"One does not care to acknowledge the mistakes of one's youth."
– Char Aznable, Mobile Suit Gundam

Several Years After The Defeat Of Nightmare Moon...


The Final Frontier
(Filled With Infinite Magical Energy)

"Space... is... awesome."

Twilight Sparkle's smile was nearly as huge as the celestial body she'd just managed to teleport herself to. Barely able to contain her giddiness, she levitated her communicator out of her saddle bag and spoke into it.

"Mission Control, this is Sparkle One, do you copy? Over."

Some time passed before the communicator crackled to life, and a reply was heard. "Huh? Twilight, is that you? What's a 'Sparkle One?'"

Twilight giggled and sighed. "Oh, Spike. Sometimes I swear you have no sense of atmosphere. But we'll chat about that later. The spell was a success! Mission accomplished! I'm here!"

"Whoa, you mean it? You're..." Spike's voice crept to a whisper. "...you're on the moon?"

Twilight padded the ground with her hoof. "Well, it's large, it's gray, and there are..." She paused and looked around, sighing in awe at the scope and majesty of the space she'd always adored from afar. "...stars all around me. It's beautiful, Spike. I wish you could be here with me right now. I wish anyone could be..."

"Maybe next trip. But congratulations, Twilight. I know how much this means to you. You put so much work into getting this right."

"I did, and it's finally paid off! Thanks Spike––I've dreamed of this day for ages." She looked off into the distance and pointed. "Just imagine... Nightmare Moon could have been right here!" She pointed in several other directions. "Or there. Or there!"

Back at "Mission Control," Spike scratched his head. "I thought she was the 'Mare In The Moon?'"

Twilight froze, and laughed. "You know what, Spike? You're right! Which means she was probably everywhere and nowhere at once! Well, since I'm here, I plan to start exploring in a bit, but first..." Her telescope was soon out of her bag and mounted in front of her, and she started fiddling with its controls.

"Whoa, whoa, hang on," said Spike. "I hear you turning the dial on something you've turned the dial on a million times. You... oh no. You did not take it with you. Tell me you didn't take it with you..."

"What? Don't tell me you don't have a sense of irony, either!"

Spike shook his head. "Um... not really?"

"Ugh. Okay, that's two talks when I get back. But I look up here from Equestria so much... I figured what better way to celebrate today than to look back down from here? Besides, it's my new model with extra zoom features! I just have to test it out!"

Spike shook his head. "You can take the geek out of Equestria, but..."

Twilight giggled. "Sort of, yes. Now what can I spy with my little eye..."

She looked through the telescope, finding... a grassy clearing, where absolutely nothing was taking place. "Hmm. Was hoping for something a bit less anticlimactic..." She blinked, and when she refocused, she could see the sun shining in the sky.

...wait. The sun?

Twilight looked up. Sure enough, the sun was in the same space as herself right now! What was one doing on her home planet as well? She began to turn up the zoom on her telescope––and at the same time, the sun moved closer in her field of view, causing her to think better of it.

The earthbound sun was moving as well. Closer, and closer...

Spike's voice came in through the communicator. "Twilight? You'e being awful silent over there. Something up?"

"Actually," said Twilight, "I think so..." She blinked once more, and her field of vision was engulfed in flaring orange light, causing to recoil in surprise. "...yikes!"

"Twilight!" said Spike. "Twilight, Come in! Are you all right?"

Twilight gasped for breath. "I–I'm fine, Spike. Was just a little startled, that's all." She looked through the telescope one final time, zooming out to better track the source of the light. "That... that's not a sun at all. That's more like a comet!"

"A comet? Seriously?"

Twilight thought the notion over. "Well, okay, no. Comets usually approach from space. If there was one coming to our planet, I'd've known about it from my nightly research. They're also supposed to be quite cold, yet this one appears to radiate as anything but! I'd classify it a meteor, but it also appears to be traveling along a set radial path proportional to the planet's circumf–"

"English, Twilight?"

"Right. Sorry." The unicorn stepped away from her telescope, which soon shone with her horn's purple light. "Whatever it is, I can't tell from this distance. This is as strong as my telescope gets." Her horn glowed. "In the interest of time, Spike, I'm sending my point of view over to you. Find out this object's position, and calculate its path!"

"On it!" Spike tapped keys on the terminal in front of him. "Looks like its path is taking it straight to Rarity's neck of the woods! Can––I mean should I give her a call?"

Twilight's super–large smile returned. "Nope."

Spike's face instantly fell. "You're a cruel mistress, you know that?"

"Oh, next time, loverboy. I've got to handle this one––Rarity will need special instructions for handling this..."


Carousel Tower, Top Floor
(Don't Look Down)

Rarity looked out of the window of the tallest skyscraper in Manehattan, surveying the city––her city, she liked to tell herself––while said building, true to its namesake, slowly rotated and constantly changed its view.

As she did so, she relished the silence. It allowed her to meditate and to think––two essential activities for the rare breed of CEO and creative visionary.

"Honestly, sometimes I amaze and disappoint myself," she said to no one in particular. She trotted back to her desk. "Royal endorsement––wonderful initiative! So why did it take me so long for me to put it into practice?" She sent a jolt of magic to a keyboard–free terminal (made especially for unicorns), and brought up several line graphs which spiked and inclined upwards. "Moonglow Fabric is selling by the boatload since its showcase at my celebration ceremony! Truly, I could have retired a wealthy mare by now had I known. I really do owe Princess Luna my most heartfelt thanks..."

She looked at the trophy beside the terminal––which hadn't yet lost its luster––and a picture beside it, showing her with the Princesses and her five other colored ponies, all smiles.

"...as well as all of my friends."

Her phone's intercom beeped loudly seconds later. "Miss Rarity, you have a call."

A frazzled Rarity lashed out in reply. "Well, handle it then! You know that this is my hour of quiet time! I pay you to keep it that way!"

"It's Twilight Sparkle, Miss Rarity," said the voice. "She says it's urgent."

Rarity gasped, snapping to attention. "Twilight? Say these things sooner, love! Very well, put her through."

Her phone rang, and Rarity willed it next to her ears. "Twilight! Oh, dear, it's been ages! Well, okay, just a month. Still, how are you?... Wha–... wait. You say you're calling from space?... A what? Headed where?"

Rarity looked back out of the window, this time skyward.

"Well, then, how can I hel–... I see. Honestly, Twilight, I'm not sure if I can handle such a matter myself."

After a few more seconds of dialogue from Twilight, Rarity's face visibly soured.

"Who?... Ohhhh, no. You know how I feel about her! How all of us feel about her, with the exception of... no. A hundred times, no!... Don't you try to play to my sympathies, Sparkle! As I live and breathe, there is absolutely, positively no way you could possibly ever–"


"–just so we're clear," Rarity was saying, "I was never okay with this idea."

Miniature Muzzle Theater, Rooftop
(Motto: "Life Is Entertainment!")

"You're acting as if said idea were mine," said the costumed and masked pony in front of Rarity. "T'was Twilight's, wasn't it?"

"Indeed. Trust me, you're only here because she... inexplicably likes you."

"Feeling's mutual. Why isn't Twilight with us, anyway?"

"She's up in space."

The mystery mare snickered. "She usually is. But no, I mean physic––wait, you're serious?" She pointed skyward. "Up there?"

"On the moon," Rarity replied, "meaning it's up to us to investigate the phenomenon heading this way..." She looked at her timepiece. "...and should be approaching here any second now."

The costumed pony assumed a ready stance. "Well, whoever came up with it, it's always a good idea to call upon Watchmare for assistance!"

Rarity rolled her eyes. "Changing the name wasn't part of the deal, you know. All of us felt 'Mare–Do–Well' was more than sufficient."

"Exactly. Which was why I had to change it. I'm the performing artist by day, here––thus, I know which names ring true."

"Ugh. Some things never change, I swear. Few days go by where I don't regret Twilight convincing me to give you that outfit..." Before Rarity could continue her tirade, she spotted an orange dot in the night sky. "There it is!"

"Oh, my," said Watchmare as it grew closer. "It really is a comet! Wait, no... a meteor?"

"Twilight says neither. Whatever it is, though, get ready!"

"Always ready," said Watchmare, intently eyeing the flying object. "Steady... steady... now! Fire!"

Beams shot from Rarity's horn and atop the Watchmare's pointed hat. To their shock, the flying object dodged to easily avoid them both.

"What the..." Rarity did a double–take. "Again!"

More shots, more misses. Eventually the object appeared to take notice, doubled back, and began swirling around the two of them at speeds unexpected by either pony.

"Yow!" Rarity dodged to the side as it just barely grazed them. "That's one hot... whatever this is!"

Watchmare backflipped out of the flying object's path, then stood her ground. "We can't let that stop us! Just get it already!"

Rarity galloped to one side of the roof, then quickly spun around to get the object back in her sights. "Do you not see me trying?"

"No, I see you failing!"

"Grrrr... fine! Let's see you do better!"

"Hah! With pleasure!"

After more darting and dodging, Watchmare was eventually the first to land a hit on the object. "A–ha! Rarity, I've got it! Join me!"

"Showoff." Rarity followed Watchmare's lead, however, suspending the flaring object in the sky. While this took place, the masked pony levitated a small box from her utility bag, placing it under the ball of light...

(...no, not light, Rarity thought as she looked closer. Fire?...)

...that they'd just managed to snare. "Trap it!" Watchmare said as the box flipped open.

The two unicorns pulled with all of their might against the force of the object's travel, and they soon began to make a small amount of headway. Under the strain, the flying object's light faded somewhat, giving Rarity a view of something... recognizable?

(That... Rarity squinted. That looks like...)

The slight distraction would proved to be both ponies' undoing. Flames erupted from the object as its pull became ever stronger, and a tug–of–war ensued––until, with a sound not unlike the shattering of glass, the flying object won, breaking free of both mares' magical tractors and knocking them flat on their backs to boot.

By the time the dizziness left them, the 'meteor' was long gone. Rarity struggled to her feet. "Well, that was embarrassing."

The masked mare stood as well, and sighed. "Somehow, I knew this operation was doomed to failure. Still, what a force! What was that?"

"No..." Rarity looked up to the sky. "...not what. Who."

"Who is what?"

"No, that was a who, not a what, I mean–" Rarity shook her head to clear it. "Oh, curses, now you've got me doing it!"

"This is hardly a stage show!" said Watchmare. "Simply say it straight out!"

"Twilight's right. That thing we just faced wasn't a comet, or a meteor. For that matter, I don't think it was even a thing."

"Then what––or not what––was it?

Rarity closed her eyes. "I think it was a pony."


Sweet Apple Farms HQ
(Peace Treaty Still In Effect)

"Objection, your honor!" The suited earth mare pointed straight at her opponent.
"On what grounds?" asked the judge.
"The prosecution persists that just 'cause nopony was around the night o' the square dance, that there's no way to prove that my client was innocent of the assaultin' act!"
"Which is entirely true!" said the prosecutor. "There was indeed nopony around!"
The suited mare smiled. "Oh, I don't deny that, sugarcube. Yet, here and now, I will prove beyond the shadow of a miniscule doubt that the cow in question was absolutely not tipped!"
"Oh, really? How so?"
"'Cause I call as my final witness... the cow herself! Her name's Annabelle, by the way..."

"Ha! Apple Justice, you've done it again!" Applejack smiled as she turned off the television. "I swear, girl, you slay 'em every which way! Welp, I suppose it's time to get the day started."

Suddenly, Braeburn ran in. "Cousin! Got one o' your pals on the phone! Says it's an emergency!"

"This early? Nopony else I call friend really does mornings." Applejack ran to the phone and answered it. "AJ here... Rarity? I say, it's been a mild spel––huh? No, I mean like, a passage o' time spell, not, y'know... awww, whatever. How's life over in my old stompin' gro––what... who?"

Applejack hung up the phone, looking the worse for wear, which Braeburn noticed. "Somethin' the matter?"

Applejack nodded. "C'mon, Brae. Wake up Big Mac––somethin' speedy's headed this way in the sky, and we'll have to capture it if we can." She hesitated before adding, "Rarity thinks it's a pony."

"A speedster pony? You think we'll be enough?"

Applejack flashed a grin at him. "Three o' the strongest earth ponies in Equestria? Yeah, I reckon there might be a chance..."


The flying object was instantly visible the second the three farmers went outside. Braeburn was the first to point it out. "Whoa! That thing looks like it's burnin' up!"

"Pretty much what Rarity told me, yeah. Doused our strongest ropes beforehand." Applejack tossed lassos to Big Mac and Braeburn. "Attack Pattern Apple, boys! It's hogtyin' time!"

The three formed a triangle in the field, directly in the path of the flying object––and true to their skills, their lassos were perfectly aimed, perfectly timed, perfectly looped and perfectly tightened.

However, it was all for naught, as they quickly and easily found themselves pulled, screaming, up into the sky upon catching the object––and then fell just as easily as the ropes were eventually set on fire, along with the tops of some of the orchard's trees.

"What the––Braeburn, abort mission! Priority is savin' those trees, pronto!"

"Righto, cousin! Mac, you on it?"

"Ayyy–yup," said the crimson stallion, already halfway to the barn. A hose was quickly brought out, and the trees tended to. When it was all over, Braeburn looked at their singed ropes.

"Been thinkin', cousin––maybe it's high time we upgraded our gimmicks."

Applejack sighed. "I reckon y'all might be right. Still managed to get an up–close look, though. I know what that sucker was, I know where it's headed..."

Applejack looked into the distance.

"...and for who."


Ponyville Stadium
(Because Towns Grow Over Time)

"Fillies and gentlecolts of Ponyville: presenting... the Wonderbolts!"

Music blared and cheers erupted around the stadium as several costumed pegasus ponies flew around, smoke trailing in their wake. Some were familiar faces, some newcomers, but through daring, looping and twisting tricks set in perfect rhythm and sync, all showed signs of their training as the best stunt flyers in all of Equestria.

Eventually, the Wonderbolts settled in the midst of the stadium, posing with a spreading of their wings in unison. The announcer spoke again.

"And now, Ponyville, I give you the leader of the Wonderbolts... your very own Rainbow Daaaaaaaaaash!"

Rainbow trails arced over the stadium, heralding the arrival of the breakout star of the squad. Rainbow Dash had finally come back to town, and if the crowd had been cheering before, it was close to outright riot as she circled the stands, and met hooves with anypony lucky enough to reach. She then set about drawing multicolored shapes in the air––gigantic hearts, stars, and representations of her lightning–bolt cutie mark. Only after all of this was over did she land in the center of the circular Wonderbolt formation, blowing kisses to all in attendance.

"Good Morniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing, Ponyville! It's so incredibly awesome to be back home, and doubly awesome to have this latest Wonderbolt's Derby in the town where I got my start! So I've got just one question to ask all of you: are you ready for a show?"

The audience yelled in reply. To this, Rainbow Dash did nothing but wave her hooves. "C'mon, this is the Wonderbolts we're talking about here! This is me we're talking about! Hel–lo, hometown hero? I'm gonna ask you again––are you ready for a show?"

The audience yelled back at thrice volume.

"That's more like it! All right, then, it's time to blast o––huh? What're you guys doing here?" Rainbow Dash asked as a very worried unicorn and earth pony ran up on stage. "My good friends from way back when, folks! Give it up for Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle! Gosh, you guys look great!"

Amidst even more cheers, Rainbow Dash muffled her face–microphone. "What's up, girls?"

Apple Bloom pointed to the flaring object in the sky. "That, actually! Applejack just called me about it!"

Sweetie Belle nodded. "And Rarity called me. Said we should warn you just like she and AJ wanted to warn us!"

Rainbow Dash's eyebrows furrowed. "Warn me? About what?"

As if to answer, a new voice screamed out through the sky...


Rainbow Dash, Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom all froze as they recognized the voice.

Sweetie Belle's mouth widened in disbelief. "Is that..."

"No way. Not after all this time... get behind me, girls." Noticing the rest of her squad standing ready, Rainbow Dash raised her hoof, her face uncharacteristically somber. ""Bolts... you stand down, too. I'll handle this."

After gritting her teeth and taking a deep breath, Rainbow Dash was skyward in a flash––and seconds later, once she'd built up the acceleration, a yellow light as intense as the orange one heading her way began shining around her.

The two lights approached each other... and then, an entirely new show took place. To the assembled audience, looking up into the sky meant seeing both lights swirling, clashing, and sometimes even ramming each other in the air at high speeds. Sparks literally flew and rained down with every collision, accompanied by thunderous booms which were both heard and felt even down in the stands.

After some time, Rainbow Dash flew back to and landed on terra firma––physically undamaged, but visibly winded and gasping for breath. Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle ran over. "Rainbow Dash! Y'all all right?" Apple Bloom asked.

Rainbow Dash clutched her chest. "Y–yeah... I'm all right, girls. But it looks like you finally get your wish."

"What do you mean?" asked Sweetie Belle.

"I mean, the last member of your team's finally back." She looked up at the orange ball in the sky, just as it finally lost its flaring aura to reveal a pony, just as Rarity had predicted. "Right, Scootaloo?"

The orange pegasus mare sneered as she hovered above them with front hooves crossed. "That callsign's old news. You and the rest can now call me by my flyer's name...

A My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Fanfiction
Chapter 1 of 5
by Bookish Delight, 2011–2012
All characters and referred properties belong to Hasbro.

"You know," said Apple Bloom, "even given everything that's happened, I don't think I ever coulda saw this comin'..."

"Yeah, I didn't think she had it in her," said Rainbow Dash.

Sweetie Belle took a step backwards. "I'm not sure I like her mane anymore! Little too short for my tastes. Plus, a neckscarf? Talk about retro!"

Rainbow Dash winked. "Nothing wrong with the classics." She yelled up to Scootaloo, her usual bravado having returned. "'Fireball,' huh? I'll admit it's got a ring to it! I'll think about using it... but you need to give me a reason."

To Rainbow Dash's surprise, Scootaloo matched her confident glare and grin. "Gladly! It's finally time, Dash. Time to show you and the entire world that I don't need you! I never did!"

Rainbow Dash blinked. "...girl's fulla surprises today."

"You're tellin' me," said Apple Bloom, before shouting upwards as well. "Scoots! It's me, Apple Bloom! Sweetie Belle's with me, too! You remember us, right?"

The malice faded slightly––but only slightly––from Scootaloo's face in response as she lowered her head and closed her eyes. "Of course I do. Sorry for making you worry. Had to work through some things. Just about done with 'em all..." She met Rainbow Dash's eyes, her expression turning fiery once more. "...but there's still one left!"

Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes. "Oh, for crying out loud! Look, you sound like you really wanna settle things. So out with it already––how do you wanna do this?"

"What do you think? The same way we speedsters always settle things––a race!"

Rainbow Dash blinked. "What, just one race?"

"Not just a race––the race! The Pan–Equestria Challenge! I challenge you to the whole thing in one shot!"

The buzz from the audience reached a fever pitch.

Rainbow Dash preened. "You sure you don't wanna rethink that? The PEC's a pretty demanding race. Heck, I've ever only flown it once!"

"Ohhhh, what's that?" Scootaloo cackled, flying around the blue pegasus. "Is the great and powerful Rainbow Dash turning chicken? Actually, it looks like you finally became a Wonderbolt––and what's this I heard on the way over? You lead the squad now? Awesome! Hope you can live it down when you get completely stomped and lose the respect of everypony worldwide! Your little club might even kick you out! Wouldn't that be totally fitting? Me destroying your dreams..."

Her jovial attitude instantly disappeared as she hovered directly in front of Rainbow Dash's face.

"...just as you did mine."

To the surprise of the gathered, Rainbow Dash said nothing in reply, maintaining her stoic stance and stare.

"Glad to see you're not trying to defend yourself. Not that you have any legs to stand on. But what you do have, Dashie, is a day to get ready. See you back here in 18 hours––or believe me: everypony's finally gonna know just how much of a rat you truly are! I'll make sure of it."

With that, Scootaloo took off in a streak of orange.

"Why you... hey! Get back here!" Rainbow Dash called out, taking off after her. However, Scootaloo had already gotten a head start, and after a minute of proving quite tough to catch, the Wonderbolt leader decided to get back to her squad's show.

"'Fireball,' huh? She one of yours?" Soarin asked as the orange light disappeared into the distance.

Spitfire shook her head. "No... and I think it hurts more by the second."


Sugarcube Corner
(Same Snacks, New Management)

"C'mon, Ultramare! Smack'em! Kick 'em!"

"Use your beam! Auntie Twist, you always know the most awesome shows!"

The young bespectacled earth pony behind the counter took her eyes off of the television long enough to smile back at Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake. "Awwww, thanks, you guys! I always say, a helping of justice a day keeps the boredom away!"

"I hope you're getting work done in the middle of flaunting all of your geek cred."

All eyes were quickly on the doorway where a pink pony now stood, a grin on her face and eyes full of determitarion.

"P–P–P–Pinkie Pie!" Twist saluted hastily. "Completely on the job, boss! Sales are great and we've got fresh pastries to spare!"

"Great! Could you change the channel to the Wonderbolts Derby , please?"

"Awwwwwww..." the youngest ponies moaned instantly.

"Now remember, kids, Auntie Pinkie runs this store while your parents are away, and she's going to take over someday. So what she says goes."

"Thanks, Twist! Finally, an intern who gets the natural order of things!" Pinkie nodded happily.

Twist smiled and saluted again. "Heh heh! I live to serve."

The channel was changed, and was soon showing footage of an orange pegasus with an even brighter orange hue around her.

Pound Cake gaped at the sight. "...whoa. Awesome."

"Why's she glowin' like Ultramare?" Pumpkin Cake asked.

"Don't you remember?" Pound Cake replied. "Rainbow Dash does that too!"

Twist looked intently at the screen. "Yep. But pegasus ponies can only do that when they get that good at what they do," said Twist. "If that's Scootaloo... wow! I wonder if Rainbow Dash kn–" She stopped when she saw the footage of yellow and orange lights sparking against each other. "–never mind."

"Yeah," said Pinkie. "From what I've just seen, it's absolutely on between those two! You know what this means?"

"Yeah!" Twist grinned from ear to ear. "It means Scoots is back! And she really did it. She's rivaling Dash, just like she said she would all those years back!"

Pinkie thought about this. "...okay, yeah. But more than that––she's my ticket to stardom! Twist, anything baking right now?"


"Good! You know where I'll be! Keep things running!"

"You got it! Hey, kids! Want me to turn the channel back?"

"Yeah!" said Pumpkin Cake.

"No way!" said Pound Cake.



Galloping into the kitchen, Pinkie Pie pressed the numbered keypad on the oven at its very rear. "Five–hundred–fifty–five degrees.. and... go!" She opened the oven, jumped inside...

...and fell through a long twisting tube which eventually plopped her into an underground room filled with terminals and screens––one of which showed Twilight Sparkle singing and dancing in low–gravity on the moon.

"Spike!" Pinkie called out. "Spike, you here?"

Spike snapped awake. "Oh, hey, Pinkie, you're back! How was the Derby?"

"I'll tell you about it on the way."

"On the way to what?"

"Spike, this is it. I've finally got a mission in life again. A story worth covering that could change Equestria as we know it! But if I'm going to succeed, I need my cohost!" She smiled straight into his eyes. "How about it, Cohost?"

Spike sighed. "Pinkie..."

Pinkie sighed as well. "...I know, I know..."

"I'm just not sure if it's worth it anymore. You've been banned from anchor duties from every station twice... you've been kicked off of every newspaper three times..."

"But I haven't been banned from reporting or announcing as concepts, Spike! Total difference! C'mon, this is the story of a lifetime here! Pleeeease?" Pinkie looked at Spike, widening her eyes. "I'll make you the biggest cake when it's over, I promise!"

"I don't think I can do it, Pinkie."

"It'll be loaded with tasty jewels from top to bottom––heck, it'll have jewels inside, too!"

Spike wavered. "I... I dunno..."

"...and I'll ask Rarity to jump out of it for you."

"Wha–" Spike spun his head around so fast it almost snapped.

Pinkie grinned wider. "That a show of interest I see?"

"I... no!" Spike turned back around and crossed his forelegs. "C'mon, I work with Twilight. You think I can't tell a cheap ploy when I see it?"

"You sure?" The pink pony stepped behind Spike's chair, wrapped her front legs around him from behind, and gestured forward. "Just think of her––still half–inside your huge dessert, smiling and winking, dotted in frosting, all the while knowing just how hungry you are..." Pinkie moved closer, now whispering in his ear. "...and waiting for you. Gosh, I wonder what dear old Spikey–wikey would want to devour first––the cake, the jewels, or–"

"...all right, all right!" A now starry–eyed Spike sighed one last time. "I hate you, Pinkie Pie. Let's get ready."

"Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!" Pinkie hugged the dragon. "Thanks, Spike! You won't regret this!"

"Yeah, yeah," he muttered, burying is head in his claws. "I'm so weak."


In ten minutes' time, Sugarcube Corner––building and all––was splitting open from the middle. Once its halves fully separated, a large pink jet rose vertically from its foundations.

A voice sounded from a nearby loudspeaker. "Thanks for clearing the area, everypony! Pinkie Flyer Version 17 is hereby launched and ready for its test run!"

"Wait, Pinkie," Spike said. "Did you build this thing?"

"Not this time," Pinkie replied. "This version was a liiiiiiiittle beyond my abilities. But there's an earth pony by the name of Gearloose in the next town over––she and her team built it for me. I just designed its super–sweet look! Hop in!"

The two entered the plane, and Pinkie went to the control seat. "We'll have a trained pilot tomorrow, but tonight's a speed test." She flipped switches, then held onto the stick. "Hold onto your lunch!"

The plane shifted modes, and both screamed as it took off into the skies.


The Moon
(Infinite Millennial Time–Shares Available)

Several hours later, Twilight Sparkle woke up with a refreshed yawn.

"Hoo boy. So that's what it's like to spend a night on the moon..." She shivered. "Kind of cold. Not sure I could see myself having another four hundred thousand of these. Well, time to go back. Spike? Spike, are you still there?" Twilight Sparkle spoke into her communicator, but with no results. "Hmmm... guess I'm on my own."

She stepped back into line–of–sight with her home planet, concentrated, and whisper–chanted at a high speed. Before long, numbers and mathematical symbols swirled around her body, giving off an ever–brightening bright glow, until...

"Three... two... one... now!"

...and she vanished.


Subterranean Communications Center

A minute later, Twilight reappeared where her mission had started. "What the... he flew the coop?" She grunted. "For what reason could he ever–"

Suddenly, every monitor in the room lit up, showing Pinkie Pie's smiling face.

Twilight groaned. "I should have known."

"Goooooooooood morning everypony!' boomed the monitors' speakers. "Pinkie Pie here, broadcasting live from Ponyville Stadium––and broadcasting over all frequencies whether you like it or not!"

"What the–" Twilight's hooves slammed onto a nearby table. "All frequencies? You mean my frequencies?"

"Yep, that's right! We're here to cover the race of the century! It's Rainbow Dash, the Queen of Flight, versus Scootaloo, her now ex–biggest fan––and believe me..."

Pinkie's smile drew in for a close–up.

"...you won't want to miss a minute."

To Be Continued...