Jimmy's wedding had been just what everyone needed. It was light, relaxing, and fun. It had brought tears to the eyes of many of the people who attended, most notably to Ducky who couldn't have looked more proud of the boy if he'd tried. It was a day that had been filled with laughter, love, and joy, something that was always relieving to experience at the end of a long and rather tiring case.

The reception afterwards didn't hurt anything either, with the open bar and all night dessert buffet. McGee had just been finishing off his second piece of cake when Abby flopped rather dramatically into the seat beside him, throwing her arm around his back and resting her head on his shoulder. She smiled up at him, still very much sober, but very clearly high on the good emotions that were shared by the team that had become family over the years. It was nice to see all her loved ones in one place, supporting each other and smiling.

"The speeches were really nice, weren't they?" she said with a grin. "I thought Tony's was the best. He always seemed like the kind of guy who would give awesome speeches and he totally rocked it." She reached over to grab the last bite of cake from him before he could eat it, popping into her mouth and chewing happily. McGee normally would have complained, but he figured it wasn't really worth it for one more bite of sugary goodness when he could easily go get ten more.

"Yeah. He did a really great job. I didn't know he and Jimmy had gotten so close over the years." He had known they'd become friends, of course - the entire team was close to some extent. Still, it seemed like Tony and Jimmy had bonded more than he'd given them credit for. He scrunched his mouth up at the thought.

"Jealous?" Abby said playfully, laughing as he sputtered at the word. "I know how you boys are with your bromances. It's easy to feel replaced."

"I don't feel replaced by Palmer, Abby."

"If you say so." He went to grab the champagne glass in front of him, downing the final drops of it, and scrunching his mouth. He was just debating going and getting another glass when he felt Abby's hand slide into his, lacing their fingers together, and tugging. "Huh?"

"Come dance with me?" she said with a small smile, eyes filled with hope. McGee stared at her for a moment; she knew very well he wasn't a very good dancer. He wasn't even a really mediocre dancer. But it was a wedding. Something meant for relaxation and fun. Besides, it was a slow song, something that people would only sway to like they always had, ever since middle school. It wouldn't be that hard, considering...

Smiling, he gave a nod, pulling himself from his seat and letting her drag him onto the dance floor. His arms went around her waist, pulling her close to him. He was always amazed by how easily her body fit against his, how natural it felt. She rested her head on his shoulder and he buried his face gently in her hair, noting how nice she smelled. He wondered what perfume she was wearing. He'd have to tell her to be sure to wear it more often.

For once in his life, McGee found himself hoping that a dance would never end.