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Rating: MA, I believe.

Summary: When Harry can't seem to make friends in school, believing it to be because of his own "freakishness", he decides that if he has to be abnormal, he might as well go all out. With a Harry who has begun to discover magic on his own, a castle who decides she will do everything in her power to keep him happy and safe, and a whole bunch of males who feel more for him than simple friendship, just what is in store for magical Britain and the rest of the wizarding world?

Smart!Harry, Manipulative!Dumbledore, Harry/male!Harem, Sentient!Hogwarts.

Warnings: Slash, that is to say m/m and maybe even f/f relationships, explicit sexual situations, male!Harem, gore and torture I expect but aren't completely sure of as of yet.

Regarding the sexual situations there will be a fair amount of kinks, not sure exactly which though seeing as I have yet to write the scenes themselves, bur expect a certain amount of bondage, threesomes, double-penetration, dirty-talking and so many other things I will think of as time goes on.






A castle, a school, a being like no other, having a mind that stretched from the highest point of the astronomy tower to the lowest pit in the dungeons, able to be nowhere and everywhere at the same time.

In the history of this grand school for magical children and teenagers, a place of wonders and everyday miracles, there had been some people the lady-castle herself had liked. Various individuals she had enjoyed watching as they made their way into adulthood, and would often remember with a soft smile on her, admittedly hypothetical, lips.

Among this small percentage of fine wizards and witches our dear lady favored enough to take more notice of, there were a few who she went out of her way to help, teach and encourage, a few who she considered more important to her than others. A few who she would always check in on at night to make sure they were safe and in no harm.

And of these few few people, there were some whom our highness loved. Loved like a mother would her child, whose wellness meant more to her than even her own stone-walls. Among these men and women, the four founders counted.

Godric Gryffindor, with all his sweet bravado and sometimes awkward bluntness.

Rowena Ravenclaw, with a mind like few others, always wanting to know more, understand more.

Helga Huffepuff, who loved more than most and always had an ear to borrow when one were down.

Salazar Slytherin, with a stone-will to succeed and the brains to do so, but still fiercely protective of those he cared for.

They had been the ones who helped make her who she was today, even though even before that she had been almost sentient, when they were done with her, she was her own person. So there really was no surprise that those four, were among the people she loved above all, and had felt it in her very soul when they had moved on to another world, leaving her behind, silent agony tearing at her walls.

After them there had been a scarce number of others, but as the centuries wore on, Hogwarts felt herself hardening, with so many humans and alike rushing through her very being, she grew rather distant, and felt her somewhat-requirements for becoming a child of hers grow, until it had been several centuries since her last loved one, and the loneliness and coldness in her only continued to grow as she felt herself so lacking in love.

But then he came. Her sweet, sweet child, so broken and alone. Like her, yet not. She had known the very instance he had stepped on her ground, the precise moment she had felt his brightly shining core reach out to her own, that this one, this lovely small wizard, was the one who could help her feel again. For real, like she had when the founders had walked the earth.

She would protect him, love and nurture him, and severely punish all those who hurt him. She would make sure that he was cared for, and would protect him from those whose wishes, dreams and ambitions meant harm for her ward. Because she knew her child was important, had felt the awe from the others, learned of whom he was and what had been done to him as she had searched the minds of those unaware of her sentience, and she was not pleased with what she had found. Not in the teachers, not in the other students, not in the boy himself and most certainly not in those small glimpses of thoughts she caught from her the schools appointed headmaster. She would have to make sure that she protected her loved on fiercely from Albus Dumbledore; the man had too many schemes and manipulations meant for her boy, some of which had already taken place and begun. Yes, she would have to keep a close eye on that one, lest he make damage hard to undo.

Most wizards and witches had come to see Hogwarts as a school and nothing but. Had come to consider her just another magical building, with no mind of her own. Albus most certainly didn't believe her to be so, but even he underestimated her something hideous.

An underestimation she felt both appreciation and indignation for. Appreciation because it would certainly prove useful when working against him, and indignation because even castles have their pride.

She had felt almost instantly as she had reached out to get a feel of all the new first-years, that her chosen one didn't, underestimate her that is, and it pleased something enormous to know that.

She wondered absentmindedly what house he would be placed in as she watched the sorting begin, a small blonde girl scurrying up to sit on the small chair and place the worn old hat, one of her very few companions still alive - or something like that - and talked to from time to time, seeing as her mind was not at just one place, but everywhere at once, on her head before the dark cloth yelled out where she fitted best, and the hall erupted in pleased clapping.

It wasn't long before her child was called, and began walking forward as if on his death row, the muffled speculations of what he was like and where he'd end up occurring all around him before the hat had promptly been picked up a shoved onto his unruly head, slipping down past his nose, and everyone fell silent, waiting for the verdict as if it were they themselves once again getting sorted.

She noted that this was the first time in many a year that the hat had taken so long to decide placement, and couldn't help but feel a little self-satisfactory that she had been right once again in her deduction that with her new loved one arriving things were bound to get interesting.

'Harry Potter', she tried the name, feeling almost giddy as she saw the mouth on her leathery friend open wide for a shout.

Yes, things were about to get very interesting indeed.


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