A/N: I've been working on this story for the last little while now and while I haven't finished, I decided I would post a few chapters that I finished here and there just to see how it looks. Generally I don't post stories until they are finished but I made an exception with this one. Anyways, enjoy!

"That's a new one."

Zig commented as he watched a zombie being decapitated by a weed whacker, the sound of blood and gore splattering intensely from the television's speakers. The iguana leaned back in his spot on the sofa and took another sip of his soda. Zombie movies were never really much of his forte but Sid had got him hooked into them recently. Zig reached down by his feet and picked up a bag of pretzels and offered them to the lion himself.

"Pretzel, Sid?...Sid?"

When he received no response, Zig turned his head to see Sid on his side of the couch, one arm posted on the arm rest, his chin in his hand and his eyeballs glued to the screen. At least that's what it looked like. While Sid may have had his gaze focused on the screen, his mind was nowhere near the movie.

"Sid!" Zig called out. The blonde feline suddenly jolted as if he had been shocked by something. He stared at the reptile beside him, eyebrows arched in question.

"Hmm? What was that, Zig?"

"I asked if you wanted some pretzels."

"Oh...no thanks." Sid replied and returned to his previous posture. Zig blinked a few times before returning his attention back to the movie.

"That was weird." He thought. Sid wasn't one to be so quiet and reserved during a splatter film. He usually hooted and hollered when the mayhem began or would point out what he would have done differently when killing the undead. This was the third movie in their marathon and he had barely said a word all afternoon.

What was even stranger was that Zig was even here at all. Zombie marathons and films in general were mainly Sid and Maxine's thing. Those two could go on for hours dissecting every little detail and plot line. To say he was surprised when Sid told him she had canceled on him would be an understatement. Zig cast another glance at him in his current state and could see that it was quite clear something was on his mind. But he wasn't one to pry so he remained silent.

The movie began to finish up and as the credits started to scroll up the screen, Zig stretched his arms over his head.

"Well that was pretty good. Wasn't really expecting it to be." He said and cleaned his glasses. Again there was no response and Zig frowned to see Sid doing exactly what he had been doing since they started their marathon. That pensive stare and posture that screamed he was thinking about something important. Sighing, Zig dropped his arms and crossed them over his chest. His previous thought not to pry was soon pushed away as he didn't think he could take too much more of this.

"Sid." Zig called loudly and firmly, knocking the lion out of his trance again.

"Huh? What?" Sid said as if he had just woken up. Zig motioned with his eyes to the TV. Sid turned back to the screen and saw the credits rolling.

"Oh." He simply said and stood up to eject the DVD from the player. "Oh? Just oh?" Zig asked in disbelief.

"No social commentary? No disembowelment critique? No alternate plot lines?"

"Uh...no, I guess not." Sid merely said and took out the CD and clipped it back into its case. Zig didn't say anything but watched as Sid absent mindlessly toyed with the edges of the DVD case. Rolling his eyes, Zig leaned forward with his elbows on his knees and sighed loudly.

"Okay, Sid, what's going on?" He asked straight up. Sid arched his brow in confusion. "What do you mean?" He replied.

"Well, I've been over here for the last three and a half hours watching these movies with you and you've barely spoken since we sat down. I've watched movies with you before and you're anything but quiet. I'm really not one to pry into people's personal space but there's obviously something bothering you."

"I'm fine." Sid merely grunted and returned the case back to its spot on the shelf. Zig twisted around and leaned an arm over the back rest and gave him a worried look.

"Is it me? Are you...uncomfortable?" Zig asked somewhat reserved. Sid shook his head and turned back to the iguana with a serious and tired look.

"Zig," He said firmly, "We talked about this already. I don't care that you're gay. It doesn't make me feel uncomfortable. You are my friend and that's not going to change."

Zig smiled slightly at his statement but his face molded back into another look of confusion and worry. "Well…what is it then?" He asked.

Sid stared at him for a moment before letting out a large sigh and running both hands through his wild golden mane. He paced back and forth for a moment as if trying to piece together his thoughts, Zig patiently waiting for him to begin. Finally Sid sat down on the arm of the sofa and met his friend's gaze.

"Can I ask you a kind of weird question, Zig?" He queried, scratching the back of his neck.

"Uh, sure I guess. Unless it's how many sixth graders you could beat up at once. I already told you, it would be forty two."

"No, no, that's…really? Only forty two? Ah! That's not what I'm asking."

"Oh. Well then shoot." Zig told him, leaning back into the couch and folding his hands across his lap. Sid scratched his chin and adverted his gaze to random objects in the room.

"Do you think…if you've been friends with someone for a long time and to help them out of a jam…" He paused and looked back to the lizard. Zig held his hands up in question.


"And you had to kiss her…" Sid paused again. "Would that screw up the friendship?"

Zig blinked at him a few times before scrunching his face in bewilderment.

"Really? That's your question? You're joking right?" He asked in all seriousness. Sid frowned at him and stood up. "Never mind."

"No, wait." Zig said, standing up himself. "I didn't mean anything by it. It's just, I thought you of all people would know the answer to something like that."

Sid said nothing and stared at the blank TV screen, his reflection staring back at him. Zig re adjusted his glasses and continued.

"To answer your question, Sid, no. I don't think that screws anything up. If you're friends and it was just to help her out then why should it? Why are you asking me this? Did you kiss someone?"

Sid turned back to him and pinched the bridge of his muzzle, trying to block out the memory of last night. Zig read his body language and knew he had his answer.

"So you did. Was it Liz?"

"No." Sid grumbled and sat back down on his couch, hands covering his face. Zig scratched the top of his head and kept guessing.


"What? No. Look, Zig, let's just forget I said anything, okay? We got like, three more movies to get through." Sid interrupted. But Zig was far too interested in this to stop now. His curiosity was at a high and he felt a compulsive need to know the individuals name.

"Was it Sunny? I can see how you would feel about that seeing as she's dating Sylver and all."

"Zig. DROP IT."

"Sorry but it's really a curious…" Zig began than stopped in mid-sentence. His eyes went wide when the realization hit him and his jaw slightly dropped. Sid watched his reaction and frowned.

"Max? You kissed Max?" Zig asked, the incredulity more than evident in his voice. Sid just sighed and looked away, casting a stare towards a frost rimmed window. Zig merely stared at him for a moment before awkwardly rubbing the back of his head.

"Well…that's…uh…" He muttered trying to find the right words. "Insane?" Sid grumbled, still focused on the window.

"I was going to say weird actually. Now I can see why you've been so mentally pre occupied today."

The lion said nothing, the back of his head the only thing that answered the reptile. Zig was aware that this had suddenly become very sensitive territory and he knew it was best to tread lightly. He sat down on the other end of the couch and crossed his arms.

"Did…something serious happen between you guys or something?"

"No, no, just…" Sid started before trailing off, his gaze now focused on his lap.

"Just what?"

"I just helped her out is all. Some ex of hers wouldn't leave her alone so to get him off her back, we sort of…made out. He got the point I think but that was that. Nothing else." Sid explained, leaning back into the cushions.

"Okay. I can understand why that would be on your mind. You and Max doing…that…it's uh, it's weird for sure. But I still think what I said stands. It was just to help her right? There wasn't any emotion involved, right?" Zig asked.

"Right." Sid said although with very little strength in his voice. Zig could pick up on it and said, "I feel like there's a 'but' coming."

"But…I…kind of…sort of…maybe…liked it." Sid almost whispered the last part so quietly, Zig almost didn't hear it. The programmer felt his eyelids rise up in surprise. Another revelation he wasn't expecting. Sid let out a disgusted sigh and rolled his eyes, punching the couch cushion with a clenched fist.

"Not to mention dreaming about the whole thing again. I can't believe Sylver was right…"

"Woah, woah. What's this about Sylver?" Zig asked, his attention fully focused on the feline's last statement. Sid moaned in contempt and rubbed a hand over his face, tail starting to twitch as the aggravating wolf's words echoed in his head.

"Sylver saw what happened and he told me this story about how something similar happened to him and it destroyed a friendship because he ended up liking the girl after. He told me Max and I would be screwed now."

Zig let out a chuckle and leaned back against the arm rest, hands behind his head. Sid cocked an eyebrow at his response. "I think I may have figured out your problem." The iguana snickered.

"Enlighten me then, sensei." Sid retorted amusingly despite the seriousness he felt in the situation.

"Well, number one," He began, holding up his index finger, "You're listening to Sylver. Nuff said, Sid."

"I don't know, Zig. Usually I would agree with you but you weren't there. He seemed pretty genuine in his story."

"Again, this is Sylver we're talking about. It's no secret that he doesn't like you. You don't think that he would pull a stunt like that to put a scare in you?"

Sid paused in his thoughts. He had definitely considered it and thought the same thing last night. But after the dream and Max canceling on him for the marathon this morning, it was getting a little too close for comfort. He opened his mouth to speak but Zig cut him off as if reading his mind.

"I'm going to stop you there, Sid." Zig cut in, holding up a hand. "I think you need to take a step back and just relax. How long has it been since your last relationship?"

Sid stared at him, confused by such an out of the blue question. "What's that got to do with anything?"

"I'll take that as meaning it's been awhile." Zig snickered. Sid narrowed his eyes and crossed his arms in a huff. "It hasn't been that long..." He murmured.

"Okay, okay, relax. My point is, I think everything your feeling isn't all that confusing if you think about it."


"You kissed Max and you liked it. That's not something you should beat yourself up for. We've established that it's been a...certain time frame since your last dating venture and Max is very attractive...for a girl that is. Even as a friend you can appreciate that, right?" Zig asked.

"Well, sure I guess." Sid answered. It was true. Maxine had always been like a sister to him but he knew there was a reason she got hit on every night they went out to a bar or to a concert.

"What I'm trying to tell you, Sid is that you kissed your best friend who also happens to be attractive and was your first moment of intimacy in how long?" Zig asked again with an amused grin. Sid rolled his eyes and shook his head. He paused though and turned back to his friend.

"Wait...you're saying that this is all just hormone related because I haven't seen any action for a while?"

"If you want to put it that way, sure."

Sid turned back and stared at the blank TV screen, the gears in his mind visibly turning. He hadn't considered his lack of a dating life to be an equation in this. Maybe Zig was on to something.

"Hmm...I suppose that makes sense." He said, more to himself than Zig. "There you go." The tattooed reptile remarked with a smile. Sid clicked his tongue and peered back at him questionably.

"What about the dream? And Max canceling on me?" He asked, his mind still not fully satisfied.

"I'm no psychic, Sid but I highly doubt it had to do with what happened last night. For as long as I've known her, Max has always been a pretty up front person. She doesn't pull many punches either so I think if she was having issues with it, she would have said so. I can't see her making up some excuse to avoid you."

Sid didn't respond to him for a second time, letting Zig's words sink into his brain. Maxine had never lied to him before even if there was any tension between them which was rare in itself. She had always been honest even if meant getting a stern lecture from him in return. It was hard to believe all that would change because of what happened last night. Was this really all in his head? It was starting to look that way and in all honesty, there was a sense of relief that came with it much like before he went to bed last night.

"Fair enough." Sid said, nodding his head. "But-"

"The dream? That's an easy one." Zig interrupted. Sid snorted in amusement and leaned back further into the sofa. "We're a dream interpreter now are we? Been hanging out with Inix?" He asked with a laugh.

"Only in my spare time." Zig joked. "I don't think your dream was an interpretation of anything last night. I think it was merely your subconscious reacting to the event itself and Sylver's story."


Zig sighed and said, "What I'm saying is that because you were thinking about it so much, it was only natural for your brain to replay the whole event in your head while you slept."

"Ah." Sid replied. He couldn't deny that sounded logical. He also couldn't deny that he was starting to feel better about the whole thing though there was a small bit of hesitation at letting go of this. There was relief last night before he went to bed and that ended up just as messed up this morning. Sid wanted to make sure he had everything covered. Zig could see him thinking again and he put a hand on the big cat's shoulder.

"Sid." He said firmly causing Sid to face him. "You are thinking about this WAY too much. It's not good for you."

"Thanks, Mom." Sid chided with a grin.

"The bottom line is that nothing is screwed up with you and Max. Everything is fine. You just need to stop over analyzing every little detail and tricking yourself into thinking something is wrong."

Sid couldn't argue with that. The weight he felt from awakening this morning and seeing Maxine's text was suddenly gone. He was thinking too much about this. Sid let out a tired laugh and shook his head in disbelief.

"I don't know what's sadder," He began, "That I turned into a teenage girl there for a while or that I actually let Sylver get under my skin. Twice."

"He certainly has that effect on people. Now, the question is; do you feel better?" Zig asked, hoping that the lion would. Sid smiled and gave him a thumbs up.

"I do. Thanks, dude. When did you get so good at this stuff?" He questioned as he gave the lizard a friendly shot in the arm in thanks.

"Growing up as a fat kid getting teased every day often makes you seek out the listening ear of another. My sister was always around to hear my problems. I guess I picked up some of her good habits." Zig explained, rubbing the arm that Sid punched.

"Well you'll have to thank her for me too." Sid chuckled and picked up the next DVD that was in line.

"I'll be sure to do that but, Sid?"


"Do me a favor and never listen to relationship advice from Sylver. Okay?" Zig asked, relaxing his body back into the sofa. Sid laughed and nodded his head.

"I'm way ahead of you, believe me. I'm just glad he never said anything to Max otherwise I'd be bailing her out of jail for manslaughter."

Zig laughed as Sid sat back down and hit play on the remote. He clapped his hands together as the film began.

"Okay, so the problem with zombies on a plane is…"

"I found it!"

Liz exclaimed excitedly as she came bounding back into her living room, a shaker of cinnamon in her hands. She flopped down onto her sofa and poured a vast amount into her latte that already had enough sweets and toppings added in. Liz squealed in glee as the sweet scent hit her nostrils and she lifted the cup to ever so anticipating lips to take that first sip. Only she stopped, the rim just an inch away from her awaiting taste buds.

Something wasn't right.

Liz blinked and looked over to the cougar who was on the other side of the couch, a book in her hands. The iguana peered at her suspiciously and frowned. Maxine always, always criticized her for her so called coffee addiction. But she hadn't said a word. In fact, she hadn't said much today. Her entire focus has been on her book.

Liz put down her latte and leaned back so she could get a look at what she was reading. Her eyebrows rose up in surprise when she saw that Maxine was still on the first page. Liz's frown widened. She had been on the same page for over two hours.

"Huh." Liz thought. How did she not notice that? Maybe she should start taking breaks from Skyrim more often.

"Max?" She called out, pushing her controller to the side and facing the feline. Maxine still did not look up, half lidded eyes staring blankly into a story that had yet to even begin. Liz clapped her hands loudly in front of her face which caused Maxine to let out a startled cry and the book to be flung from her hands. She whipped her head around and sneered at the snickering iguana next to her.

"Sorry." Liz chuckled with a shrug of her shoulders. "But you've been on the same page since I finished the Ice Wraith Quest. Are you alright?"

"Yeah...yeah I'm fine." Maxine muttered and picked up her book from the ground. Liz wasn't all too convinced though. No one stares at the same paragraph for over two hours and is 'fine'.

"Are you sure? You look like you have something on your mind."

"Yeah, it's an annoying web comic artist who won't mind her own business and leave me the hell alone!" Maxine snapped at her unexpectedly.

Liz physically recoiled at her response and adverted her eyes away from the cat's green ones, biting her bottom lip. Maxine suddenly realized what she did and instantly felt a wave of regret wash over her.

"Aw shit, I'm sorry, Liz. I didn't mean to yell at you like that." She apologized. Liz met her gaze again and nodded with a smile. "S'okay. But...what's going on, Max?"

Liz was completely baffled by this. Maxine had a temper. Everyone knew that but she wasn't the type to bite someone's head off for no reason. She also never invited herself over just to sit around and take up space. They always talked, even if Liz was gaming and she was reading like now. Something was definitely wrong.

Maxine sighed and ran a hand through her hair, careful not to mess up the spiked look in the back she always wore.

"I had a long night last night I guess." She said. "What do you mean? Didn't you and Sid go to his work's Christmas party? Did something happen there?" Liz queried, crossing a leg over the other to get more comfortable.

"No, nothing happened at the party. We left early actually."

"So something happened after then?"

Maxine didn't say anything, her eyes cast forward at the coffee table in front of her which gave Liz her answer.

"I see...was it something with Sylver? He's been a little extra pervy lately."

"No." Is all she replied. Liz frowned and played with the strings on her much adored nuclear powered hoodie.

"Was it Sid then?" She asked, her face wearing a mask of uncertainty. The times that she and Sid were mad at each other were very few and far between. She couldn't believe it would have something to do with him. But then she noticed the way Maxine's upper lip twitched at the sound of his name.

"Really? Sid? What did he do?" Liz wondered out loud to her, leaning a bit forward to receive the cougar's answer. Maxine remained silent, her body shifting in a way that physically screamed discomfort.

"Did he upset you? He didn't make another argument about why farts are funny did he?"

"God, I wish..." Maxine groaned, covering her face with an open palm. "Well then what happened?" Liz asked anxiously. This was starting to drive her crazy with curiosity.

"I..." Maxine began but paused which only furthered Liz's compulsion to know.

"OUT WITH IT WOMAN! I'M DYING HERE!" Liz screamed, waving her arms up and down in the air like some flightless bird.

"I kissed him, alright!?" Maxine fired back at the iguana. Liz's arms stopped in mid flap and her eyes widened to the size of dinner plates. Slowly, she sunk back into the couch, arms falling by her side. Her large eyes were still glued to her friend who sighed in annoyance and looked away.

"You...you kissed Sid?" Liz managed to blurt out finally. "Yeah...yeah I did." Maxine responded, her voice low and almost silent.

"But...but why?"

"Do you remember Cam?"

"Your last ex? Ugh, do I ever. That guy gave me the creeps just looking at him." Liz replied with a shudder. "Yeah, well he decided to show up to my place just as me and Sid were getting back. He had done it before so I told him Sid was my new boyfriend just to get him off my back. I wasn't expecting him to actually come back again." Maxine explained.

"Alright. So, then what happened?" Liz asked, pulling her knees up to her chest looking like a child ready to hear their favorite story.

"I panicked." Maxine stated, crossing her arms and falling against the back rest. "I grabbed Sid and pretty much forced him to kiss me. If that weirdo saw us together...in that way then I figured he would get the message. I didn't want it to come to that but I didn't know what else to do."

"Oh." Is all Liz said, a slight frown on her lips. Maxine caught the tone of her voice and raised a brow, saying, "You sound disappointed."

"No, no! It's just...I mean, is that it?" Liz asked.

"What do you mean, 'is that it'?"

"Well from the way you were acting I thought maybe something major happened. So you kissed Sid to get out of some creeper's stalking routine. What's wrong with that?"

Maxine stared at her for a moment then shrugged her shoulders. "Nothing. Nothing at all." She muttered and went back to her book as if she had lost interest in the entire conversation.

Liz watched her brush off everything and she frowned. She reached over and pulled Maxine's book away from her grasp. The red haired feline growled but made no attempts to take it back. Liz put her hands on her hips and narrowed her eyes at her.

"What!?" Maxine snapped irritably.

"You don't fool me, Max. There's more to this than you obviously want to let on. So out with it."

"What? Are you a psychologist now? I'm pretty sure you're the one who needs therapy, Java Jane."

"MY COFFEE NEEDS ARE NOT A PSYCHOLOGICAL DISTURBANCE!" Liz roared. Realizing she had lost her temper momentarily, she cleared her throat and sat up straight.

"I mean…I'm not the one with the problem here. You are. So come on, tell me."

"Go back to your game, Liz." Maxine told her. "Don't try and brush me off. Honestly, Max, you just told me you kissed Sid and it was clearly bothering you and now you try and play if off as nothing? What are you, ten?" Liz asked.

"Like you should talk." Maxine retorted, crossing her arms.

"I just don't get why it's bothering you. It was all pretend wasn't it? I can't see it being any other reason unless-"

Liz felt the words dry up in her mouth as the answer hit her like a ton of bricks. Maxine looked away again, an embarrassed flush on her face which made things all the more humiliating and she wasn't one to get embarrassed easily. Her pointy ears twitched as Liz quietly finished her sentence.

"Unless you liked it."

Another awkward silence filled the lizard's apartment, the background noise from the pause menu on the TV being the only sound. Maxine shifted a glance towards Liz who was still staring at her. She growled low in her throat.

"You want to stop staring at me like I got two heads or something?" She hissed. Liz broke free from her stupor and gave a sheepish grin. "Sorry. It's just...a bit of a shock."

"God, this is so messed up." She moaned, her head falling back. Liz gave the feline a sympathetic look and crossed her legs underneath her.

"Is it?" She asked. Maxine turned her head and frowned at her. "Are you kidding? I kissed Sid and enjoyed it. That's like swapping spit with your brother and enjoying it."

"Ew." Liz replied, making a face.


"But do you really have to put it in that perspective?" Liz questioned. Maxine frowned and straightened herself upright. "What do you mean? How else could I see it?"

"Well, Sid's a good looking guy. What's wrong with enjoying a kiss with someone who's attractive, even if he is your best friend?"

Maxine didn't respond to that. She hadn't really thought about it in that way to be honest. She never thought she would have to. It still felt weird all the same. Liz watched her friend process the notion in her head and shyly raised her voice.

"Can I ask you something, Max?" Maxine brought her attention back to her and answered, "Yeah?"

"Well, I never asked this before 'cause I wasn't any of my business and I didn't want to offend you and-"

"Out with it already."

"Have you ever thought of Sid…in that way before? I mean, you guys have known each other for so long…" Liz trailed off as Maxine stared at her with a blank expression. "Sorry, I just…thought I'd ask…" She muttered quietly, looking away. Maxine fell back into the couch again and picked at a loose piece of denim on her plaid colored jeans. She instantly remembered the conversation she had with Sunny on the way to the supermarket that one time.

"Once." She said quietly, her eyes on her lap. Liz watched Maxine go back in time in her own head and she patiently awaited her to continue. Maxine saw her waiting and scoffed at the memory.

"That was a long time ago and it wasn't even serious." She told her with a wave of her hand. "What happened?" Liz asked.

"Nothing even happened. It was just…" She paused with a sigh then continued. "Sid had just scored me the apartment here after a break up I had. I had been through so much shit and like always, he comes in a saves the day. Just like last night. I guess…I guess I just had a moment of weakness."

Liz only nodded and waited again for her to continue.

"And I guess…after all the crap and all the crappier boyfriends, the one guy I've always been able to trust…started looking good. I mean, I'm not blind. I know Sid's good looking and fun and trustworthy and-"

"And cut like a brick house?" Liz interrupted with a mischievous smile. Maxine frowned at her but it disappeared and she brushed some more hair out of her eye.

"That too." She admitted quietly.

"So...did you ever say anything to him?" Liz asked, her head cocking to one side. Maxine snorted and leaned the side of her head into her hand on the arm rest.

"God no. Like I said, it was a brief moment of weakness. I thought about it for maybe a day then realized just how weird and creepy the whole thing was. I've never thought about it since then."

"I see." Liz mused to herself, finger tapping at her chin. Maxine noticed her odd physical display and arched a brow at her. "Something tickle that caffeine soaked brain of yours?"

"Well...maybe that's it." Liz responded with a shrug.

"What's it?"

"Maybe that's why you liked it."

Maxine stared at her as if she was crazy, which wasn't anything new. Liz sat up straight and took a sip of her latte before saying,

"Think about it. Sid has always come to your rescue on these things, right? Only last night he went a little further for you. He pulled you out of the fire just like he did back then."

"What are you getting at, Liz?"

"I think for that moment, the Sid you thought about that one time, reappeared and that's why you enjoyed it." She finished with a confident smile.

The chain smoking feline beside her didn't respond but merely sat where she was and processed what she had just been told. Liz was never one to possess such helpful insight before, often getting herself into more trouble than not. But even Maxine had a hard time arguing with her rational. The idea of it seemed to make sense. After all, it would be a little odd for her to just suddenly relish a lip lock with Sid for no reason. Maxine raised her eyebrows in admiration and nodded her head.

"That's actually not too crazy of a theory, even for you." She said. Liz flashed a triumphant grin and raised her arms up in victory. "Aw yeah! Who's bad! Me baby!"

Maxine rolled her eyes but smiled all the same. Liz took another sip of her drink, wiping away some of the whip cream from her snout. "So how do you feel now? Still weird'd out?" She asked.

Maxine thought about it for a moment then shook her head.

"No. I guess not. Relieved actually." She replied honestly. Liz held out her hand as if she was expecting something. "That'll be fifty dollars for the session."

The cougar failed in holding back a laugh and playfully slapped away her hand. "Yeah, yeah, it's in the mail. Go back to your game."

Liz chuckled and picked up her controller, her game coming to life once more. Just as she was about to head back into to town and grab some more potions and equipment, she heard Maxine speak up from beside her.

"Hey, Liz?"

"Yeah?" She answered, focus still on her game.


Liz paused for a brief moment, casting a glance at Maxine. She had gone back to her book, her thumb brushing over the paper to continue onto the next page. Liz smiled again and continued on her quest.

Maxine silently chuckled to herself over the whole thing. How the hell did she let something as stupid as last night get to her like that? It was then she looked up from her book and let out an inaudible sigh.

"Shit." She thought as her memory caught up with her brain. Another flash of embarrassment and this time, a small sense of guilt gripped at her conscious. She had canceled on Sid today and for what? Because she had to resort to acting like a dumbass over nothing? Maxine looked at her watch and saw that it was almost eight. Too late to start a marathon and she had to work tomorrow. She fixed the hair clip in her left bang and sighed again. She supposed she couldn't be too hard on herself. The whole thing was sill weird regardless of the innocence behind it and she feared there would be that awkward silence between them the whole day.

But maybe she was just jumping to conclusions like she did with the kiss.

Sid wasn't the type of guy to dwell on that kind of stuff. It took a lot to faze someone like him and she wouldn't be surprised if he had forgotten about the whole thing. Maxine tapped her finger on the cover of the novel before closing it and standing up.

"I gotta go take care of something, Liz. I'll see you later." She told the iguana. Liz's response was that of an onslaught of curses and swears to the TV screen as her character was killed by a mudcrab. Maxine shook her head and exited Liz's apartment and headed down to the third floor.

Sid rubbed his tongue across his teeth in concentration as he applied the last bit of paint on the helmet of his centaur.

He put down his brush and put a magnifying glass over the figurine to make sure he didn't miss anything or smear the paint. Satisfied with his efforts, he stretched his arms with a satisfying pop and stood up from his desk, switching off the lamp as he did so. Sid leisurely made his way to his living room to turn on the TV when he heard a knock at his door.

"Coming!" He called out as he walked over to the door. He opened it and was surprised to find Maxine standing in his doorway.

"Hey." She said with a smile. "Hey, Max. What's up?" Sid asked.

"I just wanted to stop by and say sorry for canceling on our marathon today. I…" She began but paused. She hadn't considered what she was going to tell him. The truth was far too humiliating. Luckily Maxine always had a backup for situations like this.

"I…was having that monthly visitor."

"Yeah, okay, stop there." Sid interrupted with a grimace. "That's more information than I wanted."

"Oh? Like I appreciate your random expulsions of bodily gas?" Maxine teased back with a grin, crossing her arms. Sid grinned back and gave a wave of his hand.

"Don't worry about it. You could have just included that in your text you know. You didn't have to come here."

"Meh. It's no biggie. I just didn't want you to think that I was avoiding you." Maxine replied but soon cursed herself for letting that slip. Sid's brow furrowed and he rested one arm against the door frame.

"Why would I think that? Because of last night?" He asked. Maxine bit her bottom lip in self anger. It dissipated though when Sid let out a hearty chuckle and shook his head.

"Please, like I would ever think that." He lied. "You've seen worse with far better reasons to avoid me."

"Like when you streaked through the gymnasium at the Halloween dance in twelfth grade?" Maxine laughed and punched the lion in the shoulder. Sid could only laugh and shrug his large shoulders.

"A show's a show."

"Wasn't much of a show from where I was standing."

"Hey, it was cold alright?"

"Uh huh. Whatever you say, Sid." Maxine joshed as she turned to leave.

"C'mon! You were impressed!" Sid shouted after her down the hallway. He heard her laugh and the sound of the staircase doors opening and closing. He laughed to himself and went back inside. Things were back to the way they were. The way that they should be.

If only life could be that simple.

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