Hi everyone! This idea just came to me as I was reading Septimus Heap series and I hope you'll like it.
Disclaimer: I don't own Septimus Heap series or the characters.. Chapter 1:

It was Beetle's birthday and Jenna had thrown him a surprise part at palace, actually a ball. They have told Beetle that something horrible had happened in palace and he should be there at 9 o'clock. Beetle closed Manuscriptorium and ran to the palace wondering why Septimus insisted that he must finish his work first. Beetle reached the castle and saw that all the lights are out. He opened the doors and took a step as he closed the door behind him, all the lights came back and he saw a huge amount of people in ball gowns

"Happy Birthday." Everyone said together with a big cheer.

Beetle was speechless as he opened his mouth, someone hugged him very tight

"Happy birthday Beetle. Do you like it?" Said Jenna with a laugh and stepped back "Oh Sep, you're chocking him to death." She continued teasingly to Septimus who too was embracing Beetle.

Beetle tried to thank her but she and Septimus took his hand and led him to the ball room, where everyone were dancing. Jenna noticed her mom struggling to bring the cake so she went to help her.

"Wotcha Beet. Jen told me about the party that's why I told you that there was trouble in the palace anyhow happy b-day." Said Septimus

Beetle laughed "Thank you. I can't believe my eyes." Beetle gazed at Jenna who was wearing long white dress and a small Adam's Needle flower in her hair. Jenna gestured at the cake and made faces from afar to make them both laugh. Seeing Marcia taking Septimus away she ran forward to keep Beetle company "So you like it?" She asked.

"How can I not?" Answered Beetle with an edge of happiness to his voice.

Jenna smiled "I invited your mother but got no answer. Is she alright?"

A darkness filled Beetle's eyes "She was preoccupied." He answered curtly.

"So take some cake for her too. It's magnificently delicious." Jenna's eyes glittered from hunger when saying that.

Beetle smiled "You know that a proper lady or a Queen shouldn't have her eyes shine when talking about food, right?" He said with a laugh.

Jenna blushed and closed her eyes, rubbing her stomach mockingly "But I can't help it. It's perfect and embarrassing. So between being embarrassed or being a proper lady if food in involved I choose being embarrassed." She laughed hard and continued "You might think where did I store all that food right?"

"Well come to think of it, it is rather odd for you to be so thin when being a food lover." Said Beetle sharing her humor.

Jenna's answer was stopped by a crying sound "What's that?"

Beetle had also heard it "It's coming from outside." They both went outside, following the voice and then they saw it on the stairs "Oh my gosh. It's a baby." Said Jenna.

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