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-Flashback- = Leo

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Leyna ABC's

K is for Kiss me slowly

I don't think i've actually been this happy in a really long time.

Of course i've been happy but ever since my mom died I was sure i'd always be alone and that my life would pretty much be miserable. And a lot of times it was. Like when I was running away from foster home after foster home, my aunt calling me the devil and swearing the fire was on purpose, and days when all I wanted was to just shut myself out and make the world go away. But not today, no today was perfect. People have been coming up and congratulating me, everyone's dancing (mostly the demigods), eating (mostly the gods), and some are just sitting down talking at the tables that were spread out everywhere. There were even a couple who were already blown out wasted (the Stolls), but it didn't matter because everyone just seemed so...happy. Except for two people though I could spot sulking in the back and you know what, they could just kiss my fiery ass because I don't give two flying fucks.

Looking at the gold, cream, and white decorations I let a chuckle escape after remembering the countless times Aphrodite yelled at me in her sickingly sweet voice, 'It's NOT cream it's CHAMPAGNE!' I wasn't sure whether to be embarrassed or just nod like a moron at everything she said. Speaking of Aphrodite she swayed up to me in a knee length hot pink dress and her hair, which I could never tell what color it was, was pulled into a loose bun with strands purposely out and gave me a quick squeeze, "What did I tell you Leo everything is perfect!" she squealed clapping her hands together and grinning, "now stop wandering around like a zombie with some internal thoughts of yours and enjoy the party. I heard Reyna's been looking for you," she lulled grabbing me by the shoulders so now Reyna was in my line of sight. "Now if you want my advice, and obviously you do, ask her to dance," and with a giggle she shoved me in her direction.

I could lie and say that even though we've been dating for three years and living together that she didn't make me nervous everytime I saw her, but she did.

Reyna was talking to Piper and Annabeth and even though I couldn't hear what they were saying they must have been arguing about gods knows what because she was throwing her arms up and looked like if Piper said one more word she'd knock her back to California. Annabeth rolled her eyes at the two and must have spotted me coming up because she mumbled something and Reyna stopped and turned around. I've met some beautiful girls in my life, for gods sake I was just talking to the goddess of beauty, but still...Reyna was the most beautiful girl i'd ever seen and the way she grinned from ear to ear with her blindingly white teeth just enhanced that. With a smirk she turned back to Piper and Annabeth as if she hadn't seen me and I straightened my jacket as I walked up and wrapped my arms around her waist, "Wanna dance," I asked placing a kiss on her shoulder. Reyna leaned into me, "Took you long enough Valdez," she playfully scolded before telling Annabeth and Piper that she'd be back as I led her onto the dance floor.

"I thought i'd wait till a lot of people were dancing so that they wouldn't notice this upcoming train wreck." Scoffing she wrapped her slim arms around my neck and rested her head on my shoulder. I saw Aphrodite in the corner of my eye and laughed at how she was smacking Apollo repeatedly and pointing towards us while he was trying not to drop his drink.


"Oh nothing it's not important," I felt her shrug and pulled her closer as I shut my eyes swaying along with her as the next song came on.

Stay with me, baby stay with me, tonight don't leave

me alone.


'Uh for the love of all that is humain make it stahhp', I grumbled to myself as I forced my eyes to open. This is just what I needed. I have to get up early today and go to a 7 o'clock flight and why am I awake at 2 in the morning? Because something in the bathroom won't stop beeping! It wasn't even loud or continuous it was just a subtle annoyance that the more I tried not to think about it the crazier it drove me. It was just like beep...beep...beeeeeeeeeeeeeep...beep and I just can't take it anymore. Looking over at Leo I wasn't surprised that he hadn't even flinched he was such a heavy sleeper.

Cautious not to wake him I tried to wiggle out from under the arm that was loosely draped across my waist but he pulled me closer. Turning towards him I saw that he was still breathing heavily but now he was frowning. 'Let's try this again,' I thought scooching away and grabbing his arm pulling it up, but now he wrapped both arms around me crushing me into his chest mumbling "stay."

"Leo I am just going to find out what the hell is making that gods damn beeping and i'll be right back," I reasoned tugging on his arms to loosen but they were like iron.

"Please don't go," he whispered his voice hoarse and he nuzzled his face into my hair. But there was something about the way he said it that made me stop, it was almost like he was pleading to me. And that's when I remembered what day it was. It can't believe I had forgotten, I mean it was the whole reason I had to get up early to go on a flight to Texas. It made my heart clench that even in his sleep he was haunted by the memory of his mom so of course today, the day it all happened, he would need me the most.

Turning in his arms I buried my face in my chest and whispered, "I'm here."

~Flashback over~

Walk with me, come and walk with me to the edge of all

we've ever known.

I can see you there with the city lights. Fourteenth floor pale blue eyes,

I can breathe you in.


'Okay don't be nervous Valdez you've already gone through half of your date and no fires have started, that's a good sign' I reassured myself as I walked hand in hand with Reyna back to the camp van after we finished the movie. It was pretty much pitch black other than the streetlamps that gave a faint glow and made Reyna's blue eyes look like the sky during a thunderstorm. A slight wind picked up and the smell of her Vanilla shampoo wafted through the air and I breathed it in giving her hand a squeeze.

-Flashback over-

Two shadows standing by the bedroom door, you know I could not want you more

than I did right then,

as our heads leaned in.


"I don't have boobs these are pectorals," I laughed quoting the movie we had just seen. Reyna threw her head back and laughed wholeheartedly as she walked up the steps to her cabin and looked down at me, "Well I kind of hate to admit it Valdez, but i had fun."

"See once you go Leo there's no turning back," I winked and she rolled her eyes.

"Don't push your luck Valdez." Reyna stepped down and kissed me on the cheek and said goodnight but before she went inside I stopped her. "Isn't that mistletoe?"

Reyna looked up to where I was pointing and shook her head, "I think that's just a leaf, well night."

"I'm pretty sure that's mistletoe."

"Leo, it's June, why would there be mistletoe on that tree. Mistletoe is a parasite that usually grows on evergreen which means that it takes the trees nutrients, it's called Parasitism. That is a leaf," she pointed to the leaf. Someone has been spending way to much time with Annabeth.

"I didn't get a word you just said, but that is mistletoe. I'll bet you a drachma that it is," Reyna sighed and walked over to the banister. She hoisted herself up and leaned over the bar and even though I was scared she might fall she looked completely balanced. Stretching her hand out she grabbed me by the collar of my shirt and pulled me towards her, "It's a leaf," she insisted before kissing me tenderly on the lips.

-Flashback over-

Well i'm not sure what this is going to be, but with my eyes closed

all I see

Is the skyline, through the window

the moon above you and the streets below

Hold my breath as your moving in, taste your lips and feel your skin

When the time comes, baby don't run

Just kiss me slowly

"When we first started going out I was sure it was going to end," Reyna confessed bringing me out of my day dream. I looked down at her surprised and she stared at the ground biting her lip.


"I don't know I just, I thought we were to different and that things were never going to work out," she shrugged playing with the curls at the back of my neck.

"When did you stop?"

"Stop what," she questioned confused.

"Thinking that it wouldn't work out."

"Who said I stopped," she smirked and chuckled at my serious face, "when we went to the Yankee's game," she mumbled her cheek turning a slight pink. I briefly remembered a crowed of fans cheering me on as I kissed Reyna on public television.

"Damn straight," I smiled triumphantly and she rolled her eyes pulling on my hair.

"Ow. I am very delicate Reyna don't mess with my hair," she laughed and wrapped her arms around my neck tighter as she leaned in and kissed me slowly.

Stay with me, baby stay with me. Tonight don't leave

me alone (me alone)

She shows me everything she used to know, picture frames and country roads

When the days were long, and the world was small


"And this is my mom," she murmured pulling out a small frame from her wooden chest that was decorated in flowers and stared forlorn at the picture. Shaking her head she handed it to me with a sad smile.

The woman in the picture was almost an exact replica of Reyna. Dark brown curly hair, thin and athletic looking, tall, and held her head up proud, the only differences were that instead of blue-green her eyes her's were just a dull green and her hair was short. Along with her were two little girls one about the age of 11 and the other with pigtails and ribbons that was sucking on her thumb looked about 3.

"Aw Rey you were so cute what happened," I joked trying to make her laugh.

"Bitch I got sexy that's what happened," she snapped her fingers flipping her hair over her shoulder.

I laughed shaking my head and kissing her on the cheek before setting the frame down with the other items. There was a gold locket in the shape of a sun with a picture of Reyna and Hylla when they were about 6 and 14 that was made at Circe's Spa, a silver bedazzled mirror that was a birthday gift from Circe, and the dresses that were given to her to wear as she grew up- there were four. All of them were made of the same pink satin material with a lace flowery covering and were studded at the shoulder. They were in mint condition, except the last one. It was satin like the rest but white without a lace covering and hung off the shoulders, it was designed to cling in all the right areas and flowed at the bottom, and it was singed all the way to where her knees would be. There was dirt all over and ripped at certain places like the waist and shoulder. Reyna told me about how the pirates when escaped set fire to a lot of the spa, one of which she was in, and it had caught her dress on fire, which explained the almost unnoticeable burn marks on her knees. When they were captured and forced to work for them it was the only clothes she had so that's why they were covered in mud and stained from when one pirate thought her cooking was unfit to his standards and he splattered his food on her. That was the same day they had escaped.

Reyna pulled out some maps and handed them to him, "I kept these from when we traveled from the ship to Camp legion. We would stop at gas stations and Hylla would charm the clerk while I snuck a map and some chips or something because we didn't have money."

I looked at her in awe. How could someone who had their life crumple apart be so strong.

-Flashback over-

She stood by as it fell apart, separate rooms and broken hearts,

but I won't be the one to let you go



Leo knelt in front of the tombstone with a look as if he were reliving it all right now with tears in his eyes. My hand was protectively on his shoulder and I felt heartbroken to watch him while he was talking to her and his voice cracked and he had to stop and wipe at his eyes. Leo's hand still gripped the flowers he had bought for her and his knuckles had turned white, kneeling I put my hand over his and eased them out setting them gently down next to the others. Leo looked mournfully down and me and I half smiled looping my arm through his, "Hi Mrs. Valdez."

"I really wish I could have met you, with the way Leo talks about you you sound amazing," I nudged him and he chuckled slightly, "he's been teaching me morse code you know, says he learned it from you. Uh i have never really had a mom before, mine kind of abandoned me so it was just me and my sister, and it's terrible that one who genuinely loved there son as much as you did was taken away from him. But I know your in a good place and hopefully approve of me because," I stopped and leaned into Leo and he unlooped his arm from mine and wrapped it around my waist burring his face in my hair, "I really love your son. And...he's my family now."

~Flashback over~

I'm not sure what this is gonna be, but with my eyes closed all I see is the skyline, though the window

the moon above you and the streets below

Hold my breath as your moving in, taste your lips and feel your skin

When the time comes, baby don't run

Just kiss me


Don't run away...

And it's hard to love again, when the only way it's been. When the only love you knew

just walked away.

If it's something that you want darling you don't have to run,

you don't have to go


"So you love him. Like everyone else," I whispered playing with her fingers.

She'd just told me how before me she'd only really loved... Jason. How am I not surprised.

"I said loved not love and what do you mean like everyone else."

"Jason's my best friend but come on it's not fair, he's the hero, he's the one that everyone loves, he's the one that the girls would always fall for," I insisted and Reyna yanked her hand away.

"Leo that is not true," she reasoned.

"Yes it is and you know it and the one person I thought actually chose me over him it turns out she wanted him too and got stuck with me," I exclaimed.

Reyna sighed and crawled into my lap wrapping her arms around my waist, "Stuck with would mean that I just settled for the first guy I saw who was single it was more like I gradually started to notice that annoying pointy eared guy with the curly hair that wouldn't leave me alone. And Leo I loved Jason because, because he made me feel safe and that was all I wanted and I thought that he might like me too given some time but then he came back with Piper and I realized that just because you feel safe isn't a good excuse to hold on to someone."

"Do I make you feel safe?"

"Um...you make me feel like I have to watch out for anything that might pop out at me but yeah, for the most part I feel safe."

I smiled kissing her neck, "Happy one year anniversary hermosa."

-Flashback over-

Just stay with me, Baby stay with me

Well i'm not sure what this is gonna be, but with my eyes closed all I see is the skyline through the window,

the moon above you and the street below

hold my breath as your moving in, taste your lips and feel your skin

When the time comes baby don't run, just kiss me, slowly

Well i'm not sure where this is gonna go but in this moment all I know

is the skyline, though the window, the moon above you and the streets below

Hold my breath as you moving in taste you lips and feel your skin

when the time comes baby don't run...

I stepped back and twirled her admiring how her floor length strapless dress looked like it was glowing, I guess that was what Aphrodite was going for, and crashed her into me. Reyna giggled leaning her forehead on mine, "Someone took dance lessons," she mused playing with the hair on the back of my neck again, "Whahhhhht. Dance lessons psh if you call spending three days a week with Sunny while she yells at you repeatedly to point your toes a lesson well then sure."

Reyna shook her head and grinned, "Te amo," she whispered putting her hands on my chest.

I ran my hands up her bare arms and and put one hand behind her neck while the other grabbed her left hand kissing the newly added ring on her finger, "Te amo. Mrs Valdez."

Just kiss me,


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