Chapter 6:

Jenna woke up with a knocking sound on her door. She got up and opened the door to see a big pile of roses, she picked them up with a gentle smile and read the card that was in the middle of them:

To the most beautiful flower who is the queen of these


She put the flowers in a vase in front of the window and from there looked at the time and got ready for her meeting with Beetle. An hour later there was another knocking sound on her door, it was Septimus and Beetle

"Ready, Jen?" Asked Septimus

"Sep, What are you doing here? I'm not quite ready." Jenna looked confused by the sad expression on Septimus and Beetle's faces

Septimus shrugged and went inside Jenna's room along with Beetle and sat on her bed. The vase caught Beetle's eyes "We'll wait. Who's the flowers from?" He asked

"Erick, aren't they beautiful? He's meeting us there to help finding the right gown." Said Jenna with a small smile on her face and expected to see at least Septimus happy but instead she saw them exchanging glances "Is everything alright?"

Beetle who had a red face from anger didn't answer but stood up and took the card next to the flowers " To the most beautiful flower who is the queen of these, wow, he has a good taste." Then he looked at Septimus who was also red from anger

Jenna went scarlet and went to her closet to get ready leaving Septimus and Beetle alone

"How can he?" Asked Septimus furious, then looked at Beetle who wasn't even looking at him. Beetle crouched next to Diana's bed which was near Jenna's and lifted her. As Beetle was playing with Diana, Jenna was watching him. Seeing his untidy black hair, mysterious brown eyes, his height and ..., Jenna shook her head remembering that she is now engaged and shouldn't think of Beetle more than he is. She cleared her throat to announce her presence

"I'm ready." She said.

They soon reached the shop and went in to see Erick waiting for them

"Where have you been? I've been waiting for ages." He said.

"Sorry, let's start we don't have much time." Said Jenna. They all spent the the next half hour finding the best wedding gowns, and only found two, that they all liked

"So, which one?" Asked Jenna. She looked at the gowns the were all labeled with numbers. The gown with number two hundred-five was a simple dress but with about a kilometer long skirt and elbow length sleeves that were net like. The other one was labeled with number forty-nine and had very long skirt with diamonds decorating it and was sleeveless. Jenna actually liked the one labeled two hundred-five but Erick liked the other one

"Since you're a queen number forty-nine is more suitable." Said Erick impatiently

"But the other one is more fitting, since Jen's own beauty is enough to make a dress special." Said Beetle and Septimus nodded after him.

Erick turned his head towards Beetle and looked at him straight in eyes "Your opinion has no value here, thank you." He said so polite and cold that it sounded like an insult.

Septimus stopped their silent argument with"Since we all like both. Close your eyes and choose one."

Jenna nodded and closed her eyes. Septimus picked up the gowns and moved towards Jenna. Jenna brought her hand forward and caught one of them then opened her eyes. It was labeled "205".

Erick stood up "Well, we're done here." Said Erick then he pointed at Septimus and Beetle "Tonight is the engagement party near the Lepike river."

They just nodded but suddenly Beetle felt his head burning of pain and all of their faces fade and then, nothing.

Beetle found himself lying in Marcellus's house with everyone around him and Jenna sitting on a chair next to him with Erick and Septimus behind her

"How you feeling?" Asked Jenna looking worried

"Perfect, what happened?"

Septimus was the one to answer "We don't know exactly. We were all going out of the shop and all of the sudden we saw you faint and then we brought you here, so that Marcellus can help." He said

Beetle looked at Marcellus and he told him "It's nothing but pressure. Don't worry." He smiled at Beetle but Beetle didn't respond it.

Then why everyone look so worried? He thought and then nodded at Marcellus.

Jenna got up "We better be going,you need to rest. I hope you get better soon." She bent and kissed his forehead and then went out followed by Marcellus and Erick. Septimus saw that Beetle wants to be alone so he went out too. Beetle touched his forehead on the location where Jenna had kissed and then closed his eyes and slept.

Jenna was talking to Marcellus

"Are you sure?" She asked

Marcellus nodded "Completely sure, princess Esmeralda." He said then resumed "He doesn't have much time until he dies."

"Isn't there a cure?" Asked Septimus

"There is a cure for every illness." Said Marcellus

"so what's the cure?"

"I'm afraid I still don't know." Said Marcellus but when he saw Jenna's tearful eyes, he resumed "But me and apprentice will find it at any cost."

Jenna stood up "I'll go and cancel tonight's party." She said but Septimus stopped her

"No, don' 'll get suspicious, we can't let Beetle know what's going on. Okay?"

Jenna nodded and sat down again closing her eyes to fight tears but she lost and her tears began to fall slowly on her cheeks.

Well, this chapter was a bit depressing and I guess really boring for some of you. But I'll try to get better. Tell me that how you think this story will end? Tragedy? Happy? or etc.