America X Canada

Ch. 1

Saving You

Alfred walked down the hall towards his locker. His last class of the day had ended and he was most certainly ready to go home. It was Friday and the beginning of spring break so Alfred was super excited to get the hell out of school for a while and just chill.

He finally got to his locker after the traffic flow of the students sped up. Alfred opened his locker door to see a note fall to the ground. Curious, he picked up the note and read it.

'Alfred, meet me in the park by the flagpole tomorrow night at 8 pm.' It was not signed. Alfred's eyes widened as he read the note again. Sure, he had gotten tones of love letters and notes from secret admirers, asking to go out with him and what not, but this seemed different somehow. He put the note safely in his pocket before grabbing his bag and heading home.


When he got home he jogged swiftly up the stairs to his bedroom. Barely even glancing at his father as he past the Englishman, his father wasn't the least bit surprised by his son's actions of not acknowledging him.

When Alfred got to his room and shut the door he took the note from his pocket. He read it again, thinking. His mind wondering to whom had wrote the note and had slipped it into his locker. He didn't think that this person was like all the others. They had sounded desperate in their letters. This note was like a request than anything else.

As Alfred lay in his bed he slowly drifted off to sleep, thinking of whoever had wrote the mysterious note.


Alfred walked calmly to the entrance of the park. It was 7:55 pm when he realized he was five minutes early. He walked up to the flagpole in the middle of the park and looked around, finding it increasingly harder to see as the sun slowly set. The streetlamps were already on as they lite up the concrete sidewalk near the flagpole.

He began to fidget as he became increasingly nervous. He looked around; very few people were out in the park at this time of night. Alfred took out his cell and looked at the time. 8:10 pm.

"Shouldn't they be here by now?" Alfred murmured to himself. He patiently waited five more minutes when he felt like he was being watched. He looked around and saw a silhouette of a person sitting on the swing set nearby. He thought it might have been a lost child. He started walking towards the figure on the swing when he realized that the figure was to big to be a child.

Alfred stepped closer anyway, just to see if the person was alright. The person was looking at him the entire time. As Alfred got within a few feet of the person he saw in the dim light that it was a boy about his age. The boy looked him in the eyes. Alfred came to a sudden halt.

Those blue-violet eyes looked so sad, so hollow. It made Alfred's chest hurt. The boy looked up at him in slight disbelief on his face. "You're here." He said in a small voice that was nearly a whisper.

Alfred realized that this was the person who he was looking for, the one who had written the note.

The boy looked so timid, like he was afraid of his own shadow. He wore all black except for a red maple leaf on the front of his hoodie. His slightly wavy blonde hair covered his eyes as he looked down at the ground.

Alfred stepped closer hesitantly, not wanting to scare the boy. He sat down in the swing next to him and spoke.

"Are you alright?" His voice worried with concern. The boys head shot up and he looked over that the other.

"W-What did y-you say?" he stuttered out, surprised at the sudden question.

To be Continued

Author's notes: Yes this is my first fanfiction, So please be nice. I am still getting use to writting..though it is not my first time writting but it is my first time not failing at it XD I really hope you like it and I promise Chapter 2 will be longer! Please tell me what you think and what I might need to improve on!