Title: Son of a Beach

Author: Disasteriffic Kaz

Info: Post 7x12 "Time After Time" The boys get a call to a remote resort, fun in the sun, bikini babes and something just plain wrong. Hurt/limp/comfort/protective!Sam/Dean

Author's note: Well here we are finally! All done! I probably could have ended it with the last chapter in a couple paragraphs but decided to give my loose ends a proper chapter to tie themselves off in. :D

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"Hey Sam." Dickie's voice startled him as he appeared a few feet away, bending over to look at Jack's pathetic form. "Don't worry. I got help."

Sam deflated, hunching over Dean's still form. "Thank you." It felt odd to be reliant on a ghost but Dickie was revising his opinion of spirits in general; though he had a feeling Dickie was one of a kind.

"Don't stress, dude. Help be here any second." Dickie smiled at him. "This dude though." Dickie shook his head at Jack. "I don't think he's gonna be needing it." Dickie flickered away as voices sounded in the forest. Moments later Theresa and the Doctor emerged and gasped at the sight that awaited them.

"We're gonna need more help." Theresa said and turned back, shouting to someone behind her. "Go get more help, Al! These guys aren't gonna carry themselves." Theresa turned back and went to the brothers while the Doctor knelt sadly by Jack.

"You boys sure do know how to find trouble." Theresa said and she lowered her ample self to kneel at Dean's head. "I'm not sure I wanna hear what went on here." She put a gentle hand to Dean's forehead and smiled. "Don't you worry. Doc'll fix him right up again and you." She pushed a finger into Sam's shoulder. "How'd you manage to make your back look like burger meat?"

Sam dropped his head, the various pains and aches and exhaustion catching up to him. "You really don't want to know." He told Theresa and waited patiently for the Doctor to come help his brother.


Sam squirmed on his bed. He was stuck lying face down without a shirt while both the Doctor and Theresa fussed over the mess he'd made of his back. The Doctor had summarily had them moved into the Resorts hotel where he could be closer to his patients. That was the downside. The upside was they had their own beds and Dean was propped up on a mountain of pillows in his, snarling at every wince and moan Sam made because he wasn't the one taking care of his little brother.

Theresa turned and cuffed Dean lightly up the side of the head. "Boy, close your eyes and get some sleep or I'll drug the next bowl of broth I bring you." She glared at him while he stared at her amazed and then he chuckled.

"Yes, ma'am." Dean eased further down in the pillows but kept his eyes on Sam. "How you doin', Sam?"

Sam gasped when the Doctor pulled another piece of bark from his back. "Peachy." He said, breathless. He closed his eyes and tried to ignore the well-meaning torture being perpetrated on him.

"Almost done, Sam." Doctor Warner patted the back of his shoulder lightly. "How's your throat?"

"Fine." Sam said softly. The ache in his neck from being strangled had slipped into the background as the Doctor worked. Of course, once he was asked about it he could feel it again and swallowed harshly.

Doctor Warner sighed and gave a pointed look to Theresa who smirked. "Right." She quickly left, humming happily.

Dean groaned from the other bed and Sam cracked one eye open to see him trying to roll to his side. Doctor Warner stood from Sam's side with an irritated huff. "Now Dean, if I'd known you were going to be this much trouble I'd have left the two of you in the same damn bed. Lay…still."

Dean grumbled but let the Doctor push him gently back. "If you pull my stitches a second time I'm not putting them back." He said sternly but smiled to take the sting out of it. "Isn't that pain killer kicking in yet?

"Sorry, Doc." Dean said on a groan and nodded, letting his eyes shut. "It's just…haven't trusted a lot of people lately."

"Well I can certainly understand that in…your line of…work." Doctor Warner waited until Dean's breathing began to even into sleep before going back to Sam. He saw the boys hazel eyes watching his brother and rolled his eyes. "Don't make me lecture you as well. Stay down." He sat back on the bed and took his tweezers back up. "Still a few pieces of bark wedged in here." How Sam was managing to stay still and not scream was beyond him. His back had been torn to ribbons on the palm bark; long angry tears in the skin ran from shoulder blades to hip.

Sam focused on the sound of Dean's even breathing feet away while the Doctor finished, disinfected and covered his back in gauze. He never wanted to see Dean with that much blood coming out of him again, twice in as many days was enough. He ruthlessly quashed the urge to cough; he didn't think his sore throat could take it and the Doctor would shove some nasty drink on him he was sure.

He slit his eyes open when the door opened and saw Theresa returning with a cup in her hand. She gave a fond glance to Dean, who was now lightly snoring and pulled a chair with her. She lowered her ample frame into it by Sam's head and smiled. "Now, Sam. This should make that throat of yours feel better."

Sam groaned and rolled his eyes, amused. Doctor Warner wasn't the only one he had to worry about. Theresa pulled a straw from her apron and angled it so he could sip from his prone position.

"I'm fine." Sam said, voice raw and scratchy and Theresa chuckled.

"Much as I love a man with a bedroom voice, son even yours isn't supposed to be that deep. Drink." She put the straw against his lips and waited.

"Fine." Sam sighed and sucked lightly on the straw. The liquid that hit his mouth was warm and sweet. As he swallowed it eased down his throat soothing the ache and scratchy feeling. His eyes widened in appreciation and then surprise when the heat rolled back up his throat making him wheeze out a breath.

Theresa laughed. "My grandma's recipe. Adults only." She winked at him as his face reddened from the alcohol in the drink and he gave her a grateful smile.

"That feels…feels better." Sam grinned. "What's in there?" Dean would love it, he knew. Theresa laid a finger on the side of her nose and winked again.

"Family secret, Sam." She set the cup on the nightstand and moved so the Doctor could get a better look at him.

"Just gave you a painkiller, Sam." Warner smiled at the surprised look. "Yeah you didn't notice while you were wheezing on Theresa's special tea." He chuckled. "I expect the both of you to be out for hours and to keep each other in bed where you need to be. I'll be back to check on you later." He patted Sam's arm and dropped another pat on Dean's foot as he passed out of the room.

"Don't worry. We're not leaving you alone." Theresa smirked and a white blur streaked into the room, leaping on to Dean's bed. Spartacus paused to give a content look at Sam before making himself comfortable in the hollow of Dean's shoulder, watching the room for all the world like an attack cat. He was bald of hair down one side and looked ridiculous.

Sam laughed, blurred by the eighty proof tea and the painkiller. "He ok?"

"My hero." Theresa chuckled. "Found him while we were moving you boys out of the woods. It'll grow back." She scratched between the cats ears until he purred. "He'll be staying with me when you boys leave. Resort could use a champion don't you think?" She chuckled and left them alone.

Sam began to drift slowly to sleep and then jerked awake. "Crap." He hadn't thought to ask anyone about protecting the room and he knew Dean hadn't done it. There was no way he was leaving them vulnerable, not even to Dickie. He tried to decide what was going to be more painful and ended sliding his legs over the edge of bed so he was kneeling on the floor leaning against it. "Ow." Sam breathed and used the bed to pull himself upright. He couldn't hunch over and he couldn't stand up straight and was left somewhere between the two, trying desperately not to move too much.

He shuffled away from the bed and said a silent thank you to whoever had left their duffel on the table rather than the floor. After several curse filled minutes at the door and the window he was glad his brother wasn't awake to watch him and store the moment up for later harassment. He dropped the salt canister onto the table and then just leaned on it, closing his eyes and taking deep breaths to swallow the burning pain across his back. He jumped with a pained exclamation and looked down to find Spartacus twining about his ankles. The cat looked up and gave him a definite prow that made Sam laugh.

"Right. Let me guess. Get back in bed?" Sam chuckled at himself and the cat and wobbled back to his bed. He crawled carefully back in, laying down with his face in the pillow as he felt the artificial lassitude of the painkiller begin to work through him. He closed his eyes on the vision of the white cat making itself at home beside Dean once more with a satisfied expression.


The sound of the helicopters blades slicing through the air was enough to put Dean's teeth on edge as they neared the clearing outside the resort. Doctor Warner drove the golf cart for them, Dean beside him and Sam behind grunting painfully at each bump and jolt as it jarred his healing back. The two extra days they'd spent in the quiet room and on the beach healing had been something of a miracle for them both. Dean felt refreshed in a way he hadn't in…in as long as he could remember. He felt the familiar tension beginning to steal into him as they neared the helicopter and the return to what passed for normal for them. He jumped when he felt Sam's hand on his shoulder and turned to find his little brother smiling at him.

"We can always come back, you know." Sam said quietly. "Even Winchesters should get to take a vacation once in a while."

"Outta my head, Sammy." Dean told him with a grin and shake of his head.

Doctor Warren stopped the cart at the edge of the trees and let them climb out. "Well Sam. Dean. It has certainly been…memorable having you both here." He shook each of their hands and smiled. "I'm glad you were here to stop Jack. Who knows how many more he would have allowed to die if you hadn't stopped him."

"Well give the cat a beer then." Dean chuckled. "From what Sam says the furball's the one who stopped his crazy ass." Dean ignored the snicker he heard from his brother and the knowing smile on the Doctors' face. No way was he going to confess to actually liking the damn cat.

"Hmmph. Right. I'll pass that on to Theresa." Doctor Warren gave them a warm smile and climbed back in the cart as Dean unloaded their duffles. "Safe trip boys!" He called and wheeled away back into the trees toward the resort.

"Dean." Sam elbowed his arm and pointed. Dickie had appeared and was walking toward them with an easy smile.

"Hey dudes!" Dickie grinned at each of them. "Came to see you off. Gonna seem dull for a while without you guys stirring things up."

Dean chuckled. "I hear you have plenty of fun on your own."

Dickie laughed in the pre-dusk air. "Not on my own anymore, dudes." He looked back into the trees and Sam gasped.

"Holy crap." Sam breathed as Sarah's ghost walked slowly out and to Dickie's side, a shy, confused smile on her face. "Sarah?"

"Whoa. This place is starting to get crowded." Dean said and instinctively slid a hand into his duffel and around the butt of the shotgun, just in case. "You uh…you in there?"

"She's good, dude." Dickie smiled widely and slid a ghostly arm around her shoulders. "Must be something about this place."

"I'm as surprised as you are." Sarah's voice came softly; hesitantly. "Dickie's been…explaining things to me."

"I keep her on the straight, boys. Don't you worry." Dickie nodded.

"Huh." Dean slid his hand out of the bag and scrubbed a hand through his hair. He gave Dickie a firm look. "You make sure we don't get called back here cause of you. I don't wanna have to gank you, Dickie." He smiled. "I kinda like you."

Dickie laughed. "No worries, braddah. Aloha!" Dickie gave a short wave, Sarah with him and the two flickered away into nothing.

"Wow." Sam blinked and then smiled. "Guess what they say is true."

"What's that?" Dean asked as he hefted their bags and hobbled toward the waiting deathtrap….helicopter, with Sam beside him.

"Once you come to Hawaii you'll never leave." Sam said with a grin and then put both hands on Dean's back, forcing his resisting brother up and into the helicopter.

"Dude, there's gotta be a boat." Dean argued and then scowled all the harder seeing the same pilot from their trip in. "Bite me." Dean said to the man as he laughed.

"Suck it up you big baby." Sam chuckled and sat carefully, leaning forward.

"What was that?" Dean asked and then stretched an arm out, pushing Sam back into the seat with a soft thump.

"Shit!" Sam cursed as Dean pulled his seatbelt around.

"Wouldn't want you flying without this, smartass." Dean said, an innocent grin on his face as a sweat broke out on Sam's face and he tried to take the pressure off his back.

"You…are such a jerk." Sam said, teeth gritted.

Dean patted him on the head and fastened his own belt, feeling better as Sam glared at him. "Suck it up, bitch boy. Time to fly."


The end