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Chapter no. 1

He was there.

He felt a joy that he alone can feel. He was lucky at that time, being with her in their great adventures, or maybe not because he was leaving her but can he ever come back? A string of pain twirled in his heart. Being a boy he don't know what it means so he tried to ignore it but he can't. he was a positive thinker so he was simply happy for her. He decided to let her stay, knowing she's on good hands.

She was back, back in the loving arms of her parents. How, she missed them. She enjoyed watching her family reunite again. Seeing them welcomed the 'new' family members. The lost boys.

She's been wondering on what if he stayed too? But only one reasonable answer keeps convincing her that he'll not stay: because he always want to be a boy and have fun. When she accidentally glanced on the shadow from the window, remembering someone who's somehow dear to her. She rushed to it and saw him…. Leaving. "Peter….. ", she look at him as she held both sides of the window beside her. "you won't forget me… will you? ". She made him stop. She really don't want to call out to him that way 'cause while on their journey back to London, she kept on saying to him that from the moment she and her brothers step back in their nursery they might not be able to go with him anymore than to tell him that it maybe the last. She don't want to do that but there's something urging her.

He heard her call. It made him to look back at her. Then the realization that the two of them are both different persons, suddenly hit him. She faced the reality and took the path of being a grown up, while he stayed being an eternal boy-being… deficient. "me. Forget? Never", he raised an eyebrow with a smile then fold his arms against his chest. Why will he forget her? The one that sends him excitement aside from his adventures. He can't explain why the look on her eyes almost makes him agree on everything. If she ask on more thing right this very moment he could even say yes without thinking but there's he can't. there's Tink always to remind him not to lose himself.

"Will you be back?", she was glad to hear his voice, it seem to make her 'more' alive. Like it's the last time they will see each other again is it? Then her question that she really want to ask him can't wait any longer to be answered. Her grip on the window got tightly as she wait him open his lip… she wish he could say yes. Will he? CAN he?

On the other hand, Tink's eyes widen the she look at him with a frown. Seeing the gaze on his eyes , she quickly went behind him. Pulling some leaf he was wearing, telling him to say no.

He can feel what the little fairy was doing and he understands what she was trying to say. But he don't bother glancing at her. He could say no.. but he want to see her sometimes. If he say yes.. he's surely going to age and that he fears the most. Then what if a maybe? He's not sure, he's confused. What did she do to him? "to hear stories… about me?", he thought it was the best answer he could say… he promised that can only be proved by time.

She stared at his boldness and of course his cleverness. Is he saying he'll surely come back? She's trusting the feeling that saying her it's a yes. Will she believe in him? She must, after all that happened. Here she are safe and sound by only believing at him. Their adventures flashed in her mind clearly. Laughs, screams and voices played like a melody. She don't know but watching him flew away, stabbing the back of her heart but it doesn't hurt her… it doesn't hurt yet.

He smiled to her for the very last moment, knowing it's impossible for them to stay like that forever. He's just a boy. She deserves better than him. What could he offer her? Now, is he disappointed to himself? That's what he thinks he's feeling. He waved his hand, he don't know how to say bye but he must. No sound escape his throat, why?. He can somehow visit her, a small voice echoed at the back of his mind. Yes, he can. He can visit her. Then he closed his eye shut and started traveling far across the sky.

The moonlight lit her sight as he left. the part of her heart that was stabbed made her realize that quite too late to be realized. but it was unclear to her so she can't help but wonder. she touched her chest, she can feel her pendant. the acorn that he gave, his kiss. thinking deep as she stare at the path which he passed. her heart never beat that way.. it beat more louder and faster than before. one thing's for sure: he did that to her. but how could he possibly do it? those question keeps filling her head-her tired mind.


a voice called. the kind that expresses care and worry. it remind her that she's been apart from her parents for so long. she missed how her mother called her name that way. the voice made her to look back at Mary Darling. then before she knew it, she's on her knees hugging her mother, who's next to her.

"dearest, I can tell that you have a problem"

"mother I do have but.. it's not important", Wendy answered, letting go of her mother. she fold her hands on her lap as she look at the hearth. not knowing it, Mrs. Darling send her a lovingly glance "oh, no dear. it does matter.. and I believe that I may help you", Mrs. Darling started to curve her lip as of showing a bright smile at her daughter. seeing it, Wendy was entranced to tell her doubts. after all, mothers knows best. "mother.. I felt my heart pounding fast that it goes faster than the horses and I thinks it's louder than many drums can strike..", she confessed, looking away. not to avoid her mother's stare but remembering every second that she felt it. it started in the pirate ship, the time that Peter was almost losing hope then now.. the odd beat slowly faded by the second that he was not in sight. it's alright.. yes it will be. "come with me I'll tell you something", her mother arose the slowly she took her daughter's hand. for a while they stayed near the window. her mother watch the sky, peppered with stars. while Wendy sat on the windowsill, breathing slowly as she could.

"Wendy dear.. what you stated earlier was symptoms."

"is that an illness? might I have been sick?"

the girl was alarmed by the word 'symptom' for it was greatly connected to medicine. it's not she's frightfully afraid about such things, it's because she's not very fond fond of those sorts .. she knew that it has dreadful taste. her mother would giggle a bit at her then it would made her think that she's not in terrible state. "no of course, you silly. that was symptoms of becoming a lady. when you're a lady-a grown up you will feel the same like your doubts about your feeling earlier. has it gone now or that stayed in you for so long?", with her mother's question, she took her right hand and placed it on her chest, feeling the beat inside it. but there was difference. "I think... it had faded now. I don't feel it anymore", she sighed as she withdraw her her hand back to her lap. for much instance, one word echoed in her head, it came from her mother's sentence: grown-up. why would a lady feel that way? is it only a lady that feels it? or is she becoming one?.

"but why becoming a lady mother? a common grown-up?"

"you see when it happened to you at the time you're not mature enough, like now. it can be other feeling that you'll mistaken for love... you'll get easily confused that's why you need to grow-up first"

this answer satisfied the bewildered girl. her mother would be right, so she expected to that she may feel it in the future 'cause she knew that it may be an ordinary feeling. absolutely there's no connection between him and the odd beat of her heart. but you see, she never felt it except for the night that he left her. she said some thank you to her mother then smiled at her. the smile that came from the lips that has one hidden kiss. but then her mother left her soon as the boys and her brother called her for some stories. she decided to stay in the room, near the window to watch her view of stars. taking her glance to the second star to the right like she hoped he could every beating that her heart made.

"oh, Peter I wish mother was right. I wish this isn't love yet"

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