You know those dreams – those nightmares – where you're there, watching all of the events unfold but you can't do anything because you're in the dream? And you think it's real, and when you pinch yourself it's like you can actually feel the pain? And you're just standing there like a spare part while everything you've ever feared happens and everything you've worked for crumbles and falls apart and everyone you loved dies?

Well, that's kind of what it was like finding out that Rima was dating Takuma. Yes, Takuma Ichijo and Rima Touya, my two best friends and the two people I could have sworn blind would never hurt or betray that. They did. And right in front of my face, too. It was totally frustrating. And it all started like this.

Rima and I were just sitting beside eachother in class… like we always do. She was feeding me Pocky – it was desirably cute. I loved it when she did that, fed me like a baby. We always had that joke, that she was my big sister and I was her little brother… though I was older than her by four days. After the Rido-incident, everyone kept saying that we'd reversed roles and that I had begun to take care of her like an older brother, which I did find unbelievable… Rima hated people caring for her and looking after her. On the other hand, I strongly disliked having to care for other people and listen to their problems.

That was one of the few differences between Rima and I.

"Rima-chan, Pocky," I ordered, opening my mouth wide. It was almost as if I was a tiny little baby boy and she was my mother, playing some stupid 'here-comes-the-aeroplane' game. She slid the chocolate-covered stick into my mouth gently.

Takuma walked over with one of his ridiculous grins plastered on his face. "Shiki-kun, didn't you know? Smoking's a very bad habit."

Rima and I both gazed at Takuma. "Takuma-kun, you're being a pain again," we chorused. To me, her words were just Rima. Rima and I, saying things at the same time… like always, right? But I was so wrong, I guess. Did her words hide love and longing for him? I did not detect those emotions, but the next thing I knew…

"Rima-chan, will you go on a date with me?" Takuma said.

That wasn't even the worst part. He did it with some pathetic, pathetic happy expression that made me want to vomit.

And the expression wasn't even the worst part. It was what Rima said next that murdered me:


End of Jealousy preface. I know it's short. I'm sorry. But I wasn't going to write out an unnecessarily long preface, because I'm not nice enough to do that. Jealousy is going to be made up of four parts, updated every three days. It's a present for those of you waiting so long for Diamond Rings & Pocky Sticks final chapter, which is taking forever because it's so darn long and I just can't get it right! It's tricky, but I'm working there.

Sorry guys.

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