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Chapter 10


Kim blinked her eyes in an effort to see a little clearer. For the past five days Moriarty had also begun to wake her after only two hours of sleep at a time before using the shock 'therapy'. The combination of lack of sleep, and the pain of electrical shocks had affected her in ways she wasn't even aware of. In fact, her answer this time was exactly what Moriarty had been hoping.

"I… I see… twolights. I mean… two… lights." She was so tired that her eyes closed for a second, and a hard slap to the face brought her back for a little bit.

"Now, now Kimberly… you can't sleep just yet." The British villain tried hard not to smile widely. His next statement hinged on how his prisoner answered the next question, and he had a feeling he knew her answer. "What color are those two lights?"

"Grree… No, blue. The lights… are blue. Please… let me sleep. I can't take this… anymore." Her head fell forward a bit and then to one side. Kim then fought back the urge to sleep for just a few seconds more, and it was long enough to hear four words that seemed to drill themselves deep into her brain.

"Ron Stoppable Must Die."

The red headed girl then fell into a deep asleep in which she dreamt of a young blond boy with freckles dying at her feet… and a smile on her face.

…x x x x…

And now the continuation…

Kim woke with a start, and then let out a long groan. She rolled over on her bed and pulled her blanket up closer around her neck as if she was snuggling in more, when suddenly a bright light snapped on and a voice boomed from a hidden loudspeaker.

"Wake up Kimberly Anne… We have a long day ahead of us. Your training begins today. I will give you one hour to shower, get dressed, and do whatever else you need to get ready. You will find clothes and equipment for your training inside the closet." Just as suddenly as the voice started speaking, it stopped and the young red head dragged herself out of bed.

Kim had never needed an hour to get ready, she was so used to waking up at odd hours to go on missions, and she had to wake up quickly at times when she was late for school. So it was a luxury to just stand in the shower and let the hot water cascade over her body. To some, fifteen minutes would be considered a short shower, but to Kim it was one of the longest and best showers she'd had in a long time.

Everything she needed was where she could easily find it, and Kim never once thought that it was strange that the bedroom and bathroom was one she had never been in before.

She walked out of the bathroom and went to the closet to see what she had to wear, and a smile crossed her face when she saw what the clothing was. It was a simple black top with ¾ sleeves, black camouflage cargo pants, black socks, and medium weight boots that strapped up and over her ankles. Her next thought was that she wondered if she would have to go 'Commando', as it were… but then she spied underwear and other unmentionables on a small shelf off to one side.

Above the shelf of necessities was something that made her eyes go wide, and it actually brought another smile to the teenager's face. It was a black tactical belt, and attached to the belt was a thigh rig that would hold a semi-automatic pistol. When she picked it up, Kim could feel the weight of a gun already in the holster.

After dressing in the provided clothes, she removed the gun from it's holster and strapped on the belt and thigh rig… cinching it up tight in all the right places. Then Kim picked up the weapon and walked out into the room where the light was better to see.

She looked the weapon over closely, studying different aspects. "Hmm… Springfield XD, .40 cal. … Looks like a Service Model. An XDm would be better, but it's still a nice gun." Pressing a button on the side, Kim popped out the magazine, and looked it over as well. "Huh… It's empty, but at least it's a 12 round clip." For a moment she marveled at how comfortable it felt in her hand, and she could feel that it was well balanced. I guess that weapons class I took at GJ a year ago really did teach me a few things.

She racked the slide once, and after confirming there wasn't a bullet in the chamber, Kim quickly spun around and took aim at the lamp next to her bed and pulled the trigger, making the gun click. After a smile crossed her features, a light knock was heard at the door. She slid the weapon into the holster, and went to the door. Without asking who was there she opened it, letting the man who had knocked enter.

"You look superb." Moriarty said with a genuine smile. "You will not need the thigh rig for the first try, but we shall use it later. Now… Shall we get you some quick breakfast before you try The Scenario for the first time?"

…x x x x…

After a quick breakfast of oatmeal with peaches, lightly buttered toast and a glass of orange juice, Kim was led to an area of the complex she had never been to before. Moriarty held open a door, and as soon as she walked through a wave of nostalgia hit her. The room she entered looked exactly like the Bueno Nacho she had frequented many times.

When the surprise wore off after only a few seconds, Kim turned to the British gentleman next to her. "Why are we here?"

"This is where it all begins, and also where it shall end." The door they had entered through closed, and Kim was hard pressed to see where the door had been, as it seemed to meld with the wall. "Come this way, and I'll show you where to start."

Moriarty then led Kim through the faux Mexican Restaurant and out the front door. The two walked about fifty feet and there was a small table and a single chair with a microphone stand, clipboard, and a stopwatch. Next to the stopwatch was a black metal tube about three inches long, and a gun clip.

"Unhook the thigh rig, and place it on the table. Your weapon, I want you to replace the existing clip with the one on the table and then place it in the small of your back after screwing on that silencer." Without a word Kim did as she was told. "Now turn around to face the building, and close your eyes."

The red head did as instructed without question. She felt a close presence next to her ear, and a strong commanding voice spoke. The words seemed to drill deep into her brain, making her closed eyes wince a bit. "You are in Upperton Colorado, the UCU (Upperton Colorado University) campus. You are standing outside the Bueno Nacho that you and your boyfriend have frequented. You will open your eyes at my command, and walk in and shoot him in the head ending his pitiful life."

The presence removed itself from its position next to her, and then Kim heard three words. "Open your eyes." She walked forward and entered the establishment in front of her.

"I knew I'd find you here." As Kim walked over to his table, Ron saw that she was dressed in what looked like Mission Gear, yet it wasn't what she usually wore. What she had on was a pair of black cargo pants and a black shirt with ¾ length sleeves. Around her waist was a utility belt and she had on a pair of heavy black boots.

"We have a mission?" The blond boy said while nervously setting down the burrito. "I see you have new Mission clothes again…"

He was interrupted as Kim reached behind her back and brought around something that Ron never in his life thought he would see in Kim Possible's hands, a pistol. A very large pistol, in fact, and it had a long thick tube attached to the front.

The gun wavered a bit, and Kim lowered the weapon almost to her waist. She quickly brought it back up and pointed it directly at the boy sitting in front of her again. Her finger began to squeeze the trigger, but she just couldn't seem to commit herself to ending this person's life. There was something about those big brown eyes that were bordered by light freckles.

…x x x x…

Suddenly a loud clack was heard and bright lights came on overhead. The walls of the establishment seemed to fade from sight, as they were hinged to the floor and were lowered down by cables that were attached to the ceiling.

Moriarty walked up next to the red head with a scowl on his face, and he spoke with obvious anger in his voice. "Why didn't you kill him?"

"I… I'm sorry, but I couldn't. I… can't explain why." Kim's head dropped in defeat, and she couldn't look the man in his face.

"That's unfortunate." Without warning, Moriarty reached into one of his pockets and pulled out a small rectangular box, which had two silver points jutting out from one end. He jabbed the silver points into Kim's ribs and immediately she started to convulse from the shock of a powerful stun gun.

After only a few seconds, which seemed much longer to the young girl, Kim fell to her knees with a thud at Moriarty's feet. "P… please… no more. I… I'll do better the next time. I'll do as you say."

With a smug harumph, Moriarty walked back to the table and sat down. It took about ten minutes for Kim to finally walk up to him, feeling a bit sore from her experience with the shock weapon. "I'm ready to try again."

Moriarty quickly stood, throwing the chair back and knocking it over. He stomped up in front of Kim and put his nose right in her face. "You will not try, Kimberly! You will do! Do you understand me? If you do not comply, you will receive an even stronger shock! Do you understand?"

Standing straight, the red head looked him right in the eye and responded with clipped words. "Yes… Sir."

The impeccably dressed man retrieved his chair and sat back down at the table. "The scene has been reset, let's do this again. And no mistakes."

Again Kim faced the faux building and the same words as before drilled themselves into her brain. This time, everything repeated exactly as before up to the point that she pulled out the gun from behind her back. This time, she wavered for only about a second and a half before pulling the trigger, effectively ending Ron Stoppable's life.

This time, after the walls were laid back down, Moriarty wasn't near as mad as before. "Nice job Miss Possible, but you hesitated for half a second before pulling the trigger. Let's reset and try this again. Everyone back to your places!" While Kim walked away from the scene, the young man that played the part of her boyfriend wiped fake blood off of his forehead and touched up some of his makeup before returning back to his original place at the booth.

This should be ingrained into her mind no later than tomorrow afternoon. Moriarty thought to himself, and he let one corner of his lips curl up into a bit of a sneer.

Leaning back into his chair, Moriarty whispered half aloud to himself before Kim returned to her starting position, "Ron Stoppable's defenses will be down, and he won't be able to react fast enough with that accursed power of his to save him self. He'll have just enough time to see who it was that killed him."

To be continued…

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