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So back to the turtles and their epic adventure of epicness.

They had been searching through the rooms for about an hour when Leo finally let out a sigh, signaling to the other two turtles that they were done. Raph sighed rubbing the back of his neck while Donatello stretched, reaching up and back trying to relax his back from the bent position he had been in for the last hour. The three turtles had searched the entire dojo area thoroughly after they had searched the common area.

"We've searched well enough, we best go back to the others and see if they found anything…" Leo muttered, sighing in defeat. He was certain it was going to be just as easy to find this "battery" as it had been the first time.

"Can't believe Mikey decided to stay with the girls," Raph smirked, "Guess he's not as stupid as he looks." At the four female turtles insistence, Mikey had joined the girls in searching the kitchen, lab area, and the bedrooms.

"It's kind of disturbing though," Donatello sighed, shaking his head, "I mean, they are our female counterparts. So it almost feels like…"

"Oi, Brainiac! Shut up! You're making me feel sick with just insinuatin' somethin' like that!" Raph growled covering his earholes.

Leo grimaced as well. It wasn't like he hadn't been thinking about it as well, but to hear that thought out loud… That would just be sick. What type of person would think about those type of those things. Leo glanced around. Did he just hear something crack?*

The trio walked into the common area to hear a high-pitched giggles coming from the kitchen area.

"Mikey, you are just too funny!" They heard Michelle's high pitched voice yelp.

Walking into the kitchen they found Mikey sitting at a clean table apparently having finished some great joke. Leandra, Rachel and Danniella were sitting at the table, with a range of smiles on their faces. Lea was looking blissfully happy, Rachel was smirking, and crossing her arms, and Danniella was blushing as she smiled at the table. Michelle was standing in front of the stove cooking something that actually didn't smell burnt as she continuously grinned at the group at the table, especially Mikey.

"Well, I might be funny but I am not as amazingly skilled as you guys are," Mikey replied honestly.

"Oh your such a flirt," Leandra murmured rolling her eyes as she reached out and swatted his arm.

"No, I'm serious!" Mikey proclaimed, the smile leaving his face for an honest expression. "I mean Michelle here seems like an amazing cook! And Danniella is as smart, if not smarter, than Donny! And not to forget Rachel! She seems so fearless, taking on those cockroaches without even flinching! I could never do that!" The three girls blushed in turn at his praise.

Leandra glanced off to her right, "So what about me?"

"Oh! Hey everyone," Donatello interrupted awkwardly, trying to desperately forget how all the girls seem to be mooning over his little brother. "We just checked the rest of the rooms, and were wondering how you were faring.

Mikey looked up surprised but happily. "Well, we didn't find anything, but I suddenly got really hungry, so Michelle said that she would make lunch!" He all but yelled, smiling at his brothers.

Leo was staring into some middle distance as he felt the shock of seeing his… female counterpart react so… flirtatiously with his own brother. Donatello had decided that whoever came up with this situation was clinically insane because they had Mikey flirting with Michelle who was his own female counterpart, so basically he… was in love with himself… Don glanced around. Did he just hear something shatter?**

"Soooo…" Mikey began trying to fill the random silence that appeared. " Uh you guys didn't find anything? Not even a hint?"

Leo broke out of his alarm enough to respond an affirmitive.

"Well that's a shame!" Rachel smiled, "I guess you guys are just going to have to spend more time here!"

Mikey grinned as the other three male turtles grimaced.

"Ok! Pasta's done! Time to eat!" Michelle singed. It took a few moments for everyone to settle down into seats and grab plates and utensils, but once that was accomplished they sat there like a big awkward family.

"Should we get Master, I mean, Mistress Splinter?" Leo sputtered slightly.

"No, this is usually her meditation time," Leandra replied, dishing out the food. "We'll just leave some leftovers for her."

The eight turtles quickly started eating the homemade meal, which was very different from what the male turtles were used to. Pizza and Chinese takeout would never taste like this. Hey, it's not like they could walk into a supermarket whenever they liked!

"Uh," Donatello gained everyone's attention as he broke the eating silence. "I just realized this and was wondering, but how do you get groceries down here?" Donatello asked voicing the narrator's concerns…

"Oh, that. Casey usually does it for us," Rachel replied, putting her head into her hand.

"Casey! You have one here? What's he like? How did you meet him?" Raph murmured, looking up excitedly.

Rahel glanced at her male counterpart like he was partially crazy. "I met her when I was blowing some steam off after Lea said something that really got to me. She was smacking some mugger around like he was a piece of paper. It was really pretty funny. And that's just her personality, hitting people around like they're nothing. She also has a wicked sense of humor." Rachel grinned at some memory.

"A girl!... A… GIRL! What is with all these GIRLS!" Raph lamented throwing his arms into the air.

"Well we don't only have girls, I mean there's Apollo. He's Casey's boyfriend. Really nice guy, helps us out a lot." Rachel explained.

"I'm gonna guess he runs a Antique store?" Don asked.

"Yeah," Michelle replied surprised. "He got it from his-"

"Grandfather?" Don supplied. Michelle gave a tentative nod.

"Wait… so everyone has basically had their gender swapped… right?" Mikey asked.

"Yeah, Mikey, couldn't you figure dat out by now?" Raph growled, rolling his eyes.

"Well… what about…" Mikey paused glancing at Leo for a moment before saying softly. "The Shredder…"

"The Shredder?" Leandra snarled as Leo stiffened.

"Oh that bitch!" Raph spat out. "You wouldn't be able to tell by the way she acts, but biologically she's a woman. Insufferable whore!"

Uneasy silence followed as the girls glared at unseen enemies that had apparently created bases in the table top and walls as the boys tried to imagine the Shredder as a girl.

"Um… what has he… er she tried to do?" Raph finally asked.

Rachel eyes flicked to Raphael studying him before answering. "You know, tried to take over the world, rule it with an iron fist all the while trying to kill us…"

"Oh, good!" Raph being of the male persuasion and not thinking far enough ahead in the conversation.

"Good!? What's so good about that!" Rachel exploded, jumping to her feet.

"Well I was 'fraid that the Shredder here would be… you know… a pansy or sumtin'." Raph replied walking into social blunder number two.

"Oh?!" Rachel replied, anger heating under her skin. "And why is that? You think we can't fight or somethin' like that? What, you think that because were 'girls'," She added the air quotes for emphasis as she stood up, "that we're not good, if not better than you!"

"Well you never know wit' all these girls around! You could be painting each other toenails for all I know!" Raph yelled back, jumping up from his chair. The anger in the air was infectious.

Don stood up and moved between the two resident hot heads, raising his hands in attempt of placation and a small amount of shielding. "Hold up you two. Let's just calm down."

"You chauvinist!"



Silence scythed into the air. Attention swept from the two red turtles over to the aged rat who had appeared in the door way of the kitchen. She stood head held proud like always, and in her bony paw was a glowing cube.

"That's the…" Don yelped.

"Yes, I found it in my workroom where I was meditating," Mistress Splinter explained, holding the cube for Don to see it better. The male turtles slowly gravitated towards the object like it was a planet.

"So dat means we can go home?" Raph asked, glancing to Don for confirmation.

"You guys are leaving already?" Michelle whined from the table. "But you just got here!"

"But we really should be getting back," Mikey murmured rubbing the back of his head. "I mean Master Splinter will be worried and the other little guys want to go home sometime soon too."

"AW! Mikey you are such a sweet heart!" Michelle yelled as she bolted across the small kitchen to hug Mikey.

"You should come back to visit us sometime!" Leandra chipped in. "We'll really miss you."

Daniella nodded with a beginnings of a smile, as Rachel grinned outright. Leo, Raph, and Don sighed in unison as they walked out of the kitchen.

"Just what made Mikey so popular?" Raph hissed to Don.

The turtles congregated in the living room. It had the weird feeling, like when you are seeing off distant relatives at an airport, no one knows really what to say, other than, "It was fun, I'll see you next time". The device was turned off at the express direction of basically everyone, and the embarrassment of Donatello.

After awkward goodbyes from Don, Leo and Raph, and some very excited and involved goodbyes from Mikey, the battery was placed into the used batteries position.

Leo turned towards Mistress Splinter and bowed. "Thank you for taking care of us. You have been very helpful to such strangers."

The old rat bowed in return. Then with all pleasantries filled, Don carefully flipped the switch.

The light flashed leaving the girls with an empty living room. After a second of silence, the girls sat down on the sofa to discuss the randomness of the day. For the boys, the bright flash led to a rapid feeling of weightlessness followed by what felt like an awkward landing.

Leo rubbed his eyes, to try to dispel the uncomfortable feeling of dull pain that came with the bright light. Then he looked around and sighed. "Where the hell are we?"

In a world that looked like a cartoon version of a futuristic New York:

"Krang! Where is the welder!?" A man yelled out, spinning around. But he accidently hit a hanging lamp, and his purple cape got caught on the corner of the table. He grumbled under his breath as he reached back to unhook the useless piece of cloth from the inanimate object as his hand throbbed.

He looked like many other cartoon villains, a giant silver chest plate with sparkling shoulder spikes. However he decided to go with the less taken fashion path, and was wearing a silver tunic that, thankfully, covered the spot below his waist and between his legs. He also had a helmet that was based off of a samurai helmet, with a face-mask based off of a ninja, that covered his nose and mouth. It was made out of metal and was actually "very uncomfortable". Oh, what the Shredder did to look the part.

"Stop yelling, you nitwit!" A shrill voice yelled back. "Uahh! You are disturbing the entire building!"

"Well… look whose annoying the building now, Krang!" The Shredder yelled back, crossing his spiked wrist guards in front of his body, being careful with the metal spikes. He had already scraped himself up more than enough with the stupid things.

"Uahh! You are being such a *Uahh!* child," Krang yelled, walking into the room. Or at least his robot walked into the room. Krang, the creature(who looked like a pink slug with eyes and a mouth) was situated inside a giant robot, whom was a large white man with red underpants and silver shoulder guards. For some reason the giant also had a pair of silver glasses.

"Shut up! Where's the welder!?" Shredder yelled once again even though his target was only a few feet away.

"If you don't remember *Uahh* Rock is using it to attach something to his bike…" Krang rolled his… her?... Its eyes.

The Shredder sighed at his minion's incompetence. "But no matter!" He yelled once more getting excited. "I have no need for that…device! I have this!" He pulled a huge random laser looking thing out of nowhere.

The door at the back of his room opened with a Swoosh! Shredder turned towards it in excitement, but froze. There in the doorway was a Foot soldier who froze at the sudden attention from his leader.

The Shredder glanced around the poor soldier apparently looking for something.

"Krang, was I unclear with my villainous introduction?" Shredder wondered aloud.

"No, *Uahh* you even showed your evil weapon quite skillfully…" Krang commented, also searching behind the lonely foot soldier.

"Then, where are the turtles?" Shredder asked pushing his lower lip out into a pout, which oddly enough could be seen through the metal mouth cover.

"Perhaps they missed their cue?" Krang suggested, also looking put out.

The Shredder let out a sigh. He hid his doomsday device cleared his throat and then yelled out, "NO MATTER! I HAVE THIS!" He pulled out his gun once again and waited.

The Shredder lowered his weapon. "Turtles?"

"What the- this is SO unprofessional!" The Shredder ranted. "I can end the world right now and they are no where to be seen!"

"But that's a good thing! *Uahh* Now your plans will go smoothly!" Krang interrupted, looking hopeful.

The Shredder paused. "No, I can't do that to the guys, I mean I bet they're just stuck in traffic! Look I'll wait for an hour and try again!" The Shredder nodded to himself, satisfied.

This is not the 2004 Shredder!(if you didn't notice) He is solely based off of the 1980's version.

*-I'm talking about how I kinda broke the fourth wall… :P

**-…and now the fourth walls shattered…

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