when he needed to be serious. He was also the guy who seemed to understand other people the best.

"Can you believe those two? I mean really," Donatello sighed, "Just once I would like them to behave like sane people, just for once."

'Yep just like a mother,' Leo thought not being able to stop a smile slip onto his lips.

"Yes, peace would be nice for just a little while," a slow and slightly slurred voice echoed behind the two turtles.

Leo turned around quickly, surprised by the new presence. Master Splinter stood in the doorway, leaning heavily on his cane as he watched Raphael rub Michelangelo's face in the dirt.

"Ah, what happened to the pan, my son?" Master Splinter asked looking over at the plate that Don was still scrubbing vigorously.

"Uh… our dinner," Don huffed, scrubbing two more times before throwing the sponge in the sink, apparently giving up.

"I see," Splinter sighed. " I am guessing more take out?" He sounded resigned as he asked about the common fall back.

"Yep, so who's going to Casey?" Don asked in return, leaning against the counter.

Leonardo grabbed the phone, "Pizza or chinese?"

Ooh…I like this story so far. Sorry I haven't gotten into the actual plot yet, but I am hoping that this will set the story up for one funny and hilarious and…well you'll see…