Aizen Sousuke has come to power over Germany with the support of his Nazi party and loyal officers, but underneath all the parliamentary lies, the biased manipulation, and the tragedies soon to follow, lays a dangerous reality for a Jewish family of just 4 in Nuremberg; a young man named Ichigo Kurosaki, his father Isshin, and his two sisters Karin and Yuzu. With the onslaught of the German occupation, Ichigo not only catches the attention of a high ranking officer named Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez, but finds himself in dire need of help from the General to get himself and his family deported out of Germany before everything collapses.

I Promise to My Readers

• A Happy Ending

Life is full of pain as it is for many individuals out there. I am no stranger to the tragedies that can occur in life and for some, are a daily occurrence. In knowing this, a story such as this will always have a happy ending, an ending that is both satisfying and well deserved.

However, although the story has a happy ending, that doesn't mean the characters don't struggle. Because this takes place during the Holocaust, there will be as you could imagine, many obstacles and struggles for my characters to stumble through before the end. These struggles are neither pointless nor out of context, acting as both a developmental and shaping element. So yes, there will be moments of hurt, sadness, stress, anxiety, drama, etc etc.

Do not fear however. This is NOT an angst/tragedy. There will be plenty of moments of comfort, healing, reflection and growth, peace and even a little comic relief, but most of all there will be sexual adult content as well.

This story is focused on:

• Japanese Anime- Bleach
• Yaoi Pairing- Grimmjow x Ichigo
• Alternate Universe

There are many stories that exist out there during the Holocaust era about the women of its time, the men, the children, the families, couples in love, heterosexuals and homosexuals. However, most of the stories out there are usually of the survival of these individuals and rarely ever on a couple let alone a homosexual couple. Even though my story is fictional at least in regards to the characters used, that doesn't negate the possibility that an actual storyexists out there for a homosexual couple that could have gone through what is mentioned in my fanfiction. I have every respect for the horrible events of the Holocaust, neither do I condone the pain and or discomfort reading about this era can or may cause.

Grimmjow and Ichigo are my number one top favorite non-canon yaoi pairing. The Holocaust era is one of the rare few eras that intrigue me, not to mention that I'm part German and a few of my relatives dealt directly with that time period. So when you put two and two together, the idea for this story struck me with inspiration.

This story is NOT:

• Random
• Racist
• Poorly Written
• OOC (Out of Character)
• Thoughtless Smut

With 30+ chapters, this story has been thoroughly researched with hours upon hours of developing and writing. I have been a diehard fan of Bleach since it first came out in America and therefore, the borrowed Bleach characters are written in the best of my abilityto their personalities and actions.

If you doubt the legitimacy or quality of this story then please refer to the 100+ reviews and comments left on or on deviantart. They will give you a fairly good idea as to the quality of my work. As a warning though, some of the comments contain a few spoilers to the chapter they are written for so be aware of that.

This story does NOT entail:

• 100% Cultural or Historical Accuracy
• Graphic details regarding Jews being tortured, burned, or in the camps.

I'm not a historian and neither do I live or have lived in Germany, so I tried to make this story as accurate as possible, both to the historical factor as well as the cultural factor, but I'm only human. Nothing is perfect, so please refrain from sending condescending messages on anything I happen to get wrong by mistake since it might be about something I'm not even aware of. If you find anything inaccurate then it was not on purpose, it was just something I simply missed. If you wish to point something out then feel free to message me about it, but keep it civil. I'm not going to be offended that you feel something needs correction in my story, but don't be an asshole about it. Okay?

As for anything regarding graphical details, most of anything about the concentration camps or what happened to the Jews is used more or less as background noise in the story and not as the main focus. There are hints to these kinds of events, but otherwise the story is mostly focused on Grimmjow and Ichigo and Ichigo's family getting out of the country during the crisis.

Personal Thanks To:

• danasy on deviantart for some brief help with German translation during the beginning.
• Sources such as; The Pianist, Valkyrie, Schindler's List, Maus: A Survivor's Tale, Wikipedia, and various other websites for information and historical accuracy.
• User comments, reviews and personal messages for further refining of historical accuracy, German translation, and cultural understandings.

This story is much more than what it started as and I couldn't have done it without the help I was given and or offered. Thank you all kindly!

The Regular

1929. The stock market crashedin the United States, being the biggest financial crisis of the 20th century, sending a severe ricocheting worldwide crisis. Germany was one of many countries affected by this devastation, the Weimar Republic hit hard as American loans that were being used to help rebuild Germany's economy were now stopped. In dire need of leadership that could stand up and save its citizens from the drowning of despair and suffering, one man stood up to the challenge. Out from the turmoil and local uproar arose valiantly to the stands without hesitation, taking advantage of the emergency to gain support for his party; Aizen Sosuke, making promises to renounce the Versailles treaty, opening of new found jobs, and ultimately rebounding the economy. With another few passing years to 1931, what appeared like a savior in their midst was nothing more than a wolf seeking political opportunities to anchor his grasp on Germany with the support of his many followers; the Gestapo, the SS, the NSDAP, and much more. Although Aizen fulfilled his promise of recovering the economy, it would come at a very hefty price.

"Heil, Aizen!"A chant that would soon not be forgotten.

However, underneath all the parliamentary lies, the biased manipulation, and the tragedies soon to follow, laid a much simpler reality for a family of just 4 in Nuremberg; a young boy named Ichigo Kurosaki, his father Isshin, and his two sisters Karin and Yuzu. Isshin's family was of the Jewish faith and religion, living as honest good working people who cared for each other with traditional morals. However, despite this pleasant exterior, Ichigo was no push over and was quick tempered to things that were out of line or immoral. One of Ichigo's past times was beating down on the local rift raft of neighborhood boys that seemed to love to purposely knock over a glass jar that held a single flower with memorial intention for a Jewish girl that had died from being run over by a car driven by Nazi soldiers. He would visit the site everyday on his way home from school and like always he would find it tipped over.

Of course this wasn't a problem for him since the near sight of him being around would scare the local boys away, knowing Ichigo's reputation to dish out the pain if necessary to keep them in line. He didn't necessarily mind however and the family of the little girl were grateful for his patronage to the accident site…if you could call it an accident.

Kneeling gently upon the ground, Ichigo once again tipped the jar back upright, placing a new flower in it as he smiled and spoke out loud, "I don't know if you can hear me, but I recently got a new job and have been working at a store. Isn't that great? Now I can help dad with the bills since he's been having problems lately with getting customers to his clinic. The store owner seems nice enough…"

"…talking to yourself again, Dummkopf?" a voice interrupted as Ichigo looked up to find a boy standing before him with red spiked hair in a pony tail.

"Halt die Klappe! You're one to talk. What are you doing here anyway Renji? Isn't your house all the way on the other side of the neighborhood?"

"I came to warn you."

"Warn me?" Ichigo questioned as his eyes spoke of a quizzical nature. "Yeah. You might want to start being careful who you pick fights with. It's not safe anymore around here."

"What do you mean?"

"Tch, idiot, don't you ever listen to the radio? Another guy was shot, right in the street near the marketplace where you work."

Ichigo gasped, "Diese Schweine! Again?"

"Yeah, and here's the kicker. They're saying the guy was a Jew."

"Did he…do anything wrong?"

"Not from what I'm told. The guy had a small argument with a German officer. The officer then pulled out his gun and just shot him in the leg. Guy was taken to hospital, but a simple argument shouldn't end with a bullet. That's just ridiculous."

Ichigo gritted his teeth at the news. He had heard of things happening every so often before, but now it was becoming a bit toooften.

"Look, I don't want to talk about this anymore, but you're one of my closest friends. I figured I'd just warn you to just keep your fists in your pockets and let things go. Don't do anything…"

"…stupid, yeah I know. You sound like my dad you know that?"

"Tch, at least one of us does, but don't say I didn't warn yah. By the way, say hello to your sisters for me. The apple streusel Yuzu made for me was fantastic."

"You're welcome," Ichigo replied sarcastically as Renji walked back down the sidewalk to return home, leaving Ichigo to himself again.

"Well, I guess I better head home now. I hope you're doing alright," he stated out loud, hoping the little girl could hear him as he dusted himself off and headed home. Upon return, Ichigo opened the front door to be confronted with aromas of a freshly cooked meal by Yuzu. Tonight's special was Koenigsberger Klopse; meatballs in a white sauce that was flavored with lemon juice and capers, served alongside a cucumber salad topped with a sugary vinegar dressing.

"Mmm, that smells wunderbar."

"Bruder! You're home! Did you have a good day at work?" Yuzu asked in a cheerful manner, wrapped in an apron and a stirring rod in her hand as she was still mixing around the sauce.

"Was a usual day. Boss was cranky though. Seemed like something was bothering him."

"Aw, well that's not good. I'm sure he'll be fine tomorrow though!" She replied with bright optimism. "Go ahead and sit at the table. Dinner is almost ready."

"Heh, alright. Where's Karin?"

"She's upstairs finishing her homework," Yuzu replied from the kitchen as Ichigo began to venture towards the dining room until he was harshly interrupted by a random flying kick in the air followed by an annoying ever familiar whale, "ICHIGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Easily ducking his head and dodging, the boy's ballsy father went flying over and into the table in front of the couch as he crash landed with a bang.

"Du bist solch ein Idiot."

Staggering up from the couch with a near bloody nose Isshin replied, "Now is that any way to treat your loving father who is welcoming his son home from work?! HUH?!"

Clenching a fist as he yelled back, "WHAT?! How is a flying kick to my face welcoming me home?! I swear I'm going to emancipate myself from you one of these days." The bantering quarrel was soon interrupted by a high pitched ringing bell.

"Dinners ready!" Yuzu chirped as Karin came slowly down from the stairway.

"You two at it again? Man you two seriously need to grow up."

"HE STARTED IT!" Ichigo yelled as Karin simply ignored him and went towards the dining room table, but not without Ichigo noticing a weird reddish mark on the top of Karin's hand. "Hey, what happened to your hand?" He asked as Karin simply sat down at the table, trying to change the subject, "So how was work?" Sitting down next to her alongside Isshin as Yuzu began handing out food filled plates he redirected the conversation back, "Don't give me that. I want to know what happened to your hand. Was it some kid from the neighborhood?"

Casting her gaze away with an ill expression she replied in a low tone, "No."

"Then…who was it?" Karin kept her gaze turned down as she began to eat her meal after saying grace with the others. She obviously wasn't in the mood to talk about it and Ichigo wasn't one to continually press his sister to converse when she wasn't ready to.

"If you need me to take care of it just let me know okay?" As he began to take a bite of his meal, letting out pleased murmurs from the taste.

"Oh wow Yuzu, this is really good. Is this your first time making this?"

"Yes! It's a new recipe I was taught…"

"…it was the teacher," Karin interrupted as everyone cast their attention on her.

"Th…T-The teacher?!"

"Some kid kept making fun of me because I'm a Jew so I tried to stick up for myself, tell him to stop, but he instead told the teacher about it and I tried to explain what happened, but the teacher wouldn't believe me and instead he told me to hold out me hand and…and…"

"…he hit you?! That son of…"

"…let it go son," Isshin interrupted since talking about it would only upset Karin further since Ichigo finally got an answer out of her.

"Let it go? A teacher hit my sister for no good damn reason and you're telling me to let it go?! Have you even talked to the school about this?!"

Ichigo further raged as Isshin simply stated in a calm tone, "Yes, I have."


"And, there's nothing further that can be done."

In an outraging protest Ichigo abruptly stood up from the table as he yelled in retort, "VAS?! Verdammt! I ought to go down there and punch the crap out of that teacher!"

"You'll do no such thing!" Isshin retorted back in a sterner tone. Not wanting to be present any longer, Karin simply got up from the table and ran upstairs to her room, Yuzu almost in tears from her family arguing after she had just placed down a nice cooked meal for them.

"Ichigo, there are certain extenuating circumstances that are out of my hands and if they were to erupt further than they already have, it would result in dire consequences."

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?!"

"It means you need to sit down and eat the meal Yuzu prepared for us!"

Isshin was right. This was a matter not appropriate for meal times and Ichigo felt a little embarrassed now, but it wasn't that Ichigo didn't care or wasn't listening to his father, it's just he couldn't get over the fact that a teacher had struck a child without just cause and got away with it, but it wasn't just any child, it was his sister.

The thought of it boiled in his gut and he suddenly lost his appetite.

"I'm sorry, but I'm not hungry. I promise I'll eat my share later Yuzu. Thanks for making the meal for us," he gratefully exclaimed as he excused himself from the table, going up the stairs and to his sister's room. It was dark and silent in the hallway, lit only by a single candle that sat on a table at the end as his feet gently creaked onto the floor boards with each step. Putting his ear up against the closed door he listened, but there was no sound. Lifting his hand he gently tapped his knuckle upon it a few times, "Karin?"

No response.

"It's Ichigo, I'm coming in," he gave a heads up as he slowly opened the door to find Karin sitting on her bed with her knees propped up and her arms wrapped around them with her head buried.

She wasn't one to ever cry, but he could feel her pride rather hurt and he could only imagine what she was feeling.

"I'm sorry…" he began as he sat on the edge of the bed next to her "…I didn't mean to pressure you. I was just…worried."

"I know," she replied in a muffled out voice, keeping her head buried.

"He didn't hurt you too bad…did he?"

"The stupid teacher or that stupid kid?"

"Heh, both I guess."

"No, but…" she began, but then let her half started sentence trail off. "It's okay," he tried to reassure her, placing a hand upon her head.

"No, it's not…" she retorted as she lifted up her head, looking into her big brother's golden brown eyes "…he's done it before."


"Not to me, but…to other kids."

"And no one does anything about it? Don't the parents care at all?"

Karin sighed as she just wanted to put the matter to a rest, but simultaneously she wished something could be done even though there really wasn't anything that could be. Ichigo sighed as well, "Nevermind. Just forget I said anything. I don't know why it matters to begin with, but next time that kid bothers you about being Jewish or whatever, just ignore him. Sometimes it's the only thing you cando.

That way they can't accuse you of saying something you didn't say. Okay?"

Karin never thought she would hear Ichigo give advice on nottaking action, but he was indeed a boy of surprises. Uncurling her legs she then wrapped her arms around her brother's neck as he at first was surprised with his arms flailed out to the side, but then he soon embraced her warmly.

"Just get some rest. I'm sure it'll be better tomorrow."

"Danke, Bruder."

-Next Day-

A beautiful Friday had dawned as it didn't seem long before Ichigo had finished going to school and straight to his job a few blocks down.

"Guten Tag !" Ichigo greeted as he quickly went to the back to punch in and put on an apron that wrapped nicely around his grayish blue collared long sleeve shirt that was tucked into tan brown pants adorned with a black leather belt.

"Guten Tag Ichigo. Be gut if you actually showed up on time!" The store owner barked in a thick German accent.

"Entschuldigung! The teacher had us stay later for an emergency fire drill…"

"…yah, yah, Vhatever. Just hurry up and stock up the bread. We're low on the pumpernickel!"

"Yes, sir!"

The store wasn't very large, but it had many specialties in different brands that couldn't be found at any other store; hence its profitability and number of customers both Jewish and German, but the store attracted one particular customer that in turn became a regular ever since Ichigo started working at the store. And this regular wasn't just any German, he was an SS officer with a high rank; an Oberstgruppenfuhrer or commonly known in American society as a General.

This rank sat just shy under the Reichsfuhrer SS or known as the Military Commander and this particular gentleman was in charge of the entire Nuremberg district and was becoming rather fond of the orange haired Jewish boy that worked at this store. There were only a few customers in the store at the time that were being helped by Goldstein as Ichigo knelt idly upon the ground in front of the bread isle as he began to gently stock up the pumpernickel.

In the midst of restocking, a pair of sleek black leather boots stepped up beside him just as he was bending over to restock the bottom part of the shelf.

"Where can I find King Solomon's Sardines?"

The voice asked in a very low and strict, yet relaxed tone. The name of the particular sardine brand struck an odd chord with Ichigo. It was a brand name he was used to hearing at least once a week and it only was spoken by oneindividual. Nervous to cast his gaze up as he continued to restock the bottom shelf he answered back, "On isle 2 next to the canned vegetables on the right side."

"Tch, is that any way to treat your customers boy, by just telling where the item is without physically taking them to what they seek?"

And then the ever familiar metal click sounded as a cigarette was lit. The sound sent a chill up Ichigo's spine as the boy finally and cautiously lifted up his head, his golden brown eyes met with a piercing electric blue gaze.

"General Grimmjow! Our finest regular! Velcome back," Goldstein greeted from the counter as the other customers in the store quickly were in and out with their purchases nervous at the General's presence.

"Guten Tag," the general simply replied back, letting out a puff of smoke from the finely lit cigarette in his mouth. He was a tall man at a normal 6 ft 1 in height, broad in the shoulders that were adorned with a grey jacket top that closed at the front with gold buttons and stopped just below the hip line and at the tip of the upper thighs.

They came with matching pants that stuck out at the sides just before the tip of the knee and then was tailored inward much tighter upon the calves that were tucked into knee high sleek leather black boots that were shined with perfection. Upon the collar of the jacket were embroidered two reflecting insignias that sat on both collar tips. They were large black square shaped patches that looked like three wavy like silver leaves that took up the entire patch. The slightest difference in the number of leaves determined a rank in and of itself. In the middle was clipped a Maltese Cross charm that was black in the middle and edged with gold.

Upon the jacket itself on both sides were large pockets closed by a single gold button and above the right pocket sat a gold embroidered eagle patch that held the swastika symbol while in the middle of the pocket sat a silver Nuremberg badge. On the other pocket sat an SS Rune badge that was black and silver. Upon the shoulders were gold braided SS General boards that were etched on top of a grayish colored cloth. And lastly, wrapped nicely around the left jacket sleeve was an SS armband that had a red background with the swastika symbol in the middle and outlined with black. Below the jacket was a snugly wrapped black leather belt with a silver flat plain buckle. If there was anything else in regards to arsenal or weaponry, it was simply hidden and out of sight.

And last but not least, sat upon the general's head was a similar colored hat that bore the same golden eagle, the front of the hat edged with black shiny leather that matched the belt and boots. Underneath the hat was shadowed electric blue hair that dangled out from the back, sideburns, and bangs that occasionally was irritating to eyesight. Ichigo couldn't help but blush at the sight every time he saw the man come into his store. It was a sight to behold that was of the dangerously attractive kind with a look that could kill.

"Is your face normally that shade of pink?"

Ichigo blushed further in a fluster as he finished putting the pumpernickel away trying to ignore the man by focusing on the bouncy German music that played on the nearby radio. Standing from the floor with the empty box, he quickly turned in the opposite direction to take the box to the back, but his footing was halted by a tugging upon the back of his apron. Ichigo shuddered from the pull as he refused to turn around.

"You gonna take me to those sardines?"

Flustered, Ichigo replied with the slight turning of his head in the General's direction, "Would you gimmie a minute so I can at least put this box away so customers don't trip on it?"

"Tch, fine. I'll wait right here," Grimmjow smirked, letting go of the boy's apron as he attended to his cigarette, placing it between his fingers as he let out another puff.

"And don't smoke in the store!" Ichigo yelled from the back as his boss immediately scolded, "Ichigo! Yell like that again at a customer and it'll come out of your paycheck!"

Grimmjow merely chuckled as he strolled up to the front counter, burning his cigarette out in the ash tray.

"Kid's got balls for telling a high ranking officer what to do and what not to do. With an attitude like that he could easily become an officer himself."

"I'm very sorry about that sir…"

"…don't worry about it. I like the kid. He's got an unbending spunk," an unbending spunk that Grimmjow was intent on bending. After finishing putting the empty box in the back Ichigo came back out with his arms folded in a pouty type of stance, cocking an eyebrow at the blue haired general.

"Well?" Grimmjow teased as Ichigo sighed heavily, escorting Grimmjow to isle 2 where his favorite brand of sardines was located.

"There, happy?"

"Well, well, well, you seem rather bitchytoday. Did someone piss in your sauerkraut?" The man's word usage was crude, but didn't deter the boy from speaking his mind.

"You do this every time you come here; you waltz in the store, stop me in the middle of doing my job and then ask me where the King Solomon Sardines are at when you know full well the location of them."

Furrowing an eyebrow, the much taller man took a step towards Ichigo, hands in his pockets with an overbearing shadow as the boy took a step back, wondering if maybe he had flapped his mouth too much.

"Yeah, so what? As the Americans say, the customer is always right…right?"

Ichigo trembled lightly from that ever piercing gaze behind blue eyes as he yelled aloud at his boss, "Hey ? What did you say earlier about me unloading the canned pineapple in the back?"

The store owner lifted up his head from the counter after giving a customer their change as he replied in question, "Canned pineapple? Vhat ar you talking about?" Nervously making up things on the fly, Ichigo rushed back behind the counter and past the employee swinging doors as he answered, "Don't worry I'm on it! I'll get it done as soon as possible!"

Grimmjow chuckled audibly, finding that his teasing of the boy was ever so enjoyable, his favorite past time of the week.

"Vhat has gotten into that boy lately? It's like he's trying to avoid something or rather…"

"…when does he get off work?" Blinking for a moment, curious as to why the general would what to know something like that as he simply answered, "In 3 hours sir. Shall I leave him a message?" Grinning as his pearly whites were shown, the man simply answered, "Nah, I'll leave him a message myself," as he soon left the store after purchasing his sardines, giving Ichigo some final relief as he came out from the back, glad the man had left.

"Man what is it with that guy and sardines?" The nice calm exterior of Mr. Goldstein had quickly turned to an ugly shade as he pushed Ichigo back into the employee area confronting the boy sternly.

"Do you have any idea who that guyis?"

"No," Ichigo answered with questioning irritation.

"He's an Oberstgruppenfuhrer!"

Ichigo gasped. He at least knew what that title meant with basic understanding of military ranks. "He's head of the entire district of Nuremberg. You're lucky he likes you so much or he probably vud have shot you out in the street like that man the other day."

Ichigo gasped, remembering what Renji had warned him about. He sighed in apology, "You're right. I'm sorry Mr. Goldstein. Just that guy is so….so…."


"No…yes…well I…" Ichigo stammered as he sighed again with a heavy exhale. Goldstein simply placed a hand upon the boy's shoulder as he sympathized, "Its okay Ichigo. I don't blame you. Even though I've never seen the guy show any type of violence ven he's around, unlike those other soldiers, the man still gives me the villies."

Coming back out to the front of the store, Ichigo further asked, "And what do you mean he likes me?"

"Hm? Well he's only in here ven you're verking. I guess he particularly likes your service. I have to admit, the store does get busier ven you're around. You do a fine job my boy."

"Oh. Danke."

"Alright, enough talking. I don't pay you to stand around and look handsome all day. Get the salmon out before it gets too vorm."


What seemed like minutes turned to hours as Ichigo's shift came to a final close and what seemed like well placed caution as he decided to exit out the back into the alley way soon turned into ill regret as Ichigo found a man waiting outside, leaning against the wall with one foot propped up and his hands busy with taking some puffs of a cigarette. It was General Grimmjow in the flesh. Ichigo immediately tried to go back the way he came, but the alley door exit from the store was only a one way entry from the inside with no handle on the outside for security purposes. And the only exit through the alley was to go past Grimmjow since the other direction was walled up by a brick wall too high to climb or jump over. Not saying a word Ichigo began to quickly walk past the man, but the only exit to the alley was quickly blocked off by the General's low ranking sentry men that lined up in a row, stomped their feet down once and then turned their backs to keep unwanted attention from nearby citizens from getting in the way or casting their gaze in affairs that were none of their business. Ichigo was trapped, his heart racing steadily.

"Got better places to be?" He asked in a teasing sarcastic manner as Grimmjow stood upright from the wall, placing his hands in his pockets as the little bit left of his cigarette sat limply in a nonchalant manner between the edge of his lips.

"Yeah actually, with my family who is expecting me home," the boy answered in a pretentious tone.

"Oh don't worry this won't take long. You'll get to go home soon enough, but a little matter needs to be taken care of first."

Ichigo gulped hardas he felt his saliva slither down his throat with difficulty, butterflies in his stomach as he feared what was going to happen next.

"What the hell do you want?" The boy snapped out of nervousness even though he didn't actually mean for his words to come out as harshly.

"You know…" as the man took his finished cigarette and flicked it onto the ground, snuffing it out with the digging of the tip of his boot as the remaining flickering ashes was smothered out into the unforgiving gravel "…with an attitude like that, you'd be shot dead."

"Yeah…I get that a lot," Ichigo willingly admitted.

"Is that so?"


"Well maybe we should do something about that, don't you think?" The general began to approach the boy as Ichigo started backing up against the building beside his workplace, the wall quickly touching his back.

"Not to mention the disrespect you showed me in the store. That how you treat all your customers or is it just me?" He teased further in question as his shadow cast over the much younger Jew as the boy gritted his teeth.

"I'm sorry," Ichigo quickly apologized as Grimmjow cocked an eyebrow, a bit surprised.

"I don't know about you, but sorry doesn't usually cut it for insubordination."

Ichigo became irritated as he retorted, "I'm not one of your soldiers."

"No? But you are a Jew."

Ichigo gasped. Why did it suddenly matter so much that he was Jewish? First his sister and now him? "What the helldoes that have to do with anything?" Almost laughing in response, "You kidding me kid? Maybe you should start reading the papers, might save you some trouble, not that it matters at this moment."

With each passing minute seemed like eternity as a panic began to build in Ichigo, but also a rage. It took every fiber in his body not to start punching the lights out of the man.

"I like that look in your eyes. It's got a mean intensity to it. You want to hit me don't you? Well…go ahead. I'll even let you throw the first swing."

Ichigo only hesitated for a second before he took advantage of Grimmjow's generous offer. If the man was going to offer the boy the first swing, then by all means Ichigo was going to snag the opportunity since he was a pretty decent street fighter more or less thanks to his old man, but the boy would soon learn that he had so much more to learn. Coming at the man with a furious right hook, Grimmjow merely caught the boy's fist in his left hand without even moving an inch let alone flinching as he squeezed tightly. Ichigo gasped as he threw everything he had into that punch let alone not giving any warning and the General just simply caught it with ease.

Using the element of surprise, although it wasn't much of a surprise for Grimmjow, the General took his right hand and punched severely into the boy's stomach as Ichigo hunched over and coughed up a little blood, letting out a horrendous gasp.

"I've spent nearly my entire life with military training. You really think you could have laid a hand on me boy?"

Falling to his knees with his arms wrapped around his stomach, Ichigo felt his pride quickly crushed as he could only stare at the man's boots that stood just a few feet before him. His body quivered from the impact as the wind was knocked out of him.

"I suggestfrom now on you adjust that attitude of yours. It might save your life to show a little humility."

Ichigo wanted to hit the man square in the jaw so badly, but it would be stupid to escalate the situation further. All he could do now was hope he could just go home alive.

"Don't you have any pride? Get up on your feet," the man commanded in a low growl as Ichigo struggled to stand up again, using the wall behind him as support, keeping his gaze to the side.

"Hey…" he spoke out to grab the boy's attention as he took the boy's chin in between his thumb and index finger, tilting it forcedly forward so that their eyes could meet "…didn't your momever tell you to keep eye contact when being spoken to?"

"No, she was shot dead by a German officer when I was a kid."

The statement put a flinch in Grimmjow's breathing as he frowned for a moment. "Heh, fair enough," letting go of the boy's face as he took in one more step, closing the distance between the two and leaving but a paper thin gap between the boy and himself as he towered over the lad with his shadow. Ichigo was becoming flustered as the move sent a chill up his spine, goose bumps surfacing upon the skin of his arms. What was at first anger soon turned to a near plea as Ichigo questioned in frustration, "What do you want from me? Are you…going to kill me?"

"Tch, and waste a good bullet?" as the man took his thumb and wiped away a remaining trickle of blood that sat idly upon the edge of the boy's mouth "I'd rather shoot sporting game then to waste my ammo on tasteless violence."

Although Grimmjow's answer left little to no comfort, it actually surprised Ichigo to hear the man talk of his dislike of tasteless violenceas he put it. Grimmjow didn't come off as a guy that seemed like he would give a damn about anyone's well being, but his statement alone seemed to prove otherwise. Neither did he seem like a man that would lie for no apparent reason. He simply gave a direct answer when asked a direct question, seeing no reason to sugar coat let alone lie.

"That man the other day…that was shot in the street…did you shoot him?"

"Hm? You mean the Jewish businessman? No, I didn't shoot him, neither did I give an order to. The German officer at the time was drunk and got rowdy without any real reason to draw his weapon. He was disciplined accordingly." Ichigo sighed a bit of relief to hear the news.

"However, don't let the thought get to your head. That Jew needs to learn his place and step aside when told to whether he thinks it's fair or not." "What?! How is drawing a gun on him going to solve anything?!"

Slamming his hands on the wall behind Ichigo, placed firmly on both side's of the boy's head as he yelled abruptly, "And YOU most of all need to learn your place!"

Ichigo gasped with wild eyes as Grimmjow's face was a lotcloser than he wanted it to be, unable to escape the General's piercing blue gaze. A momentary pause of heated dispute sat in silence before Grimmjow ordered, "Take off your belt."


"I said take it off…now."

Ichigo's body began to tremble as he slowly lifted his hands and undid his belt, sliding it out from the loopholes and tossing it upon the ground. "What the hell is he going to do?"The boy wondered aimlessly in thought. The waistband of Ichigo's pants were now looser and easier to get around with the belt not keeping it restricted. Abruptly grabbing the boy's hands, he swung them upward, crossing them slightly and kept them pressed against the wall with his left hand, stretching the boy's arms as high as he could as Ichigo squirmed and struggled to keep his feet flat upon the ground.

Ichigo's heart rate raced and his breaths short and quick, extremely nervous under the General's hold. The white's of Ichigo's eyes could further be seen as the boy was stricken with a panicked silence, Grimmjow snidely grinning as his right hand was planted on the wall behind the boy.

"W-What are you doing?!" Ichigo yelped as Grimmjow commanded in a warning growl, "Halt die Kappe!" Trying to imagine this all away, Ichigo squeezed his eyes shut, turning his head to the left as it rested against his raised arm, hoping and praying that this would all end soon.

With his right hand able to be utilized, Grimmjow tucked his fingers into the top of Ichigo's waist band as he slid it along the fabric and stopping at the boy's left hip, twisting his hand and stroking gently along it until his hand reached around and cupped the boy's buttock into his palm.

Ichigo gasped as the move was shocking, squirming under the General's touch. "What the hell is he doing?!"Ichigo frantic in thought, didn't dare try to protest and yelling out for help he felt would be in vain. With a tug of his hand upon the boy's buttocks, he pulled the boy closer to himself as Ichigo slid along the man's right thigh that was planted between his legs, their pelvis touching as the man got in close to the boy's neck, sniffing it to get a taste of his scent. In a low murmur he grinned, "Hmm, not bad." Feeling the General's hot breath upon his neck made him shudder with a strange delight he refused to acknowledge let alone understood as he began to let out small exhales with being so close to another male that was so domineering. He just wanted it to end so badly. He wanted to go home to his family.

"By the way, I informed your boss to call your family to let them know you would be late coming home."

His eyes shot open in disbelief. Grimmjow was cunning when it came to something he took great interest in and he always took measures to make sure nothing got in the way. However, not even General Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez could stop air raids from sounding as an ever familiar alarm began to ring throughout the entire area. The two looked up as the General's sentry men felt in urgent need to get their General to a safety bunker. Gritting his teeth in irritation he immediately let the boy go as they both stood upright from the wall, Ichigo holding his wrists from being held down so firmly.

Quickly joining up with their General, Grimmjow began to walk off, leaving the boy with final words, "We'll meet again Ichigo, but next time we won't be interrupted."

Letting out a very heavy sigh of relief after the alley was cleared of the General's presence; Ichigo quickly put his belt back on and bolted home.