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Chapter 42

They land in New York and Bella finally realized where they were. She has a huge smile on her face.
"New York?"

"Yep, thought we could use a little vacation alone and I know how much you love New York."

"Your amazing."

Bella kisses Edward.

They grab their bags and get a cab and head to the hotel.

Edward could not wait for Sunday. He had the proposal perfectly planned out.
They pull up in front of the Ritz-Carlton.

They walk over to the check-in desk.

"Good Evening. Welcome to the Ritz-Carlton. Do you have reservation this evening?"

"Yes, under Cullen."

"Yes Mr. Cullen we have you here for four nights leaving on Tuesday."
"If I could just get your a credit card."

"Of course."

Edward hands her his credit card and then she tells them there room number and hands them there room keys.

"Have an amazing stay."

Edward grabs Bella's' hand they head up to their room.

Edward had reserved a penthouse. Bella's eyes got huge when she walked in. They had an amazing view and a hot tub on the balcony. Bella was outside enjoying the view when Edward walks up behind her and wraps his arms around her.

"So I ordered us some room serves."

"Good, I am starving. Edward this is amazing. Thank you"

"Anything to make you smile."

Bella smiles and kisses Edward

"Did you pack my camera?"
"Of course."
Edward leaves to grab her camera.

"Here you go babe."

"Thank you."

Bella starts to take pictures of the view. About 20 minutes later their room service arrives. They both sit down and enjoy their first night in New York with a glass of wine.

The next morning Edward wanted to take Bella shopping. Plus he had to pick up the ring. He had talk to Alice and they both pick one out but it was only available in New York. Edward could not wait to ask Bella.

They shopped all morning.

They stop at a local café for lunch.

"I love New York" Bella said.

"Me too, but I miss the weather in L.A."

"Yeah the weather is amazing in L.A. but its nice here."

"This week."
They both laughed and enjoyed there lunch.

Edward had set up a massage for Bella while he went to pick up the ring.
Bella headed to the Spa and Edward headed to Tiffany's.

They met up for dinner.

"How was your massage?"

"Amazing. Thank you!"

"You are very welcome."

They order their food.

"So I have surprise for you for tomorrow."

"I love surprises."

"So you have to be ready by ten thirty."

"Ok. Anything particular I need to wear?"

"Just jeans and a t-shirt and comfy shoes."

They eat their food and both ere super excited for tomorrow. After an amazing dinner they headed up to their room.

"You know Ms. Swan I still remember the first day you walk into my class."
"Oh really Mr. Cullen?"

"Yep, you were wearing a skirt and a while polo shirt."

"I don't even remember that but I do remember being super excited because I was going to finally have the gorgeous Mr. Cullen as my teacher."
Edward smiles and his lips crash into Bella's.

"Well Ms. Swan you defiantly have me now. What are you going to do with me?"

"Oh, you will see" Bella says with a smile.

The next morning…

Edward got up before Bell and ordered room services for breakfast. Then he went back in the room just as Bella was waking up.

"Good Morning beautiful."


"Breakfast will be here in 30 minutes."

"Ok, enough time for me to shower."

Bella headed to the shower with Edward right behind her.

After they showered they eat breakfast.

Then they both finished getting ready and headed out. Edward had rented a limo to take them to the stadium. They got in the limo and the driver headed towards the stadium. They pulled up and the driver walks over and opens their door. They got out and Bella's face lights up.

"A Yankee game?"
"Yes, I know how much you love them and I know since you have been dating me you have not been following them as much."

"Thank you."

Bella kisses Edward and they head inside.

Edward leads Bella to the seats, which were on the Yankees side, right next to the on deck circle. Bella was in shock. She had the biggest smile on her face.

"These seats are amazing."

"Only the best for the love of my life."

Bella smiles.

Bella and Edward enjoy watching batting practice. Bella almost passed out when Derek Jeter walks past them.

Edward excuses himself to go make sure everything was in order for the proposal.

Bella was sitting wondering what happen to Edward when Derek Jeter walks over to her.

"Hey Bella. I'm Derek Jeter."

Bella was speechless.


"Would you come with me?"
Jeter offers her his hand.

She grabs his hand and he leads her onto the filed over to home plate. Bella had no idea what was going on. Jeter smiles at her. He moves over and Bella sees Edward walking toward her with a huge smile on his face. Smiles back at him.

"Bella, you know I love you more then anything in this world. When you got in your accident and I though I was going to loose you forever was on the worst days of y life. I have know since that day you walk into my class room so many years ago that there was something special about you and the day you walk back into my life was the happiest day of my life. Will you please do me the honor…"

Edward drops down on one knee and pulls out the ring.

"and become my wife and staying with my for the rest of our life's."

Bella was crying. She couldn't believe it. She smiles at Edward.

End of Chapter

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