Gift for Elsceetaria

Wishing list prompt "Precanon Lark"

Lark made her way home from the market slowly. She tried telling herself that it was because she wanted to savour the cool night air, but the truth was that she was too tired and hungry to walk any faster. For the third day in a row she hadn't been able to scrounge any scraps from the food stalls at the market. The stallholders indicated there wouldn't be many more scraps in the future either. At home, her small amount of bread was getting staler. Soon it would go mouldy and then Lark didn't know what she'd do.

As she crossed the square, a flurry of colours caught her eye. A group of tumblers were performing to a small crowd in the corner of the square. Lark stared at them hungrily, trying to stop herself from moving closer. After all this time, she still missed her tumbling life with a fierce ache. But there was no point torturing herself about it. What had happened, had happened and there was nothing she could do about it.

Almost as if it sensed her thoughts, Lark felt the familiar tickling begin in her throat. She turned to go, stumbling with no real sense of direction and bumped into someone coming the other way. The stocky woman with auburn hair glared at Lark. "Can't you watch where you're going?" she snapped.

"S-s-sorry," Lark stuttered between wheezing breaths. The woman frowned at her, concern gentling her features. "You need to come with me lass. I've got something that'll fix those wheezes right up."