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Kantei= official workplace of the Japanese prime minister (somewhat the Japanese equivalent to the White House)

Just Shy of Politically Correct

It had been an intense day.

Sasuke wearily ran his fingers through his spiky hair as he made his way to the staff kitchen. He had been pulling sixteen hour days for the past week, and he could barely keep his eyes open.

What he really needed right now was a cup of coffee, a really strong cup of coffee.

The period following the election of the new prime minister was always tough on security and today had been no different. In a month, the new elected prime minister would move into the official residence and in order for that to happen, the entire residence and surrounding area had to be cleared by the new security team.

Today, Sasuke had been given the unenviable task of organizing contractual paper work.

It had taken seven hours, fifty phone calls, and a near fist-fight with Naruto, before all household staff finally got their security clearance. Sasuke's eyebrow furrowed in annoyance as he remembered the amused, evil smirk on Kakashi's lips as he handed Sasuke an assignment folder thick enough to knock out an elephant.

"Well Sasuke, I'm going to go home now. Have fun!" Kakashi had said as his eyes twinkled craftily.

Sasuke wasn't quite sure what his boss was planning but Kakashi's plans usually never boded well for Sasuke's health. The last one had left him stranded in a hostess club with only a 10,000 yen bill. Sasuke shuddered at the mere memory of that night; having his personal bubble repeatedly invaded by throngs of overly makeup-ed women in slinky dresses was not his idea of sexy.

Speaking of un-sexy, thought Sasuke, as he pushed back the doors to the Kantei staff break room, there was a young woman sprawled across the lunch table in an uncivilized heap, drooling and mumbling something incomprehensible as she slept on unaware of Sasuke's presence.

Dressed in a crumpled blue dress shirt with hair akimbo, she wasn't exactly the most appealing woman Sasuke had ever seen. She probably didn't even cut Sasuke's top thirty list.

Her scrunched up white lab coat indicated that she was probably one of the new Kantei medical staff.

Actually, Sasuke was pretty sure he remembered her profile from the security check earlier. She was the youngest member of the new incoming medical staff; a promising young doctor under the tutelage of senior Kantei physician Tsunade.

Taking another glance at the sleeping figure, he huffed in almost-amusement.

"She looked a lot better in her profile picture" mumbled Sasuke under his breath as he quietly moved around her to get to the coffee vending machine.

The brightly-lit, humming machine decorated with a caricature of a dancing coffee cup was a welcome sight to Sasuke's tired eyes.

Digging around in his pockets for some loose change, he mindlessly stuck 100yen into the coffee machine. The soft drop of the paper cup and the whir of the coffee dispenser seemed awkwardly loud in the silence of the break room. Looking back over his shoulder towards the sleeping woman on the table, he felt something akin to communion towards his fellow overworked staff member.

On a whim, he popped another 100yen into the coffee machine and placed the resulting cup of coffee beside the young woman.

Here's to getting a good night's sleep sometime, thought Sasuke soundlessly to the sleeping woman as he took his own cup and passed quietly out the break room door.

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