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Chapter thirty-nine:


The sun's rays pushed the blanket of night out of the sky, as if it recoiled from the warmth the sphere of fire expelled. The sky was unperturbed, not even a feather would dare cloud the sky.

Birds would sing though.

An unnatural quiet surrounded the property.

Not even a squirrel would scramble for meager nuts, snuggled deep in its whole.

But it was enough for Jane to know it was time.

Her wait paid off when suddenly the last struggling beat made it out of his heart a mere moment ago.

His sudden unnecessary but sharp intake of breath, barely milliseconds before he scrambled off the soft bed he had been laying on and opened his eyes to find her. She was now ten feet below him, in shock. If he had paid attention, her eyes would have reflected that he was terrified of the new life he was welcomed to.

Overwhelmed by the overpowering sensitiveness of his senses, his attention was unfocused and in consequence, he was easily distracted.

Cars, trickling water from the icicles, several heartbeat rhythms...not far...barely muted.

He could tell distance...count the beats...

How was this possible?

Then, just as suddenly, a whisper called his rapt attention, "Nicolas."

In Voltera...

He scrambled out of her reach...terrified by what he had seen.

"Witch!" He hissed with hatred, for only witchcraft would explain the machination she had forced into his mind.

Lies. He told himself mentally. Manipulation tactics. He smiled. He had figured them out before they could get to him.

"Aro will hear of this, and he will force you to use this new power as a weapon." He promised darkly, "you will rue the day you tried to use it on me."

Andraleigh, whose head had been low, staring at the ground, finally raised her head as her mate hissed and prepared to pounce onto the stupid child.

"I cannot lie," she said, "it's my curse, I see it all."

She knew she didn't have to, once Aro found out what she did through Alec, he would prove to the young high ranking guard what she could do, but if that happened...Alec would not survive. She had seen it, and so she must be allowed to speak.

"Trepkos, my love," she said, her tone just as gentle as to not disturb, not looking away from Alec's eyes, "I love you, but I must ask you to stand aside."

Disturbed by what she was asking, Trepkos did a double take between her and Alec. He didn't trust the child-like torturer, but he trusted her implicitly. He was torn by this for a few seconds. His trust for her ability won over his impulse to protect, but he wouldn't be too far, just in case.

Alec didn't lose his smile, nor did his eyes move from the powerful witch as he saw her mate lift and moved to stand a few paces behind her. His smile grew. Stupid, stupid. They always underestimate him or his ability.

His thoughts were interrupted by her words, "There is another who can verify the validity of what you have seen," he lost his smile as she continued, "You must ask her."

Trepkos' lips twitched, but he didn't smile. He watched triumphant as Alec thought about Andraleigh's words.

"Who is it you are refering to? If this is true, as you say," Alec demanded, "Why is it this other can?"

"You know as well as I do that I speak of your sister, Jane," Andraleigh said slowly, as she sought his eyes for something, "and the only explanation I can give you in regards to why, is that strong events can be caged within the mind when they are too traumatic. This fact is true for a human mind, however. This would mean, that right after the event unfolded, your mind sought to protect you."

After a pause, searching in her eyes for clues, he grasped at straws, "You must have heard. My sister has taken time to herself and is not available."

"Search for her in the Denali family's compound, in Alaska," she responded.

"Why would she be around that clan?" He laughed, but even to his earns he sounded nervous, "she abhors them. They are a joke to our kind."

"That is also another question only she can answer," she said, with a sigh, closing her eyes and leaning forward on her hands, "I can tell you no more, young master." Lifting her head, she looked straight at him and warned, "Whatever you decide to do, stay here and speak to Aro or go verify the vision with your twin, I suggest you do so quickly. For you only have till the moon rises in a few hours...Aro will want to play with his new toys, and won't be as rewarding, for you will not be escaping this round, not after he discovers his reigning brothers have deserted him."

At seeing his moment of indecision, she pushed, "You have already asked him for leave. Send another to deliver no news from our meeting, and go find your sister. We are not going anywhere, so you have no reason to believe I have sought my own escape. I will need you to see the truth too, so you can help free me after all," she revealed.

At once, he was gone.

"Are you sure you should have revealed that last part, my love?" Trepkos asked her as he brought a moistened towel to her face.

"It was my only choice. My dear Trepkos," she responded, turning her face to him, "I fear."

"It was written."

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