Title: Son of a Beach

Author: Disasteriffic Kaz

Info: Post 7x12 "Time After Time" The boys get a call to a remote resort, fun in the sun, bikini babes and something just plain wrong. Hurt/limp/comfort/protective!Sam/Dean

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*Paka Ki resort is not a real place. I made it up. It was however the name of my very first cat when I was a baby in Hawaii. :D My mom used to send me outside to call her just for kicks. I couldn't say her whole name…only…Kaki. Picture year old me walking up and down the neighborhood with Mom yelling "COCKY" at the top of my lungs. XD Yep. My family is that kinda family.

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"You seem…different." Sam looked sideways at Dean as they drove. "You feeling ok?"

Dean spared him a glance from the road and smiled. "I'm good, Sammy."

Sam kept watching him. He didn't know what it was but something was indefinably different about his brother since his trip back in time; something other than the period shoulder holster he now insisted on wearing and the few times Sam had caught him quoting The Untouchables under his breath in the bathroom. The real life Elliot Ness had made one hell of an impression on his big brother. He couldn't put his finger on what was different except that Dean seemed less tortured the last few days. It was a relief to see the smile on his face again after so long. He'd thought it would never come back after Bobby. Hell, even he was having trouble smiling. The deviled angel on his shoulder had taken to promising he could bring Bobby back. It was tempting enough that Sam was having difficulty some days keeping the crazy quiet.

A muffled phone ringing in the glove box snapped him out of his thoughts. Sam popped it open and pulled out Bobby's cell from where it lay next to their Dads. He shrugged at the questioning look on Dean's face and opened it. "Hello?"

"Hey I…wait, who is this? You're not Bobby." The voice, a man's, sounded accusing and worried.

Sam's stomach took a roll at once more having to impart this news. "Bobby…passed away last month. We're friends of his. If you need help…" Sam let the sentence hang and listened to him breathing hard on the other end of the line.

"Shit. Shit." The man paused, took several more deep breaths and Sam distinctly heard a sniffle. "He's dead? Damn I…he was a good man. Ok um, I suppose, being his friends and all you're like, you know like he is…was. I need help."

Sam had watched Dean tense up as he spoke and saw him now relax with effort, knuckles loosening from their grip on the wheel. "Tell me what you've got."

"Right, well, I don't really know. I mean I know." The man paused. "My resort, well it's my Dad's resort but I manage the place, anyway we have this ghost. He's harmless you know? Never hurt anyone in fact he's kinda cool. Oh! I'm Jack by the way. Sorry."

"Okay, Jack slow down. My name's Sam." Sam waited for him to take another breath. "So you have a harmless ghost. Why do you need help?"

"Cause he's started hurting people man. He's been here as long as I've been alive. That's how I met Bobby." Jack chuckled. "He came here years ago and was gonna banish the thing or something but after he met him, I guess you can meet a ghost right? Anyway he met him and decided to leave him alone. Said he was happy where he was."

"Bobby left the ghost?" Sam asked, surprised.

"Yeah. He's harmless man. He just likes to play pranks on the guests and honestly, we love it. The staff I mean." Jack laughed now. "He always goes after the assholes. Sorry."

Sam snorted. "Don't worry about it. What's changed exactly?"

"He's going after Staff now and it's not funny anymore. People are getting hurt. Jo-ellen got tossed down three flights of stairs yesterday. I don't get it. Why would he change?"

Sam sighed. "Jack, sometimes ghosts just…forget who they were. Usually in fact, and they start hurting anyone who gets in the way. Tell me where you are and we'll head your way."

"Hawaii." Jack replied and Sam's jaw dropped.

"Wait, wait…Hawaii the island Hawaii?" Sam asked and slid a sidelong glance at his brother who was slowly shaking his head at the idea of a plane ride.

"Only one I know of dude." Jack laughed again.

Sam spent another ten minutes on the phone with Jack, cementing the details and where they would pick up their flight before hanging up and looking over to the not amused look on Dean's face. "It's a job."

"I'm good." Dean growled. "Freakin islands." He huffed out an irritated breath. "Although, beach bunnies Sammy." Dean did smile now and looked over in time to see Sam roll his eyes and he chuckled. "Where we catchin' this plane?"

"St. Louis. Tomorrow." Sam looked at his notes. "It's called the Paka Ki' Resort; means beautiful sunrise he says."

"Dude, I could make so many jokes with that name." Dean smirked.

"But you wont right now." Sam scowled at him. "It's on the island of Kauai and Jack said it's off the beaten path. We're gonna have to…"Sam paused and looked over to gauge just how badly Dean was going to take this.

"Have to what? Spit it out." Dean glared.

"The only way in to the resort is by…helicopter." Sam said and waited, studiously looking at his notes though he could see the clenching of Dean's jaw in his peripheral vision.

"You wanna say that again slowly? Like I'm stupid?" Dean fisted his hands on the wheel.

"It's not a long ride, Dean." Sam assured him, resisting the overpowering urge to laugh at the look on his brother's face. "Jack said like twenty minutes from the airport."

Dean's glare deepened, staring out at the road. "Only takes twenty seconds to end up a splatter on the side of a freakin mountain. This better be one hell of a resort."

"Dude. It's Hawaii." Sam said and smiled. "How can it be anything but?"


Dean leaned heavily on the wall of the little shed at the end of the airstrip…well they called it an airstrip. If you asked him it looked more like a short drive into the freakin ocean but no one was asking him. Sam was over talking to the pilot of their soon to be deathtrap; a refurbished army helicopter that looked like it had last flown in a world war. If Sam thought he was getting in that thing, his little brother was gonna end up on the ground staring up at the tropical sun with two black eyes. "No way…in hell." Dean muttered and gave a cheery smile to Sam along with his favorite finger when his brother looked over at him.

Sam frowned. He knew that look and took a deep breath. After the plane ride, where Dean had filled several air sick bags through the hour long turbulence, getting him into the helicopter was going to be a challenge. His older brother's face said he was spoiling for a fight. He walked back to where Dean stood, still pale, as the pilot climbed into the chopper.

"Hey, Sammy." Dean smiled a crooked smile at him. "You know the only way you're getting me in that thing is feet first, right?"

"Dean. It's perfectly safe." Sam saw Dean flinch as the engine started behind him and felt the brush of air on the back of his neck as the rotors started to turn. "It's only a twenty minute ride."

Dean shook his head. "Dude I'll walk."

"Right. Through rainforest and up over a mountain?" Sam laughed. "Stop being such a baby and get in already."

"I can hurt you." Dean glared as Sam grabbed his arm and gave a tug.

"Feel free. After we land." Sam pulled him toward the chopper, feeling the pull as Dean tried to hang back.

"Seriously, man. I can climb. Nice hike…could be good." Dean didn't like to admit just how badly the thought of flying in that thing turned his knees to jello.

"You hate hiking; and camping." Sam snickered and pulled open the helicopter door, pushing Dean ahead of him. "Get in, close your eyes and think of beach bunnies."

Dean let himself be pushed into a seat and snarled at the highly amused grin on the pilots face. He got one hand in a deathgrip on his seat and the other subconsciously rubbing his stomach against the somersaults going on in there. Sam climbed in next to him, slammed the door shut and slid one arm over Dean's shoulders as the helicopter began to lift from the ground. On a normal day, Dean would have shrugged him off with a glare but he was too focused on not focusing on the flight to care. Dean groaned when the chopper climbed and banked hard.

"Son of a bitch he did that on purpose." Dean muttered under his breath, eyes closed tight.

Sam chuckled. "Dude if you'd open your eyes. It's freakin amazing." Sam watched the rainforest fly by so close beneath and felt his own stomach take a quick turn as the helicopter climbed suddenly and swung up the dizzying side of a green cliff face. "On second thought, don't look." He said with a smirk. They climbed higher and higher and finally emerged above the cliff and over the other side. Laid out below them was a pristine stretch of beach but not like any Sam had seen before. It was black. Set back from it and in among massive old trees sat the resorts many buildings and bungalows. He could see straw roofs peeking up from the tree cover and here and there as they descended to the one clearing near the largest building people wandered and walked. "Wow."

"What?" Dean convinced himself to open his eyes and looked out the window beside him. He saw sparkling black sand, bright green trees and impossibly blue water. He was impressed. He slammed his eyes shut again as the helicopter banked and he was suddenly looking straight down at the ground. "Holy crap."

"Almost over." Sam reassured his brother, feeling the shoulders beneath his arm quake as the chopper dropped dramatically. Minutes later it settled to the ground and Dean heaved a great sigh of relief when the engine shut off.

"Open the door and lemme outta this death trap." Dean demanded, desperately in need of firm ground beneath his feet. Sam chuckled and slid the door open, hopping out with his brother fast behind him. The pilot came out after them and went to the cargo hatch, flinging it open and tossing their duffels on the grass.

"Should be someone here any minute to get you guys to the hotel." He said and smiled, looking amused as Dean knelt and all but kissed the ground.

"Thanks." Sam looked over to the main building, rising above the tree line at the edge of the clearing and saw a golf cart appear and speed toward them. "Looks like our ride." He said to his brother who stood and scowled.

"I want my baby." Dean grumbled, watching the little cart as it neared and finally slowed to a stop near the chopper. The man who got out was young; short, blonde hair and wire glasses over a darkly tanned face and he smiled and waved as he climbed out of the cart.

"Aloha!" He called and jogged over to them. "You must be Sam and Dean. I'm Jack."

"Sam." He put out his hand and shook Jack's. "This is Dean."

"Build a freakin rode man." Dean said by way of greeting but shook the offered hand and gave him a thin smile.

"No way for a road to get out here really." Jack said with a smile. "There's a track that winds up and around the mountains back there but it's pretty much only good for goats." He laughed. "Come on. Get your gear and I'll get you settled in."

They stowed their gear on the back of the cart and got in. Jack turned the car back to the resort with a wave to the pilot and looked at the two men with him. "Ok, I've got you a bungalow. It's isolated from the other staff so you'll have some privacy. Um…there is just one thing." He tugged at the collar of his shirt nervously. "See, the resort has a strict policy that Staff can't room together unless they're…well…couples."

"Excuse me?" Sam looked over in surprise.

"Couple. You know, married. Um…so the only way I could bunk you two together without sending up flags, and you said you wanted to blend in was…"

"Wait we're not guests?" Dean asked and gave a pointed glare to Sam. "Something you forgot to tell me, little brother?"

"The ghost is only attacking Staff." Sam told him. "So it only made sense to go in as Staff."

"Uh huh." Dean sat back and crossed his arms. "You're the wife."

"Dude!" Sam put a hand to his head and glared at Jack. "You couldn't come up with something other than…than this?"

"Sorry." Jack said sadly but he smirked. "My old man's a real stickler for that one and people would have noticed, you know?"

Sam sighed, resigning himself to the never ending jokes at his expense his brother was no doubt storing up. "What are our Staff positions?"

"Ah, well you're going to be on the grounds keeping team." Jack said to Sam with a smile. "Dean you're going to be on the Physical Instructors team. You have uniforms waiting for you in your bungalow." Jack turned the cart around the hotel structure to the back, following a path lined with shells. The area was truly beautiful. Palm trees rose up and shaded most of the path they rode along. They reached a line of Bungalows and passed among them, through a thick stand of leafy trees and then into a small clearing with a single bungalow at its back. "This one's yours." Jack pulled up beside it and gestured. "You guys go get settled in and meet me in the main hotel in half an hour."

"Right. Come on honey." Dean hopped out and grinned at the disgusted groan from Sam. "You can cook me some dinner."

"Gonna kick your ass before this job is done." Sam muttered and climbed out, taking the keys from Jack and turned his back on the chuckle.


Sam stood on a veranda at the back of the hotel with Dean and Jack and a satisfied smile on his face. Dean's wife jokes had continued until they'd entered their bungalow, dropped their bags and seen the uniforms waiting for them. Sam got typical overalls, short sleeved and practical. Dean on the other hand, was currently standing with a disgusted look on his face in skin tight t-shirt, flip flops and form fitting shorts covered in Hawaiian flowers.

"Dude this is not cool." Dean groused and tugged at the leg of his shorts, trying to make them longer.

"Not so sure I'm the wife in this marriage." Sam chuckled with a pointed look at Dean's backside.

"Knock it off, bitch." Dean glared death at him and turned the look on Jack. "You seriously make people dress like this? What the hell man?"

Jack shrugged. "All the Physio staff wear that. No one's ever complained."

"Not where you could hear." Dean grumbled.

"I wanted to give you the best chance to find the ghost right off." Jack nodded to their uniforms. "Last four people who were attacked were working on the grounds or training guests on the beach. There's a cardio class on the beach right now." Jack smiled at Dean. "Follow the white shelled path and it'll lead you right to them."

"Cardio." Dean shook his head and stopped. "Are there girls?"

"It's an all female class." Jack grinned.

"Awesome. Have fun pruning the bushes, Sammy!" Dean waved and jogged off in his ridiculous shorts.

Sam shook his head, amused. "What about me?"

"Couple of the groundsmen are working at the back of the resort trimming back the mangrove vines." Jack pointed and Sam nodded. "Just head that way and you'll find them."

"Got it. Make sure Dean doesn't run out of those shorts huh?" Sam chuckled and left Jack laughing behind him. He enjoyed the walk through the treed lanes. The Palm fronds above filtered the heat making it comfortable amid the dappled sun on the dirt track he followed. It was quiet and peaceful and he took a deep breath, savoring it. The sound of voices drew him and he found three people sorting through tools in the back of a small truck.

"Hey there!" A young woman waved at Sam. "You must be the new guy!" She held out a hand and shook his firmly. "I'm Sarah. This is Ray and Al." She pointed at both men. "Jack give you the whole tour thing? Seriously that guy loves giving the tour." The men laughed and Sam smiled, shaking his head.

"No, I think he was busy." Sam shook both men's hands.

"I think it's just awesome they hired you and your husband." Sarah grinned, dewey eyed. "I mean really, it's just so sweet."

"Uh…yeah." Sam blushed and ducked his head.

"Who wore the dress?" Al asked and got an elbow in the gut from Ray.

"Shut up, idiot." Ray told him and smiled back at Sam. "Ignore him. His mouth engages before his brain."

"Does not." Al glared at Sam and grabbed a pair of clippers from the truck, stalking off into the trees.

"So anyway!" Sarah smiled harder, trying to salvage the situation. "We're just cutting roots back today. Easy stuff for your first day. Grab a pair of clippers and pick a spot." She gestured at the wall of twisted trees behind her.

"Right. Thanks." Sam did his best to ignore the romantic look Sarah was still giving him, shaking his head at the silliness of the whole situation and took a pair of clippers on his way past the truck. He breathed a sigh when he was beyond the line of trees and purposefully aimed in the opposite direction he'd seen Al go. He trudged through dense undergrowth and quickly found the Mangrove trees Jack had mentioned and their vines that were crawling out toward the resort and choking the forest. He'd seen enough of them in the southern states to know how quickly they could spread.

He'd been cutting vines for near an hour. Sam had the top of his cover-alls tied around his waist, the tank beneath was soaked with sweat and clinging to him. He paused, wiping a grimy hand over his forehead and looked up. He startled. In the tree above him, perched on a limb in the shady forest, was a spirit.

"Crap." Sam said softly. He dug into his pocket for the flask of salt he'd grabbed just in case. The ghost watched him. It was a man. Sam couldn't tell how tall he was from down on the ground but he looked like he'd been formidable in life. He was bulky with dark hair hanging in front of his eyes and he glared down at him. Sam brought the flask up, unscrewing the cap and the ghost vanished.

"Huh?" He looked around but saw nothing. He started backing out of the grove, back toward the hotel and stopped when he heard a cracking sound, like wood splintering. He turned in time to see a massive, gnarled branch break from the tree above him and fall.


To be continued…