Well folks, my first new story of 2012. Once again, I originally planned to write at a later time, but the Bunny decided to knock on my door a bit earlier than expected.

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Chapter 1

Upperton University, Upperton Colorado, approximately 11:00 am on a Tuesday, a young blond boy stepped into the campus' Bueno Nacho. He walked up to the counter to place his order.

A young girl with curly black hair was behind the register. "Welcome to Bueno Nacho, may I take your order?"

"Hey there, Felicia." Ron said with a smile. "Could I get a double bean and cheese burrito, please?"

The employee's hand hovered over the register momentarily, and she then looked at her customer. "Are you sure about that Ronald? I distinctly remember you being in here with your girlfriend Kim just a few days ago, and you tried ordering this exact same thing. If I remember right, her reaction was, and I quote 'Ronald Dean Stoppable, if you eat that monstrosity you are NOT riding in the car with me for the next TWO days!'"

Ron leaned into her almost conspiratorially and pulled a small bottle out of his pocket and showed Felicia the label. "Secret ingredient." He whispered.

"Does that stuff really work?" The dark haired girl asked with an air of trepidation.

He leaned back, pocketed the small bottle and smiled. "Bean Eze is the best stuff ever invented. Last week I had a bean Tostada right before going to bed, and nothing happened. Not a toot… nothing! Kim wasn't the wiser."

Felicia giggled a little and then a surprised look appeared on her face. "Wait… you and Kim… in bed… together?"

"Oops…" Ron immediately knew that he shouldn't have said that.

"Relax, Lover Boy…" The young girl said with a smile. "I think anyone on campus who has seen both of you together don't believe the story that the two of you are living in separate apartments.

"Really?" Both of Ron's eyebrows rose.

"Really." Was the matter-of-fact answer.

"Okay then… So… can I get soda with that too?" A nervous smile crossed his features.

…x x x x…

Ron sat down at the usual spot he and Kim would sit, and a smile crossed his face as if he was remembering something. Just as he was about to bite into the burrito, the door of the establishment slammed open, and Ron looked up in surprise. There was his girlfriend Kim Possible, and she did not have a happy look on her face.

"I knew I'd find you here." As Kim walked over to his table, Ron saw that she was dressed in what looked like Mission Gear, yet it wasn't what she usually wore. What she had on was a pair of black cargo pants and a black shirt with ¾ length sleeves. Around her waist was a utility belt and she had on a pair of heavy black boots.

"We have a mission?" The blond boy said while nervously setting down the burrito. "I see you have new Mission clothes again…"

He was interrupted as Kim reached behind her back and brought around something that Ron never in his life thought he would see in Kim Possible's hands, a pistol. A very large pistol, in fact, and it had a long thick tube attached to the front.

"Kim? What are you doing with…" His voice cut off when a bullet slammed into his skull.

Kim stood over her target for a moment, and took a deep breath before holstering the weapon.

…x x x x…

A loud "Clack" was then heard, and bright lights came on overhead. The walls of the Bueno Nacho lay down, and a voice boomed over a hidden speaker system. "Nice job Miss Possible, but you hesitated for half a second before pulling the trigger. Let's reset and try this again. Everyone back to your places!"

The blond boy sat up, wiped the small red splotch on his forehead off and carried the tray back to the counter.

Next chapter: Prequel time!

I know this is quite short, but it was meant to catch everybody's attention. It's what you might call a "Teaser", as it were.

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