Versailles' Rose Descendant


I find myself laying in a bed of roses. Unexplained blood was covered on my chest, stomach, and neck. On my dress showed as cut, I have stabbed wounds. My body was aching badly, and I felt sick, and dizzy. It seems like my soul has drifted off into a new being.
What am I?
I sit up, looking around my surroundings. The place is pitched black. As I take a step into the darkness, someone is calling for me.
Who is it?
I keep on walking.
The roses are the floor, and the blackness is the walls. I suspiciously come upon a mirror.
I see someone else.
My face remains the same, but my skin has gone paler, my brown eyes are crimson red, and my short black hair had changed into a white-silvery color and had grown to my hips. I don't know who is girl. I don't know who she is.
I turn away from the mirror, sit down, and have my back against the mirror.
Is my true self still inside of me?
Is she shelled inside if this new soul?

And again, I heard my name being called.
"Who is calling my name?"
"It is I, your rose descendant."
"Rose descendant?"
"Yes, you're the next head of the clan please look at yourself in the mirror, and you'll see me too..."
I did as what I was told, and I see you.
It's you, Lord Kamijo.