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Chapter 1


Summer time. The perfect paradise for kids and teens country-wide, escaping from the dark, cavernous depths of school classrooms. And it was only a month in the past. Out of the millions of kids thinking of their lost vacation, our story focuses on one teen in particular. He was tall for his age, nearly reaching 6 ft at the age of 15, with a dark brown hair and deep green eyes. Nothing particularly stood out about his appearance as a kid dressed in casual clothes except for one thing. His scar running across his jaw line. It was a fairly straight line and was considerably paler than the rest of his skin, making it quite noticeable on his lightly tanned complexion. He told everyone it was from falling on stone steps as a kid.

The teen starred out of the window in his corner seat in his least favorite class, English 2. Watching the cars drive by and leaves fall, he let his mind wander as he heard the teacher babble on about different adjectives and how they could be worded in sentences.

'I wonder how long she's gonna go on with this. This class takes forever to go by anyways, and she makes it so much worse when she never shuts up talking about English. I'm tired of listening to it.' Faintly, the young man heard light footsteps walking toward his desk. Still staring, he reached out and grabbed the approaching ruler that was coming to rap on his head.

"Good to see you're still awake Luke."

"Good to see you still walk like a hippo, Mrs. Anderson."

Luke had no reason to worry about the teacher, as he had proven time and time again that no matter how mad she got, the woman did not have the nerve to send him to the office or out of her class. She glared at him through her thick glasses, although it didn't affect him in the slightest. It was actually kinda cute to see a grown woman try to look mean and scary when it was biologically impossible for her to do so. It was not in her DNA to look mean.

"Has anyone ever told you that no one likes a smart ass?" His teacher told him this every time he opened his mouth.

"How many times have I told you that I don't like a dumb ass?" He told her the same thing every time.

None of the kids made a sound as the two classroom titans squared off gain. The students were used to the same old quarrel and most were tired of it. One said student tried to nip this in the bud before the argument came to life. "Shut the hell up for once Luke and let the lady teach. Then we can get the hell out of here." Luke glanced over at the outspoken girl, before turning his gaze back to the window.

"Maybe you should shut the hell up yourself and worry about the fact that your fake eyelashes on one side are longer than the other. Or maybe the fact that you may need to invest in shirts that are only 2 sizes smaller than you instead of 3, as your arms are getting flabby."

This caused a stir in the students. Luke never talked to other students that much, so for him to say so much at one time to anyone asides Mrs. Anderson. The girl he shot down was about to stammer out a reply when the teacher decided to tell both of them to shut up.

"Enough of your petty squabbling, Luke. If you have a problem with me or anyone else in this class, then leave. If you have a-" She was cut off by Luke grabbing his bag and heading for the door.

"Wait out in the hall for a minute while I figure out what to do with you." The class all groaned at what this meant. He was coming back.

'Damn irritating woman. Can't she let me go sit in the principal's office?'

Standing out in the hallway, Luke sighed and began humming, thinking of the song he had left paused on his phone. Mrs. Anderson stepped out of the class a few seconds later, a look of minor annoyance. "Luke, you've been doing this all year long and for the life of me I can't figure out why. You're a smart student and you seem to have an easy time in the classroom, but you refuse to follow any of the simple rules we have. What you said to Tanya was completely inappropriate and-"

"She shouldn't have butted in!" Luke interjected.

"Like you just did?"

The look she was giving him almost made him flip out. He hated when people, especially girls, tried to look into his eyes. It made him uncomfortable. Steeling himself to act normal, his reply was simply "I wanted to prove to you how annoying it was."

Mrs. Anderson sighed, taking off her glasses to clean them on the hem of her shirt. "I don't know what to do with you. You never show up for any of the council sessions I planned for you. Most kids would jump at the chance to get out of class, but you just skip during that time period instead."

"Saying I'm skipping implies that someone saw me somewhere I wasn't were I was supposed to be during a time I wasn't supposed to be there. I've been going to an advanced physics class instead of that counseling crap. The teacher has me on the roster in there and is none the wiser."

"Mr. Tutor? Why would anyone want to sit through that torture, especially by choice? Physics was always gibberish to me."

Luke hummed something, loud enough or her to hear. Offended yet again by his odd habit of humming words, she glared over the rim of her spectacles as she set them in place yet again.

"What was that? I swear that humming under your breath is the sorriest way to tell me something."

Luke smiled at her, before explaining. "Humming is my way of biting my tongue. Otherwise I would've said that you hate it because you're a dumb ass. Whoops, looks like I did anyways."

She hissed at this, clenching her jaw in yet another way that made her look adorable for trying to look mean. "Why won't you ever snap and send me to the office? What're you scared will happen if you do?" He had been pushing her all year and he wanted an answer for his question finally.

"I won't send you down there because that's what you want. I know all about you, Luke. I read most of your student file before you were placed in my class. All of those fights, detentions, referrals and suspensions you've acquired. You enjoy being in trouble. So I'm not letting you continue your addiction."

Luke laughed off that explanation easily. "The reason all that stuff happened was because I don't give a rip about this school or its rules. I just have to kill enough time to get out of high school and into college."

A dry snort was her response. "Colleges won't even offer you a scholarship with all the referrals you've had. And you're an orphan, you can't afford it without one."

"Says who?" Luke shot back "Orphans can go to college. And I could pay for the tuition if need be. And don't talk about my parents as if they were dead. That would be respectful considering where they are now."

Confusion was clear on her face as she babbled out "Your file said you lived alone."

"I do. Neither of my parents want me, so I live by myself. At least dad was willing to leave me a little money behind before vanishing off the face of the earth." He was staring at the floor while he said this, not quite wanting to catch her eyes. His dad was always a sore subject with him, mostly because of how confused he was with feelings about his dad. His mom on the other hand…

"I'm sorry. I only assumed that they were dead."

"You know what they say about assuming?" Looking up to see if she knew what he was talking about, he was graced with a small smile. "Yeah I do. Now get back in the class and write down your homework assignment." Throwing the door open in an exaggerated manner, he threw over his shoulder

"You know I'm not gonna do it." Luke hadn't done a single homework assignment ever since they were first assigned. If questioned by anyone in the office, he said it was because he had to work so late to pay for rent. The nice ladies behind the desks believed him. Anyone else was informed that he had better things to do than that B.S. And he did. He had jobs to do for people that needed things done. In fact, he had a meeting with a potential client tonight.

Sitting back down at his desk, Luke watched as the clock ticked down the last few minutes before the bell finally rang. Leaving his seat, Luke strolled out to the small parking lot outside his school. The back corner of the parking lot was normally deserted, leaving plenty space for his motorcycle. Heading towards the shady corner, he couldn't stop the pride he felt when he saw it. He had spent a fair bit of money on it, but he didn't care. That thing was awesome. Even for a motorcycle, his Kawasaki was a bad SOB. He unlocked the steering bar on it and put it in his backpack. Hopping on his beauty, he started her up and revved the engine before driving off out of the parking lot, looking forward to his evening of kicking back after he cleaned up his apartment.

Arriving at his home on the west end of town, Luke locked up his bike and let himself in, strolling into his living room to crash on the couch. Grabbing the remote from its usual resting place, he propped his feet up on the glass coffee table and cut on his TV. Not much was playing at the moment, so he went to his recorded episodes to pick up where he left off at a House episode, a freakin' long ass commercial. Jumping up from the couch, Luke moseyed over to his fridge and grabbed a Dr. Pepper out, popping it open and killing it, before grabbing another to take back with him to the couch. Relaxing into the sofa yet again, the teen finished watching the episode before looking at the time. 3:48. Damn. Now he had to clean his apartment up real quick. The new client he had been assigned was supposed to be here at 4:30. He definitely needed to vacuum before he/she got here, and get rid of all the cans clustering his coffee table. Maybe he should knock off those spider webs in the corners too. With a sigh, he went back to his room, grabbed his iPod stereo and set on the coffee table, setting his phone in it and put it on shuffle. Music would help make these chores a whole lot less annoying.

Rambling through his supply closet, Luke found the various cleaning implements he was going to need. With another sigh, he went to work. After 30 minutes of work, Luke declared himself finished, setting everything back in the supply closet and cutting the music off. Clearing his coffee table, Luke cut the TV off and made sure that nothing was in the room to make him look…unprofessional. The last thing he wanted to do was rub off badly on a new client that seemed to have a very expensive job in mind. Not that he cared about the money so much, but expensive jobs were normally dangerous. Dangerous to others equaled challenging to him. Challenging was fun.

Sure enough, right on the dot a person knocked on his door. Calming himself, he opened it and was greeted with rather formal lady, dressed in all blue, from her high heels to her sleeveless dress. Luke stepped back and offered her entrance to his apartment. She accepted, walking in and seating herself in a chair that was aligned directly across from another one.

'Nice. She must mean business if she wants me to sit directly across from her. And she walked incredibly quite for a lady in heels. They sent me an actual operative instead of just some lapdog receptionist.' Luke shut the door and seated himself across from her, waiting for her to begin her proposition. No introductions were needed. Names were need to know basis in his kind of work, but he had a feeling she already knew it.

"This is a nice place you have here Mr. Hensley." The woman had a rather sharp voice, as if she would try to cut him to pieces with her tone.

'Yep. Her informant must have loose lips or she must be real close to the top.'

"Thanks. It's the best bachelor's pad I've had in a while. So now that you're here, what exactly did your boss have lined up for me to work on?"

She quirked one of her finely waxed eyebrows at it, chuckling at the teen half her age trying to be serious and professional. "No time for small talk? Alright well, there is an item of desire that you to require from a certain location." Luke nodded at this, watching as she dug out a vanilla folder from her purse and slid it across the table to him.

Not bothering to open it yet, Luke made sure he had her attention before questioning "Are there any particulars as to how I acquire it?" She shook her head negative.

"The boss could care less about any collateral damage as long as this is never pointed towards us. The items you are retrieving would be worthless to anyone asides the boss as it has…sentimental value to him and he didn't appreciate it being stolen from him. The item is fairly durable, so don't worry to much on it breaking, but don't go around slamming it into walls either."

Luke waved this off. She was treating him like a kid and it was grating his nerves, damn it! "Alright then. Where and when should I go to drop off the item when I have it?"

"That's in the file, sweetheart." Standing up as a sign to show that this meeting was over, the woman waited for Luke to lead her to the door and show her out.

After she did leave and was out of sight, Luke slammed the door shut, rattling it in the frame loudly. "Why can't I get any damn respect from employers? If they've heard of me then they should obviously know that I'm not a joke, so why not treat me like an actual professional? I've got a better rep out there than most others in the area, so why doesn't that mean anything to anyone?"

Locking his door, he ambled back to his couch, but not before grabbing his stereo again to start his music back playing. Looking down at the file on his coffee table, he noticed just how thick it actually was. It must've weighed a ton. Flipping it open, he scanned over the first document, which mostly explained that his object was a simple vial or a liquid that he didn't need to know about. It would be labeled Xc24738 and the liquid would a dark red.

'I'm stealing blood? This certainly looks interesting.' Interesting didn't always mean that the job was worth it. After all the botched jobs he'd had, he knew that it wasn't always worth it. There was usually a catch.

Reading on in the file, Luke found that he would be breaking into Physonics Labs, just outside of the local area. The address on it showed that it was situated in the middle of what looked like a forest, way off the beaten path. Reading through all the information he had been given on the grounds, building layout, a basic schedule for guard patrols, what type of security the buildings used, even inside schematics.

'Why the hell don't they send in a janitor with this kind of info? Anyone can do this.' Finishing up the documents, Luke was about to shut the folder when something caught his attention out of the corner of his eye. There. The folder had a logo on it, one he had seen before. He couldn't remember it exactly, but that still meant something.

There were two outcomes from being contacted by the company. Either he had worked with them before and they liked his results, or he had been hired to work against them and they had discovered his ID. The first option was good because that meant his rep was better than he thought. The second option was good because if they were setting him up, then his rep was better, plus he would be famous for defying whoever the company is. Win/win for Luke. "I gotta take this one. No way can I pass it up."

Opening the file one more time to grab the schematics and info he would need, he found the number he needed to call to take this job. Dialing it in on his cell phone, he heard the receptionist pick up immediately. "I'm taking the Physonics Lab job." Hanging up, Luke pushed himself off the couch and headed towards his closet. Grabbing a change of clothes, Luke changed into his work gear as he called it. It was simply a pair of black cargo pants, a black and gray long sleeve shirt, a pair of black performance Nikes, and his goggles. After suiting himself up, he grabbed a pair of black fingerless gloves on his nightstand and slid them on.

Looking over the dossier one last time, Luke set out. It was starting to get dark, so by the time he got there it'd be dark already. Wintertime in Virginia does that. Grabbing a dark lightweight jacket on his way out, Luke revved up his bike and drove off, goggles set firmly in place over his eyes. These goggles were special to Luke and he used them only for special occasions. Like tonight. Making good time, Luke was an hour away from the lab's address when it started to rain. Normally this would be painful and problematic for a biker to drive in this weather. Good thing for Luke he wasn't normal.

Outside of Physonics Labs - 11:17 - Northwest Virginia

Easing up on were the road split off into a dirt path, Luke left the beaten path, moving into the heavy woods around the building. Cutting his bike off and leaving it well hidden, Luke crept forward as he took in the building's security, dry as a whistle. The rain hadn't reached this neck of the woods so the guards were still out and about. And sure enough, like the file said, the guards outside looked like minimum wage rejects from the police force. Getting past them would be easy enough. The cameras on the exterior of the building were well placed, but rotated. Good timing was all he needed.

Waiting for the guard to walk past and the camera to looks away, Luke darted out from the bushes, silent as the night. Reaching the near safety of the buildings shadow, he slid along the wall until he reached the door he knew led the disposal labs. Pressing his ear against the door to see if he heard anything, Luke broke the silence by slipping through the door, setting it back in place gently. Scanning the room to make sure it was truly empty, Luke made his way to the connecting hallway. There were rotating cameras in the first floor hallways and the one at the end of the hall Luke was in was currently turned. Acting quickly, Luke sneaked directly under it. The camera at the adjacent hallway would rotate the opposite direction of the one in the hallway, so Luke had to make sure that both cameras didn't move. Simple. It was only a small matter of concentration for him. Now he could enter the unguarded stairwell.

Once securely inside, Luke let the cameras free to rotate as they would normally. Turning to face his next obstacle, Luke strained his eyes to see the faint red light of motion sensors. They covered the stairway every four feet from top to bottom, leaving no room to traverse on the stairs themselves. But the rails were a different matter. Grabbing on to the rail, Luke shimmied along outside it until the stair had wrapped around itself, before climbing straight up. Once he had reached the fourth floor, Luke hauled himself over the railing, but didn't touch the floor just yet. The 3 square foot surrounding the doorway were covered in sensors. He'd have to open the door without touching the floor. Focusing on the doorknob, Luke held his hand as if he were holding the doorknob itself. Turning his hand slowly, Luke smiled as the doorknob did too, despite the pain lacing over his fingers. Pushing it open with a wave of his hand, Luke merely jumped over the sensors and shut the door behind him.

No cameras in this hallway. Walking down the door he knew would lead to the labs, Luke stopped himself just in time as he heard voices. Two of them, speaking to each other about some form of …alteration in the natural decoding of DNA in humans.

'Two scientists that can't take a break from their jobs. If the nighttime security as already been activated, then they may live in the building. In fact, I think the blueprints had some kind of bedroom area to it. It's only just down the hall, so when these two crash, they won't have far to go before they collapse. But I don't want to wait that long in the middle of an open hallway. So what know? Busting in and knocking both of them out could raise alarms. Sneaking in is much better but how?' Luke contemplated, his face slowly lighting up as an idea came to him.

'Vents! There was an outlet around here somewhere and there is one inside the room too.' Looking back down the hallway he had just come up, Luke spotted his entrance. Crouching in front of it, Luke placed the palm of his hand on the grate covering the vent. With a swift tug, he felt the bolts loosen and give leeway, letting Luke's sore fingers pry it off the wall. The vent itself was larger than Luke would've thought it was. Maybe all those stupid movies had something right after all. Luke wormed his way into the vent, placing the cover back in place behind him, before continuing down his path. A few spider webs guarded the vents, being brushed aside as the teen continued to the next opening. He found the nearest grate opening and eased forward towards it, taking care not to make any noise.

From the vent, he could still hear the scientists, even better now, leading Luke to conclude he was in the right room. Pushing the grate out was far easier than pulling it, as Luke soon discovered. No racket at all. The two scientists were gathered over a small microscopes, from what Luke could see in his position. Of course, that position was right in front of the two men, both in their late 40's. From this point, Luke had two options.

He could either try to continue sneaking or he could attack while he still had the element of surprise. The first was bound to fail and he only had minutes before they were bound to notice him. Taking stock of the situation, Luke saw a fire extinguisher on the wall. Right next to a fire alarm. Wait. Fire alarm. 'Why didn't I think of that earlier? It worked last year.' Luke nearly hit himself for overlooking such a simple and practical option.

With but a flick of his wrist, Luke made the alarm switch flip, sending off the shrill alarm signature to fire alarms.

What happened was completely unexpected however.

The door to the room locked from what seemed to be a mechanism inside the frame, as well as all of the windows, which were made of reinforced glass. The scientists themselves did not look alarmed, but merely annoyed at the sound distracting them. They both went to flip the alarm when Luke jumped into action, literally. Sailing smooth over the lab table he was crouched behind, Luke grabbed both men by their balding heads and slammed them together, hoping to knock them out. If only that were the case. One went out like a light, but the other, the seemingly older of the two shrugged it off and lashed out at the intruder, a snarl of anger on his face. Luke through up his hands to block the incoming hits, waiting till the man had both arms away from the body. The man attempted to grab him, opening himself up for exactly what Luke wanted. Lurching forward with an unnatural speed, Luke pressed the palms of his hands firm into the scientists sternum,, before pushing lightly. The results were the man sliding straight back into a wall, which his head connected with a solid thump before falling to the floor unconscious.

"Thank God no one heard that. Way to go fire alarm."

Luke ignored the still ringing alarm and began to look around the room for what he needed. A fridge like the one in the dossier was sitting in the corner and Luke investigated. Inside were the types of vials he was looking for. Rummaging through them and throwing out what was in the way, making sure not to leave prints on the glasses, Luke finally found the vial with the same info as in the dossier. Xc24738 was a nasty looking color red, but it affirmed Luke's suspicion that he was stealing blood. Now that he had it and put it safely in one of his many pants pockets, he needed to leave. All of the guards should've left by now, but he would get caught leaving out the main entrances like that. He needed something alternate. Luke looked out the window at the night surrounding him, thinking of a way out. Then it hit him. The window.

No one would ever guess that he would drop from 4 stories because no sane person would. That little detail didn't matter to Luke, because he was going to do it. His mind was made up. But he had to open it. Shutting off the fire alarm with another wave of his wrist, Luke heard the lock tumblers give way inside the frame. Sliding the window up, Luke carefully dropped over the edge, holding on with his hands as he eased the window back down. Looking down below him not that the window was shut, Luke pushed off the wall with his feet and let go. Falling was always so much fun to Luke. He wondered what it would be like to sky-dive sometimes, but never got the nerve up to do it. But now, falling from the fourth story of a science lab, he felt great. But the feeling came to an end when he touched the ground softly, his body beginning to feel the strain of his abilities. A good night's sleep ought to fix him up.

Making sure yet again he was still undetected, Luke ran into the woods were he knew his bike was waiting him. As quietly as he could, Luke started the vehicle and drove off, not letting up on the gas till he was back in his hometown. He had until tomorrow morning to deliver his plunder to the drop off location, which meant he could sleep in some. Arriving at his apartment a few minutes later, Luke parked his bike and headed on inside, throwing off everything he wasn't sleeping in by the bedroom door. As soon as his head hit the pillow, Luke was out like a light.

Waking up to his abnormally early alarm clock, Luke rolled over to read the time.

'Yep, time to get up and drop the blood off.'

Pushing himself out of bed, Luke ambled into the shower and finished his daily hygienic routine, dressing himself in school clothes. After all, he still had that to go to after he racked up his payment. The job itself wasn't that complicated and there weren't any nasty surprises. A nice boring job over all. Leaving his apartment and revving up his motorcycle, Luke drove himself to the empty warehouse that was going to be the site. If he knew what was going to go down, he probably would've drove the other way.

Abandoned Warehouse - 6:22 - Lemming Street

Leaving his bike in the alleyway to enter in the back door as instructed, Luke found the place dark with only one light on. Standing in the spotlight was the same woman as before. She waved for Luke to come towards her and he did so. Reaching into his backpack, where he had moved the vial to before he left the apartments, Luke held it out to her. She took it from his hand gently, and placed it in her purse. She turned to walk away before Luke stopped her.

"Hold on a sec. You still owe me my payment."

A small humorless laugh erupted from the woman, as if she knew something he didn't. "Owe you? Payment? The only thing a rotten thief like you deserves is a ditch to rot in. And we'll give you that. Boys!"

Out of the shadows, men of a rowdy, thuggish assortment came forward, each wearing a grin or smirk that spelled trouble for the young teen.

"So after all that work I did for you, you wanna let some thugs beat me up to keep me quiet or something? Cheapskates!"

"Quiet? My boss said to make sure there were no witnesses of me acquiring the item. Only you and me know, so you've got to go. Don't worry, I'm sure these boys will make it quick for you."

Luke just glared at the men now surrounding him. This was not looking to be his day. The woman vanished out a door and the leader of the gang stepped forward, a bat in hand. He was a good bit taller than the others, and had the stockiness to back it up as well.

"We're gonna mess you up pretty boy, so go ahead and say your last prayer!" Stepping forward in what would be a powerful swing, the man was stopped dead in his tracks. By what appeared to be nothing but air. In a flash of gray, the man was knocked off his feet and sent flying a good 10 feet back. The other goons were nervous by this sudden show of the supernatural, but when the leader shouted "Get him!" from the floor, the fear vanished.

Luke was now inside a ring of testosterone and rage, all directed at him in punches and kicks. Avoiding what he could and lashing out with the unreal gray force to assault those whom he couldn't avoid, Luke was nearly dripping with sweat from the exertion of a few minutes of this. He had smacked around everyone who came near him, until all of them were unconscious, except for the leader. The massive man had stayed back to watch Luke wear himself out. Luke had nearly forgotten about him, as tired as he was, but the heavy footsteps and the shout of "Take this, you freak!" caused him to turn his head just in time to catch the bat with his nose.

Luke head snapped back as he stumbled backwards, clutching his nose that was spewing blood. The pain that he felt from his broken nose killed any thoughts in his head except revenge. The man with the bat now looked utterly terrified, as the teenage punk had not seemed all that affected by his full might. Trying another swing with the bat, the man ran forward and tried to knock Luke's head off with another haymaker of a hit. Luke ducked it easily, before rising with a swift and strong jab to the man's throat. Clutching his throat and bent over coughing hoarsely, the main thug never saw the knee coming as it smashed in on his face, breaking his nose and busting his lip. Hollering out in pain as best he could, he looked through watery eyes to see Luke with what looked like a gray tornado in his hand, shove his palm into his chest. Then he went blank. Luke watched in satisfaction as the man was sent spiraling through the air. Normally his powers were straightforward pushes and pulls, but that right there was something special. It was a bit over the top, but well worth it, in his opinion.

Clutching his still bleeding nose with his shirt, Luke made his way back to his bike, his body aching and his head throbbing the entire way. Driving back to his apartment was painful, but the bleeding had stopped and his pain was easing. He'd have to go get his nose checked out after school. First he need another shower and a change of clothes.

The cold water and a fresh shirt felt wonderful to Luke when he finished. He headed out the door again, with only a few minutes to get to school before the tardy bell. Great. Driving himself to his least favorite place, Luke parked in his normal spot and made his way inside, just as the bell rang and the hallways cleared. Maybe if he hurried Mrs. Milstead would let him in anyways. She was very reasonable.

Before he could make it down the hall to his class, he heard his name called out by the loud ruff voice he knew to be the principle. Shit. Turning to see the man standing right outside his office, Luke made his way back down the hall to a room he as quite used to. One thing was different today though. His principle had a visitor. A wealthy-looking, bald, and crippled visitor. The principle closed the door behind him as he entered and sat down at his desk.

"Luke, this is Professor Charles Xavier. He's here to talk to you about enrollment at his school in New York."

'New York?' Luke wondered, before the professor spoke himself, holding out his hand for a handshake while addressing the student.

"Not only that, but I also want to talk about this morning." All Luke could think to himself was 'Shit. What have I got myself into?'

Chapter End! I did it! I finished this chapter of a story based entirely on an OC of my creation. If it wasn't for the fact that I'm not arrogant to think otherwise, I'd publish the entire story outside of the 4 seasons of plot for the X-men Evolution. But I'm still new to writing, let alone publishing, so I'm keeping it simple. But rest assured, I have a trillion other plot ideas for this story, some to add in, others for this story's sequel. (Yes I did plan that far.) I also want to clear one thing up before I get raged on about it.

This story will different from the normal cannon because of the fact that more mutants will be up for hire than before. What I mean by this is that mutants like Gambit, who are professional thieves, are sought out as Freaks for hire to perform certain jobs. Luke is one of many who are involved in a large underground network that is home to the most dangerous thieves in the world. The mutants are sough out by word of mouth only, as it is the safest way for the mutants, as they could always deny anything. Reputation is a lot in this world, and Luke desires an impeccable one. Maybe his time with Xavier will fix that.

And if anyone complains that Mrs. Anderson is too nice to Luke, then get over yourself. Teachers play favorites like that all the time. Hell, even the principles do that. I've gotten away with more crap in school than I'd care to say, but you guys all know that some kids are lucky enough to do whatever they want in school and get away with it. At this school, Luke happens to be one of those kids in Mrs. Anderson's class.

Thanks for reading, drop a review if you thought anything about the story, good or bad, and eat some prunes. You'll thank me for it next time you go to the bathroom! Chapter title came from the Jimmy Eat World song. Until next time, this is Big Willis