What did Tony do to deserve a punishment from Gibbs?

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"What is he doing?" a very shaky voice from Timothy McGee broke the silence in the bullpen.

Ziva and Abby had been watching Tony ran up and down from the stairs for more than half an hour. And by the look on their face, they were enjoying the view. Tony was dressed in his sweatpants and white shirt. He was perspiring and his shirt fitted his chest perfectly.

"Hey…" he tried to gain their attention.

"He's running." Abby cared to answer but her eyes didn't left the stairs and Ziva only mumbled in agreement.

"I know that but why is he doing that?" he raised his eyebrows and stood in front of the girls.

Ziva shoved him aside. "It's Friday morning." She exaggeratingly said as if it was too obvious.


Abby groaned. "McGee it's what he does every Friday morning for the past three months."

"Four." She corrected the Goth.

"I'm in the cyber space unit every Friday mornings. Why is he there?"

A voice came out from their back. "It's a need to know, Agent McGee and you don't need to know." Jenny came out of the elevator.

"Do you have something to do with this, Jenny?" her friend asked. Apparently, Ziva and Abby didn't know why Tony was doing this for the past four months.

"I prefer you know nothing about it." She smiled and walked away. She walked her way up to the stairs. Ziva noticed that Tony kept his eyes on the ground when Jenny walked passed him. She narrowed her eyes and her brain tells her that her friend definitely has something to do about this.

"Jenny?" She twirled around to face her friend in front of her desk when she heard her name. She relaxed for a bit because Ziva called her Jenny meaning she was here as a friend and not as her agent.

"Something's bothering you, Ziva." It's more of a statement than a question. She knew her friend to well.

"Why is Gibbs punishing Tony?" Ziva earned a lifted brow from her friend. "And I know you have something to do with it."

She didn't want to lie in front of her friend since she doesn't have so many friends nowadays. She knew Ziva has feelings for the young agent and she didn't want to ruin their friendship because of something Tony did. Well, something that they did. She was also embarrassed to tell her the truth.

"Jenny, please tell me you didn't." Her friend seemed to know what she was thinking. She bit her lip. "You did!" Her friend was shocked and her eyes widened.

"No! He was comforting me!" she rose from her chair and her hands landed on her desk. "then Gibbs barged in." She earned a glare from her friend. "It was just a hug..."she whined and now for a more embarrassing truth. "I just missed Jethro... and Tony was there..." a hint of sadness was heard when she said his name.

The Israeli didn't take the situation easily. "Then why is Gibbs so angry about it to make Tony do that every Friday?"

"He will only do that for half a year."


"Ok. Maybe it looked like there's more than that."


"I can't tell you exactly how he comforted me!"

"But Jenny –"

A very pale and out of breath McGee barged in and he was chasing his breathe."Can I hide here?" he received a glare from the two. "Please..." He gulped. "Gibbs saw me kissing Abby."